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torsdag 5 juli 2012

Blitz USA (2004) - Demo

01. Razors in the night
02. Walk away
03. Propaganda
04. Moscow
05. Scream
06. Those days

A truly sad but still hilarious event took place in the US when the megalomaniac cumface (respect where respect is due) known as Nidge tried to cash in on his old history as a guitarplayer in legendary UK band Blitz. Without any knowledge about the American scene, the people he drafted into his band and his own worth he started what he thought would be the next big thing since the original Blitz. With Bryan Scorch on vocals (Patriot, Empire falls, Better dead than red & Brutal tactics) James on drums, Mark on bass, himself and Lawton on guitar these songs where recorded and a tour through the land of the free was on the horizon. On stage Nidge's famestarved persona came through clear as he most oftenly stood in front of the singer and clapped his hands when he should have focused on playing guitar. He also made a fool out of himself during a show at CBGB's when he started kicking the kids who wanted to stagedive (showing that he knew nothing of the modern scene and almost got him beaten up on stage). Because of Bryan Scorch's affiliation with the rightwing some shows got cancelled which Nidge sorted out by bootin his own singer. To bad nobody really liked Nidge and in 2005 only Nidge remained as a member. Forgotten and with the realisation that playing guitar in Blitz during the 80's wouldnt give him any pussy in the new millenium he dissolved what was left of the band (himself) and quietly stepped into oblivion.

As tragic as the story about the reincarnation of this legendary band is the sound is far from bad. Even though nobody can beat the original Bryan does one hell of a job as a vocalist and his brutal voice gives new life to these 0ld classics. Razors in the night and Walk away are songs you should check out.

I will post the entire gig at CBGB but until i find the time to rip and convert the copy i have i will post the only footage i could find online.

5 kommentarer:

  1. "and quietly stepped into oblivion...."

    Or got drunk and stepped in front of a moving vehicle or some other booze-related nonsense. Pretty sure Nidge died some years back.

  2. Yes, that's something that I also thought about. I've read that he died in a ''one side car crash'' in front of a Motel during an U.S. Tour or so... hell, I think it was in a RED ALERT or RED LONDON interview some years or so back in an nowadays old "Oi! THE PRINT" issue. And yes, I think alcohol and boozing and ''nonsense'' like this truly played a part in it as well...
    - Manslaughter Andy

  3. I'd heard that he was trying to cross the road and got hit by a car - I don't think that anything more was ever reported officially.

    I think that it was just message board speculation that he was drunk, or that he ran into the road without looking where he was going...


  4. I remember when they were playing in CA, they played a show in SHowcase Theatre in Corona, A lot of people went, but I didnt, never did like when bands would return without the original singer. From what I remember he got ran over by a car in Texas. RIP

  5. Don't remember what year it was but it was in February near Dallas during their tour of the US. The band were staying and partying in a motel. Nidge stepped out and was hit by a truck at about 3:30 am. I haven't seen the toxicology report but he did like booze and drugs (and young girls) so I would imagine one or both were involved in the accident. BTW, the Blitz line up with Steve Smith was much better than the one with Scorsch.