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tisdag 26 mars 2013

Stomping ground - Demo (2010)

01. FTW (Fight to win)
02. Dogs¤
03. Gossip games¤
04. No target
05. Cannot die¤
06. Spirit of youth¤

A surprisingly solid release by a band that i never gave the time of day when they first came out (i really need to stop putting stuff sent to me into the "Albums to listen to" folder). They sound like a hybrid of the early Bruisers mixed with some (early) Black Flag and Oxblood. As a fan of all three previously mentioned bands one might understand why i like them but add to that the fact that they actually seem to be somewhat honest with their song and the fact that their anger actualy sounds sincere. Somehow they remind me about On Trial based on the fact that they deliver shit like it used to be delivered without any fancy candy-coated mod-bullshit or fake garage-recordings. Good old Oi!

Best songs on the demo:
¤The unpollished skinhead-anthem called Cannot die that makes me think of The Bruisers back in the days (though a lot faster).
¤Dogs that delivers something that feels honest and does so with great breaks and a blazing guitarpart that might be simple (and stolen) but does what it does perfectly.

Might not be perfect but way better than most stuff being released on US soil with the Oi! brand slapped on it. Hope that MFS actually give these guys a shot.

måndag 25 mars 2013

Stomping Ground (interview and livesongs)

Great and informative vid made by Sonic Lobotomy with the Massachusetts Oi! band Stomping Ground. They talk about the scene in their hometown and about a possible future release with MotherFuckingSound (Tattooed Mother Fuckers label).
I will upload their Demo from 2010 tomorrow.

lördag 16 mars 2013

Liberty 37 - The killing blow CD (1996)

01. Silence of the sheep
02. By the sword¤
03. Jackboot stomp¤
04. Desperate times, desperate measures
05. Cult of the earth
06. The killing blow
07. Copperhead¤
08. Ride of the valkyrie
09. When the wolves come knocking
10. Die on your feet (or live on your knees)
11. March to oblivion¤
12. Bleed me dry

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1996.

A bit more metal and RAC sounding when compared to their first record but still offers some interesting songs. Most tracks follow the old theme of the "new world order" which to me sounds like an updated version of "the jews". I don't know if "the jews" controlled the world back in the days, i don't know if some secret society of bankers run this "new world order" today and until i know i won't slag any of the theories of but i can atleast say that they both become a bit to repetative as lyrical content after a while.
A song that stand out is the break-tastic Jackboot Stomp about how FBI uses terror to control those who don't think like the masses, hey maybe this band should band together with Harrington Saints and their guerilla army since they both seem to have the same enemies.
A bit to paranoid and a bit to metal for my taste but still a decent release.

Liberty 37 - Copperhead


Rival - Take it back CD (1995)
Better dead than red - Front line CD (2000)
Better dead than red - The world needs a hero CD (2002)
Better dead than red & The skulls - Nations of pride CD (2002)
The sussed - No escape 7'' (1994)

torsdag 14 mars 2013

Liberty 37 - Under siege CD (1994)

01. The grave society
02. Armed or enslaved¤
03. Another "victim"
04. Straight to hell¤
05. Welfare state
06. Broken glory
07. World domination¤
08. Spoils of war¤
09. Gunshot to the head¤
10. Drunk & violent¤
11. Rise and decline
12. Conspiracy
13. Two rounds for Sister Sarah¤
14. Patriots hammer

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1994.
The band released both a demo and a 7'' before this release and this release is basicly a compilation of those two releases (missing 2 tracks that would later appear on their War Relics CD). The sound they bring might not be anything revolutionary but the whole militia-man thing they have going on mixed with Colonel Slanders distinct voice makes it stand out among many other half-assed metal-punk bands. Who can dislike a band that sings out their deathlist on records and dedicates it to "all gun owning, freedom loving Americans"?
For gun-nuts and fans of Rogues.

Liberty 37 - Gunshot to the head

lördag 9 mars 2013

Liberty 37 (introduction)

Some might think it's wierd that a modern fascist band like Rebell Hell had it's first spark in a dirty Detroit garage while practicing harcorepunk songs under the bandname Gore. Well being a baldheaded old fuck i know what time can do to you so i guess Bill, Chris and COlonel had little knowledge about their future carreers. Previously mentioned Discharge-ish punkband saw its final days around 1990 but as soon as it did Chris and Bill went on to form the now infamous band Rogues. On the side Bill also had a leading role in the skinheadband Rival and the not so politically correct band Peoplehaters.

During all these years Colonel never had an idea about getting into the musicbusiness but a meeting with old friends got the first lineup of Liberty 37, namely Colonel Slanders on vocals, Bill on bass, Chris on guitar and newcommer Mark on drums.

The band set out a guideline of thoughts and views based on liberalism, constitutional rights and a fighting against the "new world order". These views didnt only influence the bandname Liberty 37 but also had a huge part in the bands comming albums and lyrics.

The bands first release was their demo called Brutal Awakening closely followed by a 7'' called Rebirth of a nation on French label S.P.E. These two releases got them signed to Rock-O-Rama in 1994 that released these songs as their first full-length called Under Siege.

Even though Liberty 37 was far from a political extreme band some of the members history in such bands as Rival and Peoplehaters caused the band to be targeted by media trashtalk, venues boycotting and antifa protests at the few venues that would put them on. This became to much for Chris that decided to leave the band in 1995 but as soon as he left they brought in Mark Jones to fill his spot on guitar. With this line-up they recorded their final record called The Killing Blow. After the release Mark decided to leave the band and with most members looking into new projects the band was disbanded.

The band got a brief reunion in 1997 doing a couple of shows but nothing more became of that. Both Bill and Colonel went on to form Rebel Hell in 1999 which atleast musically resembled the sound of Liberty 37 (though politically was a bit more extreme). Colonel also released a bootleg called When death comes knocking in 2004 and a "greatest hits" album called War Relics in 2011.

tisdag 5 mars 2013

New glory - Sarge/Never surrender 7'' (1989)

01. Sarge
02. Never surrender

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1989.

Bought this one from Dim Records a year ago or something and since i dont quite have the time to do proper bandintroductions or reviews this week i guess it's the perfect time to upload it. Both songs where on their full-length and it's the same versions and all but these ones have that cozy vinyl sparkling thing going on that i know the rest of you music hipsters out there love.
Superb A-side, soso B-side.

söndag 3 mars 2013

V/A - Sons and daughters of this savage land LP (1996)

01. Cocknoose - Bloody chainsaw
02. Cocknoose - Bite it you scum (GG Allin Cover)
03. The tunnel rats - Live free or die
04. The tunnel rats - Don't tell yer mom
05. The tunnel rats - Patriots militia
06. The toughskins - Motorized
07. The toughskins - I'd rather stay home
08. The toughskins - Real enemy (The Business cover)
09. Antiseen - Self induced lobotomy
10. Antiseen - Ugly American
11. Hellstomper - Ruby don't take your love
12. Hellstomper - Meatman
13. Hellstomper - The race is on
14. Murder junkies - Rowdy beer drinkin night (GG Allin cover)
15. Murder junkies - No one's safe
16. Rancid vat - Rock'n'roll fraud

Released by Baloney Shrapnel in 1996.

Some might ask what scumfuck trailerpunk alá Confederate Scum might be doing on this site about American Oi!. The reason is the band calling themselfs The Toughskins and just to get it out of the way this is not the infamous Oi! band Toughskins already discogged here (even though site's like Discog seems to think so) and has nothing to do with the punkband The Toughskins (will post them in the future) from Florida. This little band would be named Toughskins 3 if ever mentioned in a drunken conversation between recordcollecting punk/skin nerds. The reason i am featuring them on the site is because even though their members background in the trailerpunk scene they ARE an Oi!-band and even do a bloody cover of The business (and we all know how Oi! that is).

Even though my love for scumfuck trailerbands such as GG Allin and Antiseen might become smaller and smaller the older i grow one cant ignore its rugged charm they posses and the fact that they actually make some really superb rocksongs. Add to that the fact that they often stand more to the right than 95% of all other trendy leftist punkbands and one can almost call them a guilty pleasure of mine (though tucked away and hidden UNDERNEATH my old collection of pornmovies in the adict).

The A-side to this compilation starts out with my favourite trailerband, namely Cocknoose that reminds me about a mixture of old GG Allin and the sound that the fantastic band Liberty 37 (will get to them in the future) had when they where around. It's quick, rough, brutal and one hell of a way to start an otherwise mediocre LP.

Second band is The tunnel rats that flirts with the more conservative and patriotic part of the Oi!scene with their constitutional oriented punkrock. This is often the punkrock that i love but to bad for the rats they sort of suck and except for their song "Live free or die" it is best left unheard.

And then onto the "Oi!-band" of the comp and also one of the biggest letdowns. They sure have a distinct Oi!-sound even though it's mixed with some Motörhead-ish speedthing going on but no matter how good their song "Motorized" is that trashing of The Business classic is unforgiven. This only further convinces me that every Oi! band that from this day onward makes a cover of this song or Last Resorts "Violence in our minds" should be convicted to brutal lashes and/or forced sodomy.

Now finally flipping the vinyl to the B-side and we are welcomed by the most wellknown trailerpunks today. Antiseen is a band that most know of in one way or another either because they consist of the people that played with GG Allin or because of some of them being members in bands such as Empire falls today. Or if you know them because of the records they make (70 releases and counting..) you know exactly what to expect from these songs. Think Limecell mixed with The Loose Skrews and top that of with some "good 'ol boys" anti-commie lyrics.

Hellstompers simply sound to country and hillbilly for me to even care so moving on.

Murder Junkies just like Antiseen used to hang around GG Allin and even recorded a couple of records with him under the name GG Allin & The Murder Junkies. Just like Antiseen you probably know what to expect from this it's obscene and anti-PC but be sure to check out the tune "No one's safe", a superb little song.

Last out is the biggest surprise on the record and a totally new experience for me, namely Rancid Vats. Sure i have heard of them before but never payed them no mind so to be honest this was the first song i have heard. All i can say is i am sold and need to check out their other releases (15 something records just waiting for my listening pleasure). They remind me about earlier US punkrock like The Gizmos but with a hell lot of more attitude to go around. If you hate scumfuck punkrock and rednecks atleast give this band a chance, you will probably like it if you have such good taste as i have.

Rancid Vat - Hippie Punk 

lördag 2 mars 2013

New split from Templars.

With no other than the much beloved Swedes from Agent Bulldogg. If the old info from a member is correct the release will feature Templars doing English covers of Swedish Agent songs and Agent will do Swedish covers of English Templars songs. If this is so then it might be the most awesome release in a long time and a fucking brilliant idea at that.

Only info i have right now is that it is a 7'' limited to 1000 copies (900 black/100 orange) and that you can pre-order them from Randale's shop.
The vikings are comming!!