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lördag 30 juni 2012

This weeks re-uploads

To celebrate my first day of 6 weeks free from both work and school i got assraped by some horrible flu. So instead of eating steaks, drinking beer and basking in the rare Swedish sun i am stuck under a blanket eating soup and surfing porn. Will try to get some more re-uploads up tomorrow since i don't have anything better to do.

The unruly - Call to arms DEMO (1996) + bonus songs
Templars & Lower class brats - Split 7'' (1997)
Templars - La noche de los gabiotas 7'' (1997)
Pist'n'broke - The last call 1992-1996 (1998)
Last rights - No guts, no glory LP (2005)
Roots of exile - For our own (2008)
The postals - One nation under the influence (2007)
Battle cry - To fight and die (2000)

onsdag 27 juni 2012

The MFC & James Loves Jackson - Split 7'' (1999)

01. The MFC - Another comeback
02. The MFC - Momentum
03. JLJ - Happiness is kids online
04. JLJ - Beedeestreet
05. JLJ - Dig coal

Released by NOLO Records in 1999.

Thanks to Shane for the rip (even though i hated the music).

What the hell happened here?
It's nowhere near near Oi! and hardly even touches on the punksoil. The MFC that used to be a good band has now started playing some sort of college rock (hell if i know) and does a split with band called James Loves Jackson that i guess is some sort of grunge-offspring. It's pure bullshit from start to finish and i cant really say if its any good since i stopped listening to this sort of dateraper collegemusic the day i stopped wearing long-johns under my jeans-shorts and cut my hair. Sure the band called JLJ does some "experimental rhythms" and "heavy bass" things but it's all been done by trashpeople from Seattle before so... dont know where im going with this...... bottom line, it sucks.

The trouble - Live at The Rat 7'' (2005)

01. Shadows on the streets
02. Saturdays kids
03. This one's for you
04. We are the blood

Released by Bridge 9 in 2005.

Thanks to Shane for the rip.

Classic band at a classic venue amd as little as i like live albums i love this little EP. Their choice of songs speak to me and their delivery on stage displays the raw and pissed youthmovement that punk is (or atleast used to be). Shadow on the streets (being ignored but rising up through unity), This one's for you (a misfit leadsong) and my personal favourite We are the blood (leaders of tomorrow-ish anthem). Going to a show that has a tracklist like that jumping on policecars afterwards is nothing more than showing good manors.

tisdag 26 juni 2012

A whole bunch of videos by Noi!se.

After the whole Aires and graces ordeal last year i never really got to this band. The band is still fresh and since i dont want to ruin their sales i'll be contempt with putting up some videos in the meantime. Banddiscography and introduction comming in the future.

A new song by the band called Rising tide

Idle action

Acoustic version of On the outside

Take 'em all (Cock sparrer cover)

Wellington arms upcomming EP

After to many damn years in the game without a proper release Wellington arms are now getting ready to release their first 7''. Here's a preview of their A-side.

måndag 25 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys - Appalachian industry CD (2009)

01. Appalachian industry
02. Green fields of France (cover)
03. Ballad of Lucas Wells
04. Day after day
05. Don't you ever leave me
06. By the throat
07. New amendment
08. New York mining disaster
09. Fire on the plains
10. The pilgrim
11. Once you go rat
12. Our little secret

Released by Haunted Town Records in 2009.

The "comeback" album from the Kentucky boys. A decent album with a typical US streetpunk sound mixed with what i hear as southern rock influences. I dont quite like it as much as their old stuff but songs that are far from great (Fire on the plains) still rise above thanks to some great lyrics and skilled musicians performing it. The song Day by day is probably the best one in the bunch with a good production, a vocalist on point and one hell of a catchy "pump your fist" chorus.
Halfassed album still worth buying thanks to some exceptionally good songs.
The record is still avaialble for purchase at:
Haunted town
Pure Impact
Dim Records
Rebellion shop

torsdag 21 juni 2012

This weeks re-uploads.

Sun is shining and im going away 'till Sunday so there will be no uploads untill next week. Here is some re-uploads untill then. Happy Midsummer!!

Kicker boys - The kicker boys (1988)
Anti-heros - Election day 7'' (1993)
Anti-heros rare and missing songs (Not so rare or unreleased but.... yeah you get the idea)
Brutal tactics - Complete collection of songs (2005-2007)
Lonesoldier & Nation of suspects - Split 7'' (2005)
Crucial change - 33 CD (2009)
Hammer & The Nails demo (Uploaded it a few weeks back but i still get requests for a reupload. Try downloading before requesting in the future please.)
Templars - Return of Jacques De Molay CD (1994)
Templars & Glory stompers - Split LP (1995)
Templars - Clockwork orange horrorshow Double-EP (1995)

Brassknuckle boys performing a Anti-heros cover

Footage from 2000 of Brassknuckle boys performing their cover of Anti-heros Cant kill the blues.

måndag 18 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys - Songs about fighting LP (2009)

01. Fighting poor
02. At least it seems
03. Land of the free
04. For you mom
05. I can find out where you live
06. Jimmy Coonan
07. Taking the streets back
08. Make the list
09. Rise up, sign up
10. Cant kill the blues with a gun LIVE (Anti-heros cover)
11. Boots and braces LIVE (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Oi! The Boat Records in 2009.

First of all i must mentioned that i noticed my tracklist being a bit messed up. This is because the LP came with a mp3-downloadlink and evcen though the tracks are the same the order of the songs seem to be different. The tracklist above is the correct so when you download the album just rearrange the order of the songs as above.

A phenomenal record that contains early livesongs, their Fighting poor 7'' and a couple of other songs recorded back in 1999-2000. All of the songs got remastered by their guitarist Matt in 2007 and i must say all of them sound bloody awesome mixing Brassknuckle's early and harder sound with a better soundquality.

The two opening tracks Fighting poor and At least it seems are reason enough to purchase the album for your collection. The album has its lower moments in the form of the mediocre For you Mom and Jimmy Coonan, the livesongs are great but lacks somewhat in soundquality. All in all it deserves a full score mainly because it's one of the few LP's that i have listened to atleast twice a month since i bought it.
LP is sold out in most shops but can still be found at:
Step-1 Music


torsdag 14 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys & Deadline - Split CD (2004)

01. Deadline - Another day in paradise
02. Deadline - Hate song
03. Deadline - I'll run away
04. Brassknuckle boys - Vultures
05. Brassknuckle boys - Ballad of Lucas Wells
06. Brassknuckle boys - American girl

Released by Haunted Town in 2004.

A split with one of British punks most overrated bands ever. Deadline has the most annoying female singer in history and as much as i like squeky singers like Becky Bondage i just cant stand Elisabeths voice. In Deadlines slower songs she destroyes them by sounding monotone and in their faster and harder songs she sounds more like a chipmunk than pissed.

Deadline fails all the way as usuall and Brassknuckle boys "side" isnt much better. One good song (Vultures) that can be found on their 2001 album. This CDEP got re-released as a full-length split in 2006 with additional songs. The full-length is just as shitty so save your moey and purchase their phenomenal Songs about fighting from 2009 instead.

tisdag 12 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys - American bastard CD (2001)

01. Until that brother dies
02. Sunday morning coming down
03. Fighting poor
04. Boulevard of broken dreams
05. Murder or manslaughter
06. Jimmy Coonan
07. Busted and disgusted
08. Vultures
09. From my heart
10. Vet named Ted
11. First signs of light
12. The voice (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Haunted Town Records in 2001.

Since all their earlier songs and EP was featured on their later Songs about fighting LP i suppose i'll start it off with this record. A record i have split opinions about to say the least. When they do their thing right they sound like a mix between The bruisers and Disorderly conduct and even though their singer is fucking briliant and so are the rest of the band i somehow loose intrest on some of their more slower songs (Jimmy Coonan & From my heart). When their tempo falls into a more ballad tempo they sound like a failed Hudson Falcons (who aint that great to begin with) but luckily those songs are far from the majority on the album.

The songs that really stick out do so because of the great lyrics and the ability to write choruses that stick to your head for a long time after listening to the album, great examples of such songs are Fighting poor (bluecollar anthem) and A vet named Ted (about loosing faith in your leaders) but the best song of them all is the Skrewdriver cover. I find it fun to see a band with no connections to or ambition to sell records to the far-right audience making two "post-political" Skrewdriver covers (Boots & Braces also covered later on). Not only does this show that Brassknyckle boys had some of the balls that seemed to go missing within punkrock around 2007 but they also deliver the songs with perfection making any PC-punk happy (finally you can delete those original songs from your harddrive.... i know you have them hiding somewhere).
8/10LänkThe record can still be bought at:
Haunted records
Skinflint Music
Pure impact
Dim Records
Bandworm Records

torsdag 7 juni 2012

Livefootage of The Trouble

Sadly enough i have had no time to update either of my site and wont have any time in the comming week probably. I am currently running around like a madman interviewing people in charge of the local public sector and simply cant spare the time.
Next week i will do the Brassknuckle Boys and also upload a rare EP of a liveshow made by The trouble..... untill then......

Liveshow recorded at The Rats in 1996.

måndag 4 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys (quick introduction)

Infamous punkrock/Oi!/whatever band that emerged out of Lexington, Kentucky in the late 90's. The band has moved through numerous lineup changes through the years (15 different members i think) and has included such names as Mark Magee (Condemned 84, Anti-Heros, Jack The Lad, The glory etc etc), Billy Blitz (The staggers) and William Weber (Murder Junkies) among their ranks. Today the lineup consists of Mark Edward Dacey on vocals, Shadwick Wilde on backupvocals and guitar, Jace Prater on guitar, Chris Ward on bass and Graham on drums.
The band released 2 demos in 1999 tightly followed by their first 7'' from Fistfull of Reality Records. In 2001 they released their most known record American Bastard through Haunted Town, a record that reached audiences outside the more tightly knitt skinhead scene. In 2002 they made a split with Riotgun and in 2004 another split with British Deadline. The touring stopped and the band broke up for real but later got back together with a new lineup in 2009 and released their first EP and Demo on LP calling it Songs about fighting. Later the same year they released their Appalachian industry LP and started touring again.
The band is still together today and when not opening for the Oi!-superstars in Old firm casuals (whoever arranged that show needs to be shot) they have also just released a new record called Appalachia Bastard that containes never before released material and both their full-length albums. The record can be bought here.

lördag 2 juni 2012

V/A - Anti-disco league CD (2006)

01. Retaliator - Give us back St. George's Day (UK)
02. Templars - Take on the world
03. Crashed out - Heroes (UK)
04. Haircut - France perdue (France)
05. Bulldogg samurai - Oi Oi Nippon (Japan)
06. Stomper 98 - Lebenslauf (Germany)
07. Counterattack - Brick & stone
08. Des kontrol - Des kontrol (Basque)
09. Southpaw manners - Lyonsheart
10. On file - Back in the papers (UK)
11. Pissed on arival - American psycho
12. Deadline - On the road (UK)
13. Adolf & the piss artists - Go home
14. Devilskins - Periferia (Italy)
15. No man's land - You and me (Indonesia)
16. Urban riot - Dangermouse

Released by Templecombe in 2006.

Not only one of the greatest t-shirts ever worn to decorate the cover but also an album with a whole lot of substance and a whole lot of good songs. Like in most cases when reviewing comps i must say it has its good and bad sides (guess comps cant deliver to everybodys taste and leave everybody happy at the same time. Even though both Deadline and Stomper 98 are two of the most overrated bands in my oppinion the Templecombe also adds some of my favourite bands like Retaliator and On file to the songlist.

Retaliator opens the album good with what is probably the best song on the whole comp. The lyrics take up the delicate subject of St. Georges Day and questions the lack of nationalistic pride in Britain today, a subject thats even more current today than in 2006 probably.

Other great bands/songs that i had never heard of before buying the album back in 2009 are Bulldogg Samurai and the Indonesian band No mans land that deliver a great and somewhat drunkensounding singalong ballad.

Most US bands sound great on the comp but the US gold goes to Counterattack (a band that needs to make a reuion).
Can be bought at:
Rebellion Shop
Spirit of rock
(and tons of corporate shops like Amazon that dont need and wont get my support by linking to them)

fredag 1 juni 2012

Interview and liveperformance with Southpaw manners (from Spring Broke)

Good Eastcoast band that never released a real record as far as i know (though they appeared on several comps). Two live-songs and an interview focusing around the subjects of gay love and male bonding. "God made man, man made skinhead"


Lion heart & Dortmurder union boys