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lördag 17 maj 2014

Murderers Row - The Bully Breed CD (2011)

01. The bully breed
02. Piss poor working class
03. Might makes us right!
04. Hudson suds
05. With us or against us
06. Rat poison
07. Plunder and pillage
08. Our time is short
09. Hell bent for rock'n'roll
10. Train wreck
11. Stupid mother fucker
12. Weight of the world
13. Never drink again

Released by Durty Mick Records in 2011.

Even though the cover tells a tale of genre clichées this latest adventure by MR is far from generic Oi! for both good and bad (sadly enough mostly bad).

Murderers Row is far from favourites and i have gone on about their tired songs about drinking on other reviews. This might sound a bit doublestandard since i love bands like Bovver Wonderland and The Loose Skrews whose whole existence as a band revolves around hefty amounts of alcohol and lyrics about it. Gladly MR has left their boozeinfested lyrics (to some extent) and try new ground like Viking-raids and Might makes us right about the superiority of Oi! amongst subculture scenes filled with emo's and corpsepainted kids. With new lyrics though i can search elsewhere for things to rubb me the wrong way and this time around it's their attempt to make some Country/Hard rock/Oi! crossfaded bullshit filled with awkward guitarmasturbation and songs that the band take to serious (track8).

The mess comes next to some actually awesome songs though so all i can do is give them a patt on the back for trying something different. This band has proven themselves with their two first albums and have "punkpoints" enough to go experimenting. It might have failed (for me) this time but with songs like The bully breed, Might makes us right and Plunder and pillage i can forgive them for songs like Hell bent for rock'n'roll (what the fuck where you guys thinking?).
Be on the lookout for their latest album called Liberty denied out now on Skinflint Records. I will surely ggive them a second chance.
Promo for 2014 album

tisdag 13 maj 2014

Back from Spain.

So with way to little goat in my stomache (never knew Spain was obsessed with eating Rabbit..), skin that makes me look more Nubian than Swedish and one more year on my back (turned 32 over there) i will start uploading some stuff again. Noticed "blogger" as a forum is dead though since only 2 of the punkbloggs i follow had updated their flow in two weeks (what the hell happened to blogger anyway?). As a diehard soul i'll go against the flow and try to keep at least this little blogg alive (since i deleted VHS-ploitation).