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torsdag 21 juni 2012

This weeks re-uploads.

Sun is shining and im going away 'till Sunday so there will be no uploads untill next week. Here is some re-uploads untill then. Happy Midsummer!!

Kicker boys - The kicker boys (1988)
Anti-heros - Election day 7'' (1993)
Anti-heros rare and missing songs (Not so rare or unreleased but.... yeah you get the idea)
Brutal tactics - Complete collection of songs (2005-2007)
Lonesoldier & Nation of suspects - Split 7'' (2005)
Crucial change - 33 CD (2009)
Hammer & The Nails demo (Uploaded it a few weeks back but i still get requests for a reupload. Try downloading before requesting in the future please.)
Templars - Return of Jacques De Molay CD (1994)
Templars & Glory stompers - Split LP (1995)
Templars - Clockwork orange horrorshow Double-EP (1995)

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