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tisdag 12 juni 2012

Brassknuckle boys - American bastard CD (2001)

01. Until that brother dies
02. Sunday morning coming down
03. Fighting poor
04. Boulevard of broken dreams
05. Murder or manslaughter
06. Jimmy Coonan
07. Busted and disgusted
08. Vultures
09. From my heart
10. Vet named Ted
11. First signs of light
12. The voice (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Haunted Town Records in 2001.

Since all their earlier songs and EP was featured on their later Songs about fighting LP i suppose i'll start it off with this record. A record i have split opinions about to say the least. When they do their thing right they sound like a mix between The bruisers and Disorderly conduct and even though their singer is fucking briliant and so are the rest of the band i somehow loose intrest on some of their more slower songs (Jimmy Coonan & From my heart). When their tempo falls into a more ballad tempo they sound like a failed Hudson Falcons (who aint that great to begin with) but luckily those songs are far from the majority on the album.

The songs that really stick out do so because of the great lyrics and the ability to write choruses that stick to your head for a long time after listening to the album, great examples of such songs are Fighting poor (bluecollar anthem) and A vet named Ted (about loosing faith in your leaders) but the best song of them all is the Skrewdriver cover. I find it fun to see a band with no connections to or ambition to sell records to the far-right audience making two "post-political" Skrewdriver covers (Boots & Braces also covered later on). Not only does this show that Brassknyckle boys had some of the balls that seemed to go missing within punkrock around 2007 but they also deliver the songs with perfection making any PC-punk happy (finally you can delete those original songs from your harddrive.... i know you have them hiding somewhere).
8/10LänkThe record can still be bought at:
Haunted records
Skinflint Music
Pure impact
Dim Records
Bandworm Records

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  1. I have always really enjoyed this band and this CD. Good post for those that aren't familiar with the band.


    Brian Guy