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onsdag 25 juli 2012

Mobtown Hooligans live in Baltimore 2003 (their first show)

Thanks to ax2graphics for the videos

Mobtown hooligans - Demo (2006)

01. 6 pints down
02. Yesterday
03. Rising of the moon (instrumental cover)
04. Jack the lad (4-skins cover)
05. Black velvet band
06. Run run away
07. Kiss my Irish ass (The Pogues cover)
08. Helluva night
09. Whiskey
10. In the streets
11. Angelfuck (Misfits cover)
12. Everyday life

6-piece band from Baltimore playing a combination of celtic folkmusic and punk. The band was only around for a short while and except this demo they only released a split 7'' with Weekend warriors. The members later went on to bands such as Charm City Saints and Hell To Pay.

Those who have read the site before knows where i stand on the whole Eerie+punk combination so with that said i went into this band with a whole lot of prejudice. Ive been having this demo laying around for over 3 years now without even giving it a proper listen untill some days ago. Even though some of my honor will be destroyed i must admit that i fucking love this stuff. It's not as if i hate all Irish folkmusic mixed with punk since i have loved Mr. Irish Bastard ever since i heard their ridiculously awesome cover of Livin La Vida Loca, its just that i never really liked any of the millions "madebyformula" Boston bands through the years.

The band is probably best described as a mixture of Strongarm and the bullies and The pogues sprinkled with the chatotic passion of Those unknown. All the demo's songs are far from good but the majority of them are and unlike most other Irish-whatever it's actually quite diverse music. The band has some good Oi! tracks (6 pints down and In the streets) but also more typical Eeriesongs like Black velvet band and their Poguescover.

After an incident involving some friends breaking into a pub (free whiskey) and a refrigerator with only milk to mix drinks with that happened when i was 13 i cant even stand the smell of whiskey without getting todays dinner into my mouth. After hearing the Mobtown hooligans tribute to youth and good whiskey in the song simply entitled Whiskey i understand that even though i cant relate to the lyrics i can still fucking love the music. This song and the fantastic pipeversion of Angelfuck are reason enought to celebrate the demo.

I will crack myself a Guiness, crank up the volume on Angelfuck and surf the internet for that split EP they released some years ago. Fucking love this band.

måndag 23 juli 2012

Skrapyard - Demo cassette (2010)

01. 9 to 5
02. Fence walker
03. Blind
04. Boys in blue
05. Skrapyard

Thanks to The wizard for the demo.

Oi!-core band (or hardcoreband with shaved members) from Chicago playing aggressive oldschool punk in the same vein as Negative approach mixed in with the attitude and hardcoresound of 86 Mentality.

First thing that strikes me is the ridiculous coverart on the cassette with dead pregnant women and a skinhead killing cats and setting fires to a whole basket of little kittens. One quickly understand that the band wants their nails in the listeners eyes for the rest of the experience and this is where i loose all intrest. As i said its hardcore of the old school which means that 70% of the lyrics are completely impossible to hear so any person looking for a message can just stop listening right here.
I have a hard time liking these more crusty HC bands but i somwhat like the last song on the cassette. I will give them some time and wait for a studioalbum to really see if these kids got anything intresting in store for us.

Liveshow in Chicago last year

söndag 22 juli 2012

Harrington saints & Volxsturm - 40 years & still going strong 7'' (2009)

01. Volxsturm - Forever and for eternity
02. Volxsturm - Ich habe die strasse gesehn
03. Harrington saints - Factories
04. Harrington saints - Put your boots back on

Released by Longshot in 2009.

The fact that Longshot is the most active recordlabel in the modern US Oi! scene is sort of alarming since it doesnt represent the scene in any way (except releasing the odd Noi!se album). With all the shit they press and release year after year (OFC, Razors in the night) most people without the time or intrest to digg a little bit deeper think this is the modern American Oi! sound. With all the great unsigned bands that Vulture and American Defence left in their demise its a bloody shame and the reason why people say "You mean you like streetpunk" when you say you like American Oi!.

The album is somewhat saved by Harrington saints last song which is a great tune but the rest of the record just sound fucking weak in all sorts of scales (depending on what you listened to before putting this EP on). Me myself i was listening to the excellent hardcore EP by Battered Citizens from 1989. If this is what Oi! is 40 years on i will gladly leave Oi! behind and go listening to 80's hardcore in the future.

lördag 21 juli 2012

Harrington saints - Dead broke in the USA CD (2009)

01. Dead broke in the USA
02. Pub song
03. Bootstraps
04. Guilty
05. Riot city Dublin
06. Working class friday night
07. Let's go
08. Fistfull of brass
09. King's schilliag
10. A nation divided

Released by Longshot in 2009.

Oh lord where do i start with this fucking record... its all to fucking easy both musically and lyrically. As much i like cliché lyrics about streetfighting and going to the pub this takes the fucking price. Every single song is constructed around some popish streetpunk with lyrics about drinking a beer, being workingclass and rebelling against the system (somehow, they never tell us how to actually acheive something). Bootstraps and Guilty are good songs i have to give them that but since they are followed by complete shittfests like Pubsong and Let's go (damn i hate that song) they are easilly forgotten. The hight of all anger is acheived when i listen to the song A nation divided where they use lyrics like "the white man in the mansion says i dont care while the kid in the ghetto says get me outta here". How nice that a punkband adds fire to the fuel of missconception of the "white man" (me) being rich and in power....... fuck this band and fuck their kindergarten messed up unrealistic racial views of society. How nice that even the Oi! movement now has a band that blames "the white man" (me). Fuck them and fuck them again.

onsdag 18 juli 2012

Harrington saints - Bootstraps 7'' (2009)

01. Bootstraps
02. City on fire

Released by Longshot in 2009.

After almost two days of picking mushrooms and berries in the forest (it's true) and being eaten half to death by mosquitos it's nice to be back in the concrete heaven.
This little EP was released as a sneakpeak to their quite awefull full-length called Dead broke in the USA. Just like the full-length it just stinks of US streetpunk and "produced by Lars Frederiksen" (dont know if he did but it sure sounds like the other things he's been behind). Good thing though is that it contains one of the very few good songs from that album, namely Bootstraps. Bootstraps is a song that can be compared to eating a whole bag full of crisps and washing them down with a plus-size menu from McDonalds, it's in no way good for you but still you do it (and cry a bit afterwards). The song is Oi! interpreted by people who grew up on Rancid but as happy and bouncy as it might be they still win me over with a damn catchy chorus and what sounds like som electic pipeorgan in the background (almost piano!!!).
Listen to it, sing along and cry a bit afterwards.
Can still be bought at:
Durty Mick
Pirate Press

måndag 16 juli 2012

Harrington saints & Slick 46 - Split 7'' (2008)

01. Harrington saints - Claret & blue
02. Harrington saints - Pub song
03. Slick 46 - Lies and tricks
04. Slick 46 - For you, not me

Released by Longshot in 2008.

A split with the Australian Oi!sters in Slick 46. Both bands are a bit to softOi! for me (Cock sparrer as main influence probably) but both bands have made great tunes that stick to your head. Uneven bands to say the least and this split is no differant from their other albums.

Harrington saints start it of with the fantastic West Ham United tribute called Claret and blue that they later re-released on the fantastic (and damn good looking) split they did with Booze & glory in 2010. Their second song is a complete miss though and probably as cliché as a skinheadsong can ever become without adding streetfights to the theme.

Slick 46's side works way better and feels more even. Both songs are good but "For you, not me" is by far the best one.
Worth picking up if you don't hyave it already.
Record is sold out by most stores but you can still pick it up at Deadbeat Records and Pug Music

söndag 15 juli 2012

New American Oi! band (Cadence)

No idea who or what this band called Cadence really is, all i know is that it's straight out the oven and as fresh as it can get. I know i have heard the singer before but cant place him. Nice rock'n'roll feeling and a great theme to the song. Can't wait to hear more by the band.

torsdag 12 juli 2012

Harrington saints - Sounds of the streets 7'' (2007)

01. Working class friday night
02. Don't blame me
03. Sounds of the streets
04. Razors in the night (Live) (Blitz cover)

Released by Pirates Press Records in 2007.

Some streetpunk/Oi! bands really get the sound right (Noi!se) and most of them fall flat on some candycoated perverse crossculture ride that only lucky13 punks could enjoy. This release and for most parts this whole band lands somewhere inbetween the two. Most of their songs are unbearably bad but on every bloody EP they seem to throw in a little gem that suits my taste to the spot. This EP's little gem is Sounds of the streets that reminds me of something inbetween Cock Sparrer and the modern more rockin' Oi! sound from Texas.
Their livetribute to Nidge isnt bad at all..... it's just not Blitz performing it.
The record can still be bought at:
Pirates Press
Rude Kids Crew

Harrington saints (introduction)

(Update 15 July 2012: The band is NOT from the Southbay as stated below but actually from the San fran area of Eastbay. Insert mocalate sippin and artschools where palmtrees and economic schools is written.)

Oi!/Streetpunk band that started back in 2005 around the Southbay of California. This might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about an Oi! movement with their fancy and prestigeous economic's schools and palmtrees but i guess everything must have it's counterculture.
The band almost crosses of every checkpoint on my shitlist with their connections to Lars Fredriksen and their hybridsound of Oi!/streetpunk but one can't shake the fact that they actually record some pretty good songs. Most of their lyrics poke around in the same shithole that Pressure Point used to do (blaming their government for everything without giving a solution to anything) and most of their stuff tend to sound more streetpunk than Oi! but through all their releases they have somehow come to charm me. Teir releases are numerous for a band that's only been around for 7 years with 2 full-lengths, 3 EP's, 3 splits and still counting. The band just released their latest album called Pride & Tradition produced by Lars Frederiksen (mjääh) and are planning a European tour.
The members are Darrel Wojick on vocals, Mike C. on lead guitar, Jayson Shepard on rhythmic guitar, Mike "Deuce" Miller on bass and Forrest Maestretti on drums.

onsdag 11 juli 2012

Battle ruins - ST 7'' (2010)

01. Blood eagle
02. Traitors stomped out
03. Warpaths ahead
04. Heart of fire and stone

Realeased by Rock'N'Roll Disgrace in 2010.

Might be a little bit to recent to be uploaded but as i searched around i couldnt find it in any stores adn to my knowledge it is sold out completly.

Same stuff as on the demo but a whole lot better productionvalue on the songs. It all sounds a bit cleaner and more "Black Sabbathy" this time around. Great EP but i must admit i miss the song Cut Blood Line that was on the demo, couldnt they have replaced Traitors Stomped Out instead.
A truly intresting sound they got going on here and i am intrested in hearing a full-length by the band.

söndag 8 juli 2012

Battle ruins - Demo cassette (2009)

01. Blood eagle
02. Traitors stomped out
03. Warpaths ahead
04. Heart of fire and stone
05. Cut blood line

Selfreleased by the band in 2009.

The band is basicly an Oi!/Metal sideproject by members from various hardcore bands (seems all new US Oi! bands today are). The members are anonymous and no names or pictures of the members are given out on their releases but from what i have understood some of the members have their background in such bands as Mind Eraser, Painkiller and the fantastic Lovely Lads.

As much as they where going for an Oi!/Metal hybrid i can hear them both but what strikes me when i listen to it is the RAC feeling i get. Not because of the lyrics but from the feeling of the songs, the way their vocalist sings and offcourse the whole metalthing they got going on. Sounds like early 90's Brittish RAC or even Australian RAC (thinking of Fortress here).

Well is it any good? Yeas it sure is!! I am a huge sucker for the whole British metal offspring of the RAC scene and this one even lands on top of most old stuff since it lacks all the annoying "nigger-bashin" lyrics.

It's not hard to understand the members background in HC bands even though it rocks more than trashes in these songs, i am thinking especially of the song Cut blood line. A song that never made it to their later and now out-of-print EP from 2010 which has a heavyier tone than the rest of the songs. My own personal favourite is Heart of fire and stone that takes the metal thing a step further and almost becomes a bit glammy in the chorus (damn i love that chorus).

torsdag 5 juli 2012

Blitz USA (2004) - Demo

01. Razors in the night
02. Walk away
03. Propaganda
04. Moscow
05. Scream
06. Those days

A truly sad but still hilarious event took place in the US when the megalomaniac cumface (respect where respect is due) known as Nidge tried to cash in on his old history as a guitarplayer in legendary UK band Blitz. Without any knowledge about the American scene, the people he drafted into his band and his own worth he started what he thought would be the next big thing since the original Blitz. With Bryan Scorch on vocals (Patriot, Empire falls, Better dead than red & Brutal tactics) James on drums, Mark on bass, himself and Lawton on guitar these songs where recorded and a tour through the land of the free was on the horizon. On stage Nidge's famestarved persona came through clear as he most oftenly stood in front of the singer and clapped his hands when he should have focused on playing guitar. He also made a fool out of himself during a show at CBGB's when he started kicking the kids who wanted to stagedive (showing that he knew nothing of the modern scene and almost got him beaten up on stage). Because of Bryan Scorch's affiliation with the rightwing some shows got cancelled which Nidge sorted out by bootin his own singer. To bad nobody really liked Nidge and in 2005 only Nidge remained as a member. Forgotten and with the realisation that playing guitar in Blitz during the 80's wouldnt give him any pussy in the new millenium he dissolved what was left of the band (himself) and quietly stepped into oblivion.

As tragic as the story about the reincarnation of this legendary band is the sound is far from bad. Even though nobody can beat the original Bryan does one hell of a job as a vocalist and his brutal voice gives new life to these 0ld classics. Razors in the night and Walk away are songs you should check out.

I will post the entire gig at CBGB but until i find the time to rip and convert the copy i have i will post the only footage i could find online.

tisdag 3 juli 2012

Stamford Bridge & Bastards Choir - Split 7'' (2009)

01. Bastards choir - These fields
02. Bastard's choir - Heaven is a hogroast
03. Stamford bridge - Finish line
04. Stamford bridge - The way i am

Released by Oi! the boat in 2009.

-My version is the first pressing (500 copies) in black and white. The second pressing of 550 copies where made with a red cover-

The great sideproject with Phil Templar on drums and Carl on basicly everything else that was around long enough to release two split EP's (2nd EP will be uploaded next year). I dont have a clue if the project is still active today but i sure hope so.

Bastards choir that splits the EP with te templarboys is mediocre to say the least, not in any way bad but concidering how many times i have played the songs i should like them by this time. I still cant really find anything positive to say about them more than the fact that their second song is a bit fun... thats about it.

Stamford bridge's side starts out with a strange and quite bad song but as soon as the song The way i am starts of the whole EP is saved. The way i am speaks to the most basic instinct in my latent pop-gene's with it's happy feeling and catchy handclaps. A phenomenal song that saves an otherwise boring EP.
The EP is still up for sale at:
Oi! the boat
Rebellion Records

söndag 1 juli 2012

The choice & No motive - Split 7'' (1996)

01. The choice - Cup of reality
02. The choice - Stupid fools
03. No motiv - White cars
04. No motiv - True reality

Released by It's Alive Records in 1996.

Thanks to Shane for the album.

I was in for a pleasent surprise when i got this album sent to me. Never had the chance to hear this album and since i never quite liked The choice i didnt expect to much from it. I wont go searching for their old albums in my crates (i even think i sold them on E-bay to be honest) but in recall them to be a lot softer than they where on this release. Their opening song is a chaotic song somewhat reminding me about Blind society mixed with the harder UK hardcorepunk of the 80's. Their second song called Stupid fools is an antiracist song with a slower and more "Oi!-feeling" to it and almost as excellent as the first song. A great A-side from a band i probably never gave a fair chance.

No motive is a whole other story though. This is your run of the mill skatepunk/"highschool HC" and my guess is they have made several tours with Rancid sponsored by both Vans and Eastpack but i simply dont care enough to even google their bandname. Bullshit music for bullshit people.