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lördag 27 februari 2010

Too north records

Just found this wierd little site run by some recordcollecting nerds for recordcollecting nerds.
They travel around and find rare vinyl that they later sell (not always so cheap) on their site. The site has no webbshop and might not look like much to the world but you can find some real gems on there that has been sold out by the labels for ages. You just simply find the ones you like and send a message to the owner and he evaluates the cost for you.
I found a few from my wishlist there that i have sent after (though with EU customfees and deliverance these little records will cost me about 100$ and i dont even have a working vinylplayer at the moment haha)

I found
¤90 proof - No respect 7''
¤Broken heroes - Media blowout 7''
¤Degeneration - Oi! for the kids 7''
¤Limecell - Just plain pissed 7''
¤Limecell - Lager leeches 7''
¤Limecell/Savage 3-D - Gingerbread man Split EP
¤The system - Last stand 7''
¤US bombs - Hobroken EP

Go there and have a peek you might actually find something intresting among all the grunge and other wierd stuff they have.
Go to Too north records (i also added them to my "Recordshops" section)

Pink panzer - Hebrewphobia Demo (2004)

01. Gay & white
02. White mans land
03. Pink flags flying
04. Man thunder
05. Pink panzer
06. Stick in the mud
07. Cruisin'
08. Dick in dixie

In no way released by any recordlabel haha.

So after The beltones broke up and Bill moved down to Texas something really wierd happened. US got their first white/gay pride bands and a whole new genre of skinheads calling themselfs G.A.S.H. (Gay Aryan SkinHeads) arrived. One of the funniest and best performed spoofs ever pulled of and my guess is that some people actually took this shit serious. No the band is not gay and they are in no way anti-jew or white power. They basicly took the post-77punk songs by Skrewdriver and added some male love into the songs.
If you are one of those that say you dont agree with Skrewdrivers politics you just like the music you gotta love this (otherwise sorry to say this but your a homophobic shittalker).
Bill has spooky recemblanse with Ian on the vocals and the band really captures the r'n'r feeling that Skrewdriver had in their whitepower days. Some songs like Pink Panzer are almost straight covers of some songs by the band but with some lyrical changes offcourse.
The best tracks are (yes i am serious) Pink panzer, Man thunder and the gay-anthem Pink flags are flying (haha).
If you can take this kind of things without going all PC about it (oh no they are mocking gay men and singing about not fucking black men in the ass) you will find some actually great songs musically. Just watch out some tracks are so catchy that you might find yourself singing along on the buss (Pink flags are flying for a land so gay and free).

The beltones - Cheap trinklets (2001)

01. Aint no life
02. Set them up, Stevie
03. Weak
04. Cheap trinklets
05. Concrete jungle (Bob marley cover)
06. Hellfire
07. Shitty in pink
08. Better than a kick in the head
09. Lullabye
10. Mix it up
11. Mr wrecking ball
12. Thief
13. Garbage picker

Released by TKO records in 2001.

Their last and most commercial release. Lots of radiofriendly punk (in a good way) and really good production value the whole LP through.
As always its their bitter and emotional songs that are the best. Weak, Garbage picker and Lullabye are all dark but always makes me happy when listening to them.
A great cover of Concrete jungle and i think this is the way to make covers. Dont make it sound like the original and dont even make it if its not anyway near as good as the original.
Hellfire delivers a short but sweet r'n'r track where you can hear the clear simularitys between Bill's and Ian Stuart's voices (would become even clearer in Bill's next group Pink Panzer).
Dont want to sound like some missunderstood emokid but this is one of those bands that really "understood me" and i guess thats why they will always be one of my top 10 bands ever.

Lyrics for Fuck you anyway by The beltones

Tonight is the night i come unglued/No longer will the beautifull people walk the streets and smile while i sit & stew/Been waiting all my life just to give it to you/Gonna pay back all you generous souls & when im done you motherfuckers will all be through./Just kidding, please forgive me didnt realize the whiskey would hit me so quickly/ill just grab my death & be on my way/didnt mean to wreck your evening, dont worry about me cause im only bleeding/& before i go theres just one last thing i want to say.
Always taking back the things that i say & do/Never ment to hurt anybody, but somethings inside that just wont play it cool/I wouldnt mind beating all of you black & blue/So if you want me i'll be in the corner holding back what i really think of you/Just kidding, please forgive me didnt realize the whiskey would hit me so quickly/ill just grab my death & be on my way/Didnt mean to wreck your evening, dont worry about me cause im only bleeding/& before i go theres just one last thing i want to say/FUCK YOU ANYWAY!

(Note: It is not me in the ending of the vid. It is a yankee by the name of comdrbuzzkill showing of his proud bald head.)

torsdag 25 februari 2010

The beltones - Selftitled 7'' (2000)

01. Shitty in pink
02. Nobody to love (Pogues cover)

Released by Radio records in 2000.

First release with the new line-up (check out my introduction for info) and it hasnt changed at all. Same great spirit and dedication poured into these songs and even if Bill was the one that personified the band the rest of the members all contribute to this great sound.
Shitty in pink would a year later be released on their full-lenght so the only reason to get this album is their cover of The pogues old song Nobody to love. This is one of the few bands that actually come of good covering something by Shane Macgowan.
This record came in two different covers, this one and one with Bill's head covering the young lass's body (i know wich one i like the most).

The beltones performing My old man (Live)

A live performance by The beltones. Dont know what year this is but judging from what i can depict in the darkness its the post On deaf ears line-up.

The beltones - On deaf ears (1999)

01. My old man
02. Insipid sedentary girl
03. Naming my bullets
04. Fuck you anyway
05. Shoot the shit
06. Juvenile delinquent
07. Lock and load
08. Casualty
09. Suzi is a heartbreaker V.2 (Newtown neurotics cover)
10. Let the bombs fall

Released by TKO records in 1999.

All these songs where recorded in 1998 at the same time they recorded their Naming my bullets EP. All songs from that EP are featured with the same version on this record (except some differences in the NN covers lyrics) so i wont upload that EP.
If you liked the first two 7'' you will love this record. Its the same songs but damn better quality and a bit faster then the originals.
Both Let the bombs fall and Juvenile delinquent are great tracks in that emotional yet hard way that Beltones always did.
Last album with both Chris and Kevin but dont worry, great as they where the band still managed to deliver 2 superb records after this one.

onsdag 24 februari 2010

Lyrics for My old man by The beltones

Another empty bottle thrown over your shoulder
Another hazy morn' is another day older
Now the weekend's gone, and so are you
And all the bottles collecting up on the shelf
Are there to ease the pain but it just don't help
Cuz now you hate yourself, and you hate me too

Well looking at you puts a lump in my throat
That makes it hard to swallow my beer
And there's a reason that it's giving me the fear
Cuz you're shaking like a leaf
And I've seen that shake before, my friend
I ain't giving you no shit, just understand

You're looking like my old man X4

Well some little girl went out and broke your heart
Ripped out your mind and tore your world apart
And it ain't the first time you've been done this way
There's an angry little man inside of you
He comes out to play when you get stewed
And you're gonna have to starve him out some day

Well looking at you puts a lump in my throat
That makes it hard to swallow my beer
And there's a reason that it's giving me the fear
Cuz you're shaking like a leaf
And I've seen that shake before, my friend
I ain't giving you no shit, just understand

You're looking like my old man X4

The beltones - My old man 7'' (1996)

01. My old man
02. Fuck you anyway

Released by Just add water in 1996.

The album they changed their name to THE beltones instead of just Beltones (not to be confused with the old ska band).
These songs where also on their 1999 full-length but these are older versions of those songs. Bill has clearly evolved his singing on this record, its that same ruff growling voice you can hear in Bill Owen's of Those unknown and Houston Ritcheson's of Belligerent 86.
Two great songs that would be released in even greater versions a few years on. Tragic and very emotional lyrics and especially Fuck you anyway hits the spot when your feeling down or just a bit antisocial.

The beltones - Lock and load 7'' (1995)

01. Lock and load
02. Casualty
03. Insipid sedentary girl
04. Shoot the shit

Released by Far out records in 1995.

The beltones first and probably my least favourite release. This record was included in their first full-lenght but these are the older versions of those songs so i thought i would upload it for your listening pleasure. The best track in the bunch is Insipid sedentary girl and has a bit slower rock 'n' roll feeling then on their 1998 version (actually like this version better).

The beltones (Introduction)

Formed in Fort Lauderdale back in 1994 by Bill mcfadden (vocals, guitar) and Robert Sessions (guitar). Bill borrowed his girlfriends little brother to keep the beat on drums and also added Chris Arocha (used to play bass in Class war) and the band was complete.
They recorded their first demo in late 1994 called Please god make them stop that got Tim Pagones from Far out records attention. He signed them directly and the band released their first record a 4-track 7'' named Lock and load in 1995. Later that year they made a song for
Just add water records compilation called I Can't Believe It's Not Water. The owner of the label Jason Duncan was impressed and helped them release their second 7''called My old man. In 1998 they recorded another 4 song 7'' called Naming my bullets for TKO records. All of these where big underground successes so the year after that they decided to go back intio the studio and re-record their first two 7inches and together with Naming my bullets they finally had their first fill-length called On deaf ears.
After this release the band moved to Gainesville but Chris decided to stay behind since he had his wife and business in Fort Lauderdale. Now being a band without a bassplayer they hooked up with Will Thomas who was a..... drummer. Being a man on a mission he decided to give it a try. In 1999 after a big fight between Bills wife and his ex-girlfriend (Kevins sister) Kevin left the band so their new bassplayer jumped in on drums. This was just before they where going on their US tour so James Ross jumped in to fill the gap on bass. This was only temporary and after the tour they replaced James with Mike Mutti. With this line up they recorded their 2000 7'' and their infamous 2001 release Cheap trinklets.

The band went at it and did some tours, crashed some tourbusses but finally decided to call it a day in 2003 when Bill moved away. After this Mike Mutti went to play in Nervous tics an Bill would form his side-project Pink Panzer.
Bill reformed the band in New jersey in 2006 with an all new line-up but after some shows they disbanded.

This is the one of the most influential bands of the 90's and would inspire many bands in the future. Funniest thing with Beltones is that they never really played Oi!, no skinhead was a part of the band and they never (in the beginning) hung around in skinhead-circles. Even so the majority of their harcorefans was always skinheads.

tisdag 23 februari 2010

Pressure point - Resist and riot (2007)

01. In their eyes
02. From hell to eternity
03. Rise up
04. Murder on my mind
05. Relentless
06. Never submit
07. Closer
08. Give me liberty
09. Here to stay
10. Get out
11. Generation apathy
12. The morning after
13. Destination desolation
14. Horatio alger

Released by GMM records in 2007.

Fucking Lars Frederiksen!
This is not even Oi! anymore its rootspunk alá Rancid and the likes. This is probably their most advanced album musically and all musicians involved are skilled at what they are doing but its also the album that made me loose respect for PP once and for all.
That fucker Lars has gone wild on this album and probably told Mike and the rest of the band what the cool kids of today wants in an album (or maybe im just getting old). Every song is about fighting against the government and raising your fist in disobedience but they never really seem to give an alternative to the society that we have. I dont have much faith in politicians but if i was an American i would rather have Obama running my life then Lars Frederiksen (dont believe the hype kids).
Its not all bad, the album starts of strong with a good old punk track about revolting against the corrupt society and continues with another good track (even if its rootspunk) called Rise up that deals with the subject rising up and revolting against society (no shit).
Give me liberty stands out like a gas station on a otherwise lyrically dried up album but otherwise from that its what you could expect from an album like this.

Lars even takes over the vocaldutie on track 9 as if he didnt destroy the album enough with his wellknown "radiotalk alá Hellcat" (track 4).

Pressure point & Madhouse disciples - Split CD (2006)

01. MD - Sold us out
02. MD - Nowhere to run
03. MD - Fucked up life
04. MD - Dreams
05. MD - Drunken with my life
06. MD - City lights
07. PP - Blow up the radio
08. PP - Bring back yesterday
09. PP - A life worth living
10. PP - Church and hate
11. PP - Garage land

Released by The downtown academy in 2006.

Madhouse disciples is another band from Sacramento CA and close friends to Mike Erickson of Pressure point. This is their first release since they started in 2003 but its no beginners attempt it actually sounds great and even if their sound is very simulair to Pressure points its a bit more Oi! friendly and i like their songs on the split better then PP's.
In 2008 Madhouse disciples went into the studio with Mike on production to record what should have been their first record but something happened and it wasnt until a year ago i heard any news of their record. Now it is said to be released through The downtown academy in 2010 and lets hope that it actually gets released this time.

On to the record now. Madhouse disciples starts the record with 2 great tracks and deliver all in all 6 rock 'n' roll ispired anthems. Best one though is their 4th track called Dreams.
Pressure point surprises me with their contribution to this album. I havnt really liked any of their albums released after 1998 but these songs are all of top quality. Best ones by PP is A life worth living and the skinhead r'n'r track Bring back yesterday where Mike reminisce about the good old days as a young skinhead.

A solid release without even the slightest precense of Lars Frederiksen.

Pressure point - To be continued... (2002)

01. To be cont..
02. C St. pass
03. Links on the chain
04. Face in the mirror
05. Drinkin with the damned
06. This is sacto
07. Take it back
08. The great devide
09. Cowards
10. The ballad of Richard Davis
11. Home invasion
12. Uprise

Released by GMM records in 2002.

The album was supposed to be released some months before but Mike Erickson had a throat infection wich led to this album being delayed (probably the effects of trying to sound like the coockie monster).
A bit of change in the line-up for this record with Mark on vocals, Kenny still on guitar, Nate Alexsander on bass and Nate Duskalos on drums.

This time they brought an all-star line-up with them with Mark Noah from Anti-heros producing the album and doing some backup vocals on some of the tracks. Cheet from Adolf and the piss artists also helps out on guitar on some of the tracks but to be honest it doesnt help the band to rise above the rest of all these streetOi!/HC bands that USA seemed to be spitting out at this time.

The album starts strong with To be cont.. and then delivers another hard anthem on Links on the chain but then it all goes downhill. One tired "workingclass" class anthem (cliché) after another and then finnishing it all of with an oldschool HC song that is far from my liking.

Yet another album by this band that is far from bad but even further from great and when i found myself laughing (not in a good way) on one of the intros for a track (The great devide) i knew this album couldnt get more then a 6.

måndag 22 februari 2010

Pressure point - Life's blood (1999)

01. Claim the night
02. Retribution
03. Life's blood
04. New age (Blitz cover)
05. Friend of mine
06. Fuerza por oi!

Released by TKO records in 1999.

To my knowledge first released as a 10'' vinyl EP and then later released as a Mini-CD.
2 good tracks on this release. One being the title track Life's blood that is some of a dedication song for the union and what they have done for the workers in the past. The second one is a cover of the fantastic New age originally done by British Blitz.
The last track is my least favourite one. Its a spanish version of their song Strength throu Oi! that they released a couple of months earlier on their second full-length. Mike has this time given the microphone to Cesar, Oscar and Mario from Suburban threat and the end result is far from good but then i never really liked the original version.

söndag 21 februari 2010

Pressure point - Cross to bear (1999)

01. Say die
02. Boots 'n' booze
03. Never walk alone
04. Overworked, underpaid
05. Never look back
06. Spirit of youth
07. Cross to bear
08. Fuck you
09. Junkie dreams
10. Bitter end
11. Nowhere to turn
12. The out-throat

Released by GMM records in 1999.

Their second full-length and way better then their first album. Also this one produced by Lars Frederiksen but this time lacking the ska influenced Rancid sound.

After the release of this album they went on a massive US tour that ended in an incident where the band actually got thrown out of Homewood. The whole thing started when the owner of the pub where they played was upset that the band was drunk on stage so he pulled the plug in the middle of the performance. As you might guess this isnt the smartest thing to do since the whole pub was filled with scenekids and drunken skinheads all there to see Pressure point play. Being the bigger man the band packed their things and with the help of some kids out to hear their heros play they accidently got most of the pubs soundequipment packed into their van. The owner called the police and Mike was arrested and later got transported out of town with the rest of the band.
Since Mike never attended the courtdate he can never go back to Homewood so if you live in Homewood and want to se PP then i guess you are out of luck.

Back to the album now. Being a big fan of Combat 84 i love the fact that they borrowed some lyrics from Rapist on their track Never look back and being bit of a (sorry to say this guys) PC band its nice to see they are not completely blindfolded.
My favourite track by the band is featured on this album in a new version (a version overproduced by our "main man" Lars) but i added the early version of Boots 'n'n booze so you can hear the difference.
Other great tracks are Nowhere to turn and the opening track Say die.
(Stay away from The out-throat where they yet again toast/rap over some halfass reggaebeat. What the fuck!?!?)

Pressure point performing Heart like a lion (live in 1998)

Pressure point performing their classic Heart like a lion on Capitol chaos in 1998. Damn good sound and performance.

Pressure point - Youth on the street (1998)

01. Heart like a lion
02. Never 'ad nothin'
03. Guts alone
04. Skinhead justice
05. Youth on the street
06. Downtown living
07. Strength thru Oi!
08. Pride & glory
09. Sellout
10. Jaded again
11. Blue collar
12. Ends our night

Released by GMM records in 1998.

Probably one of the most wellknown American Oi! albums that was released through Mark Noah (of Anti-heros) record label GMM and produced by no other then Lars Frederiksen (of Rancid). Never really understood the fame of this group. When they sound good they sound like Patriot (Ends our night) or other classic US Oi! but most of the time Mike just sounds like a drunken cockiemonster (Blue collar). Another issue i have with them are their hiphop/ska tracks where Mike "raps" over some "funky" and "hipp" skabeats (Pride & glory). Now what the fuck is up with that? (i guess thats where the old Rancid fuck comes in with his "production".
Some good tracks on this release though, Heart like a lion being the most wellknown since it was featured on the classic Backstreets of American Oi! compilation. The skinhead anthem Skinhead justice and the very singalong friendly Youth on the street also stands above the rest.
Good tracks and all they dont really compare to Boots 'n booze that was the first track i ever heard with them. It is probably there my problem with the group lies, i know how good they can sound but most of their tracks always let me down.
Anyway a strong 7.

Pressure point & The randumbs - Cow town boot boys split 7'' (1997)

01. Pressure point - Chaos (4 skin cover)
02. Pressure point - Bitter end
03. The randumbs - Issues
04. The randumbs - Ike wit

Released by Flat records in 1997.

A split with another California band, namely The randumbs. This is a band that i would normaly hate but even if it is somewhat screamopunk with somewhat mainstream tendensies i like them and have done so since the first day i heard them.
PP sings an ok cover of the old Oi! classic Chaos and finishes their side of with one of their more wellknown tracks (not one of my favourites).
Randumbs are not only ok on this album they actually deliver the best track on the split. Ike wit a song about slitting the wrist and quiting life (I quit - Ike wit).
I will upload more of this group later.

Pressure point (introduction)

One of the most well known and succesfull Oi! bands from America.
Originating from Sacramento, California back in 1994 when the vocalist Mike Erickson and former Deep six guitarist Kenny Beasley decided to start up a band rid of politics and bullshit.
They released their first album through TKO sidelabel Flat records but after an incident in Sacremento when Mike broke up a dispute between some local kids and some friends of Lars Frederiksen (of Rancid) they became the new GMM posterboys (Lars was one of the driving forces behind this label). Lars and Mike became close friends and he would end up producing most of their albums and EP's released through GMM records.
The band has taken some heat and have been called commies mostly for a show they opened for Angelic Upstart and the fact that Mike is an outspoken socialist and active in the union. Mike himself says that they are not left or right but on some occasions its better to pick a side then being apathetic.
Greatest influences on the band is the music Mike and Kenny grew up with namely, Agnostic front, Bad brains, Combat 84, The bruisers, GBH and many other.
Band is still around today and released a "Greatest hits" album 2 years ago. Check out their homepage for info about shows etc.

lördag 20 februari 2010

The bruisers performing Independence day (live in 1994)

The bruisers performing their celebration song to the fall of the Berlin wall. Live in the Middle east club in Cambridge 1994.

No holds barred - Demotracks

01. Vultures
02. The price
03. American rights
04. Bar bred leprechaun

These tracks where all released through the net and most was on their split with Terminus city. Mainly the same songs but a bit different in sound and quality and one unreleased song.
Not that even if Eddie bastard is on the photo he didnt partake in these recordings.

Lyrics for Glass tower by Terminus city

You sit in you glass tower looking down your nose at me
Say that my friends & i are the dregs of society
So you make another million while i try to raise my children
and all of us down here are trying hard to make ends meet

Dont you look down at me
where trying hard to make ends meet
Dont you look down at me
where trying hard to make ends meet

We aren't very cultured dont know what fork to use
Our friends arent affluent and wall street doesnt bring us news
My bank account is empty, im far from upper crust
But if im in some trouble i've got people i can trust
So you make another million while i try to raise my children
And all of us down here are trying hard to make ends meet

Dont you look down at me
where trying hard to make ends meet
Dont you look down at me
where trying hard to make ends meet

We all didnt have the chance for a higher education
We're proud of those that did and rose above their situation
Summer vacation for me is more work and the public pool
I cant afford your country club it doesnt make me a fool
So you make another million while i try to raise my children
And all of us down here are trying hard to make ends meet

Dont you look down at me
where trying hard to make ends meet
Dont you look down at me
where trying hard to make ends meet

Terminus city & No holds barred - Stand as one Split (2003)

01. NHB - Stand as one
02. NHB - The price
03. NHB - Just a kid
04. NHB - American rights
05. NHB - Blaze of glory
06. NHB - Vultures
07. TC - Just the facts
08. TC - Set me free
09. TC - Kids in America (Kim Wilde cover)
10. TC - The blame
11. TC - Too stupid
12. TC - Stinking world
13. TC - Glass tower

Released by Reality clash records in 2003.

No holds barred also comes from Atlanta and featured the wellknown "Dic the mic" that also played in Adolf and the piss artists and started up one of my favourite bands The vaticans. They only had this release and a demo that i will upload later. Not that i can understand why they never got a proper release since they kick the shit out of most things in todays scene with just these 6 songs on the split. Eddie bastard the vocalist from infamous Patriot was an official member of the band in the last days of the group (not on this album though).

A damn good release featuring 2 great bands that at this time almoust had melted into one group. When Chris left the group Freddie from NHB joined the group and after this release when Wes left TC, Nate from NHB would fill out the ranks. One big happy family basicly.

Best tracks are here delivered by No holds barred and my absolute favourites are American rights and Blaze of glory both are no holds barred Oi! from No holds barred (hehe).
Terminus also delivers some top songs like The blame and Glass tower (with some of the best lyrics ever).

In 2004 Terminus city played a last show with Mad sin and then went their seperate ways. Some time after that so did No holds barred (without the doing shows with Mad sin bit, to my great relief).

fredag 19 februari 2010

Terminus city - Justice isn't always fair CD (2000)

01. Terminus city
02. My castle
03. Punks not debt
04. Im running
05. Coward
06. Back seat
07. Kellner's song
08. Music for the kids
09. Rumor mill
10. Fight tonight
11. Work for a living
12. Time was right
13. Thank you
14. Harold was a hooligan

Released by TKO records in 2000.

Their only full-length that wasnt a split should have been better then this. Its not bad but at the same time it lacks all the gems that made them notorious. Seems like the best songs are all old songs (My castle and Work for a living) and even if they experimented with different styles like the greaser rock'n'roll on Back seat very few of the tracks included stand out and the album just lacks in quality. This said cause i know how great this band can be otherwise.
One new track that stands tall is Kellner's song and i wish i knew more of the background story for that song, and there must be one since Frank sings his heart out and it feels really personal.
After this release Chris left the band and the "No holds barred+Terminus city mold" would be set in motion.

torsdag 18 februari 2010

Terminus city - My castle 7'' (2000)

01. My castle
02. Thank you
03. Hard times

Released by Mad skull records in 2000.

This is actually verson 2.0 of this EP. Squigtone released it in 1999 but with a cover of Nothing by Negative approach instead of Hard times as last song. This version is better but if you want the other one be my guest and buy it for 4$ at Interpunk.
First track would later be featured on their full-length and is about living an honest life in a place otherwise filled with muggers, crackheads and perverts. Though they dont want you to feel sorry for them since they finish the song of with the grabbing of a baseball bat (Taxidriver style).
Hard times is exclusive to this release and is a bit harder with clear hardcore influences.
(Thanks for JayICR from Down underground for helping me locate this album)

Terminus city & Main street saints - Split 7'' (1999)

01. Main street saints - Clockwork Tim
02. Main street saints - The price
03. Terminus city - Work for a living
04. Terminus city - Kids in America (Kim Wilde cover)

Released by Flat records in 1999.

Flat records was created and run by Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphys that mostly released Dropkicks split EP's but also some Pressure point and Hudson falcons.
Terminus city's third split and yet again they are sharing space with a band from Kasas city but this time a good one, namely Main street saints.
Main street saints will be added to my site later on but this is not a bad first upload since it features one of my favourite tracks by the band called Clockwork Tim.
Terminus city's side is even better since it features TWO of my favourite tracks by the band. First one is an anthem to the everyday workingman that choose factory/warehouse life over welfare and studentloans. In todays economy and unemployment rate the fingerpointing might not be justified but next time you get together with one of you slacker friends (cause we all have one) play him Work for a living.
Kids in America is a cover of Kim Wilde's old (and actually good) 80's pop-anthem with some lyrical adjustments to fit an Oi! song.
One of the best splits i own.

onsdag 17 februari 2010

Terminus city & Sister mary rotten crotch - Skirts 'n' skins split 7'' (1999)

01. Terminus city - Morris county
02. Terminus city - Never make me fall
03. SMRC - Fuck you and your neighborhood
04. SMRC - Holier then thou

Released by Hooligan empire in 1999.

Ok first of all who the fuck is the guy on the cover with Skirts n skins tattooed on his back? Should get a medal.
This is not really Terminus first release, they had a split with Bloody sods before this but both songs where later released on other records so i wont put any effort into hunting it down or reviewing it.
Terminus city being one of my favourite bands are here teaming up with one of the worst sounding groups i have ever heard. A female fronted punkgroup from Kansas city with one of the worst bandnames i have seen. Not saying i hate the band cause they have some good choruses but the vocalist sounds as if she got slipped some Rohypnol before recording these songs.
Both Terminus city tracks are exclusive and wont let any fan down. Best is Morris county explaining what patriotism means to them "We love our country but we hate the politicians".
Could have been an even greater record if SMRC could have stayed of the B-side.
(No SMCR will not get a discography at my page.)

Terminus city (Introduction)

A band from Atlanta that was active around 1998-2004 and got to release 3 split 7'', 1 split CD, 1 full-length and 1 single. The band was created by Frank (formerly of Crash and burn) on vocals, Guillermo on guitar, Chris on drums and Wes on bass. This lineup was their most active and lasted until Chris ledt the band right after their full-length in 2000. Wes jumped in as drummer on their recordings but playing both drums and bass can be quite hard at live-shows so a new drummer was necassary. In jumped Freddie from No holds barred and saved the day. In 2002 Wes decided to depart and Nate (also he from No holds barred) took over the bass. The 2 last years was chaotic as drummers decided they wanted to play rhytm guitar and finaly finding themselfs on stage in 2003 with only 2 original members. Finally in 2004 they decided to call it a day and as most people involved went to persue their musical carrer in other groups Guillermo went to work as a tattoo artist for Good clean fun tattoos.
Musically they where a mix of Oi!/punk/rock and had way more talent then most other Oi! bands around.

tisdag 16 februari 2010

Oozzies - Nation out of hand (2000)

01. Stuck At Midnight
02. Red, White & You
03. Last South Train
04. Forget About It
05. Never enough
06. Unamerican
07. J-word
08. Tired
09. Still strong
10. Swingin' at the fences
11. Bleed green
12. Cherry bomb
13. Geneva

Released by Industrial strength records in 2000.

A punkband originating from Oakland that was active around 1996-2001 with many lineup changes along the way.
Original line-up consisted of old members from Samian and Fang. Only releases i know of are their selfreleased 7'' from 1997 called All grown up (impossible to find for sale anywhere) and this full-length.
Line-up for this release was Chris McComb on vocals, Dave Holmes and Bryan Cable on guitar, Casey Cook on drums and Sammy Diosdado on bass.
Most members would later go on to form halfass punk/pop rock groups such as Shooting Lucy and Infected (not worth checking out).

This album is produced by Dead Kennedy's guitarist East Bay Ray and is in no way an Oi! album just damn good punk.
I really like Chris's vocals and the way that it's highs and lows are melted into the guitars and drums with the rest of the band on backup shouting really gets me.
Yet another one of those albums that makes me feel all hippie, happy and warm after listening to it. Partysongs plain and simple.
Best tracks are Red, white and you, Tired, Unamerican and Still strong.

Various artists - Tomorrows anthems 7'' (2001)

01. Templars - Better times
02. Counterattack - Choose your weapon
03. Siege - Conqueror
04. The bureau - Our America

Came as a free gift with the old American skinzine called Gang Up! in 2001.

Gang up! was a non-political all American skinzine (much like Tri-County, Full deck and No escape) that was selfproduced by a guy named Adam and it was one of the few zines that i actually liked (mostly cause it had more focus on the Oi! music instead of a 6 page diary entrie of some show someone went to and photos of their drunk friends).
This ep came with issue #3 and i dont know how long the zine was around for since i only got Nr 1 & 2 (got this ep without the zine).

Unlike the earlier compilation ep's i have reviewed this one is a real gem. It features 4 awesome tracks with off 2 are still to this day exclusive to this ep.
Templars offers a great track that was released on Oi! its a wonderful world compilation a year before. Siege and The bureau both share exclusive songs and Counterattack contributes with a song they would later release on their first full-lenght.
All tracks are great and believe it or not i actually like Siege's contibution the most (often hate this band).
The Bureau has only released this song but damn its a good one.

måndag 15 februari 2010

Total annihilation - Covers and unreleased

01. Criminal invasion
02. Mile high skinheads
03. Among the thugs (Condemned 84 cover)
04. Runnin riot (Cock sparrer cover)
05. Stalingrad
06. Street fight (Skrewdriver cover)
07. Boots and braces (Skrewdriver cover)

These songs have (to my knowledge) never been released on any official record, split or compilation. They are not all new but all are rare and exclusive to the internet.

Criminal invasion is a great track about a not so funny problem that we here in Sweden havent felt in the same way as in the US. Its about the illegal immigrants and the way the government turns a blindeye to the problem. One of the biggest problems for workingclass families in US today (how can you compete with someone that works for 1/3 of your pay and dont pay taxes).
Mile high skinheads is a anthem song for their hometown crew and also its the worst track they ever released.
Amongst the thugs and Runnin' riot are great covers of some classic British Oi!.
Stalingrad continues on their WWII theme and tells the story of some Soviet soldiers who fought against the nazis and is almoust a celebration song to the red army (not often you hear that by an American band). Great track by the way and its a bit slower and darker then most other tracks by the band.
I finish of with two of their better Skrewdriver covers (its just music so dont be mad).

Lyrics for American pride skins by Total annihilation

Its friday night in denver, the skins are on the street
Fred perry's, cropped hair and boots on our feet
Hanging out on the street or going to a show
Getting really drunk with Hardsole

Sick of being poor, skins are on the rise
No more believing liberal lies
We're proud of our country and proud of our land
Against the capitalist traitors we will stand

We're the working class heirs to the empire
In our conquest we will never tire
We stand and fight the liberal lies
Full of American skinhead pride

The capitalist pigs dont give a fuck
They sell out their nation to make a quick buck
Its all about class its not about race
Burn out flag and we will stomp your face!

Total annihilation - The great patriotic war (2008)

01. American pride skins
02. Stomp the crust
03. On the rise
04. Bootparty
05. Drunk and disorderly
06. June 06, 1944
07. The system
08. Bring it back (Hardsole cover)
09. Hass (Böhse onkelz cover)

Released by Chech recordlabel 4Subculture records in 2008.

Using an old WWII warposter as a cd-cover and naming it The great patriotic war you know these guys mean business. They are bashing liberals, crusts, nazis and capitalists all in the name of uncle sam and good old white picket fences.... you know you gotta love it.
Jimi has now taken over the vocals completely and he reminds me a bit of a mix between Aaron from Counterattack and Hardsoles singer (yes its positive).

Some really good tracks on this one.
On the rise about the new breed of US skinheads and if the boots would march into Washington DC tomorrow these guys would surrely be in the forefront swinging a noose.
June 06, 1944 that honors all soldiers that fought against Germany in WWII.
Stomp the crusts with sadly somewhat neofacist attitudes and lyrics like "We're proud of our city and going to keep it clean/Skinheads are going to get you liberals out of our scene/You complain about the system but offer nio escape/There's nothing revolutionary about living like an ape/Preaching liberal shit and chanting fight the power/When our day comes we'll send you to the shower". That last line makes me wonder for a second but then they bring out the big guns and makes a perfect cover of the old anti-facist song by Hardsole called Bring it back.

Together with Vanguard, ATF, Vaticans, Brassic and The pillage these guys are the new posterboys for the real American skinhead scene. Dont expect no singalong streetpunk or toughguy Roger Mirret copies. This is US Oi! like it should be, spontaneous, take no prisoners and fuck them all attitude.

Total annihilation - The glorious five year plan (2005)

01. Streetpunk
02. Bootparty
03. Your time will come
04. Break the system
05. Fighting each other
06. Hasta la victoria siempre
07. Working class
08. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
09. Workers of the world, Unite!

Controversial album released in 2005.

With a tracklisting like that and the cover i can understand the branding of the group as a communist one. Seriously i couldnt give a toss what their politics was or is now, this is classic US Oi! at its best. Even if i like it better when Jimi took over the vocals alone on the next album this one has a more uptempo feeling that i like.
Great lyrics and very "unamerican" views for being an Oi! band (take the titles of track 6 and 9 for instance).

Best tracks on the album is Your time will come, Bootparty and Working class with lyrics like "We hate all the hippes, the dirty fuckin punks/We hate all the junkies the dirty fuckin scum/Call us hooligans or call us facists, but real skinheads are not racists" dont know whats so marxist about those lyrics haha.

söndag 14 februari 2010

Total annihilation (Introduction)

(Update March 2010. Appearently their so called redskin affiliation was not just a rumour they where actually outspoken redskins. Later turning into right-winged nationalists is a hell of a turn but whatever makes them sleep at night i guess.)

Band formed in Denver, Colorado back in 2000 and also a part of the M.H.C.S. crew (Mile High Colorado Skins) that also is home for the infamous but now defunct Denver band Hardsole. To be honest i have no idea about their original lineup and they never released any record until 2005 so who cares?
This is a band that has taken a lot of bullshit from all political sides and also have they been misinterpreted by most people. There first album they released had a photo of Berlin '45 where a soviet soldier puts the red flag at the reichstag and mixed with there very pro-workingclass and anti-corporate lyrics many people thought they where commies and actually branded them a redskin band. 3 years past and they released there second album with very pro-nationalistic and anti-pc lyrics and a lot of people got the whole wrong idea ones more.
This band is very political but dont belong to nobody. I look at them like a hard kick in the balls for people who dont know any better. Imagine the redskin walking in to one of their shows and hearing them perform one of their many Skrewdriver covers or the bonehead walking in to one of their shows and realising that the singer is actually of Japanese decent haha priceless.

I dont know the connection to Hardsole other then that they are very close friends and belong to the same "crew" but before i bought my first record with TA i always thought they had the same singer. Jimi the singer of TA (used to play drums for Working class heroes) sounds almost identical to Mike from Hardsole (well the whole sound is very simulair actually).

One of my favourite "new" Oi! bands that are still active. Jimi is currently out of state studying but now and then the band records some good songs (will upload many of the new unreleased later) but lets hope for a new release.

Fighting chance - Terror hate fear (2005)

01. Intro
02. So long, fuck you
03. The fallen
04. Who are you
05. City of the dead
06. The taking of an innocent life
07. Enemy within
08. Punks dead, your next (Slapshot cover)

Released by Workers united records in 2005 (not 2004 as the backcover says).

Their last, most unknown and best album released.
Brian chance one of the originators of the band left before this album was recorded but in stepped Brian 2.0 to pick it up where he left off and to be honest i cant tell the difference.

This is another album titled after Bullseyes hometown crew called T.H.F. (Terror hate fear and Thus hope fades) and Bullseye is the main reason why this is my favourite album. He sounds more experienced and the few part where he annoyed the hell out of me on the other records are now all gone.
Even if i never like coversongs one of the best tracks are their cover of the old HC anthem Punks dead, your next by Slapshot. Other good tracks are Enemy within and The taking of an innocent life.

To bad all good things comes to an end but dont sweat it the last year Bullseye and some old members have started doing shows again (last friday they played for example) so maybe we can see some more material in a near future.

(Oh just for note this is another first-time in ripped format uploaded by USOFOIOFSWEDEN so be gentle when you download it.)
Record is still available through Dim records and Interpunk last time i checked so buy it if you like it.

lördag 13 februari 2010

Fighting chance - Sacrifice and struggle (2004)

01. Holyland
02. Nothing to say
03. Keep on fighting
04. Bullets
05. Three strikes
06. Somethin's gotta be
07. Global homocide
08. Terror breeds terror
09. Fairtwether
10. History repeats

Released by Insurgence records in 2004.

Inbetween this album and Thus hope fades they released a 7'' called Party lies though Insurgence records but thanks to my busted recordplayer i will wait with that upload.

A bit of lineup changes on this record. Jimmy replaced Mike on rythm guitar and Tim joined the band after Ben left the bass duties. One could think the band has a new drummer cause thats the biggest difference from their earlier albums. A bit more hardcore feeling on the drums but way tighter on this record.

They have also cooled the political crusade on this record. Dont get me wrong 99% of the lyrics are socialy aware and political in some way but not in the same way as the first record. Still taking a strong anti-racist stand wich is possitive but anoying at the same time. Dont understand why all skinheadbands have to be so outspoken about their anti-racist views? Common man will always see the Oi! movement as a facist movement so why even bother. Though knowing the bands history with local facistgroups the lyrics are understandable.
Great album offcourse and my favourites are Somethings gotta be done and Keep on fighting.

(Oh and no this album does not contain the very annoying track 69 that was hidden)

torsdag 11 februari 2010

Fighting chance - ...thus hope fades (2003)

01. Intro
02. Seventeen
03. Deathsquad
04. Cowards pride
05. Bottoms up
06. Get out
07. Propaganda machine
08. Blue collar pride
09. Take back your pride
10. City of the dead
11. Never again
12. The cost
13. Silence is murder

Released by Insurgence records in 2003.

A band formed in Baltimore summer of 2001 by the friends Bullseye on vocals and Brian chance on guitar. They first called themselfs Lost cause but in 2002 they changed it to Fighting chance and recorded a 5-track demo that was to be called City of the dead (this one i am still looking for). Pissed of by all the neonazi bands growing strong around them they contacted the Canadian anti-facist label Insurgence records that let them on their Workingclass pride world wide compilation in late 2002. They also appeared on local compilation album Baltimore: 28 - Nazis: 0 that was released by the local anti-facist group.
Being involved musically with political groups like these are never good in my oppinion but the band says it themselfs that they dont want to be looked at as a politicall band but more of a group of people standing up for the underdogs and saying no to "fencesitting".
After many people joining and leaving their group they finally in 2003 had a somewhat stable group with Bullseye on vocals, Brian chance and Mike Hock on guitar, Ben (their old drummer) on bass and Matt Mayben in drums (Matt also used to play in Darkest hour and Hell to pay).
With this lineup they released their first real record (this one).

So what does Bernando think?
They use writings of one of the most known Marxists on their recordartwork and are known for socialicing with the ARA. They sing about the 6 millions killed by the nazis in WWII but never even mention the 6 million+ that was murdered by their red counterpart. This makes them as blind and judging as bands like Extreme Hatred that stands on the other side of the fence.
Also i cant understand that a group in 2003 still uses the word "fencesitter". Seriously havent we all seen that the world aint black/white and standing up for yourself is way more couragous then joining a side and finding strength in the old "us against them" mentality?

All this aside i was really possitive when i first heard them. I was expecting a pc-group that was singing about the starving kids in Nicaragua, inviromental pollution (not that i dont care about them) but found a band with somewhat the same values as me. Against facism, anti-establishment, pro working class and a damn good album to went these oppinions. Seventeen and Bottoms up being my favourite tracks i also like the track Cowards pride that swings at all the neonazis in USA.
Being a band consisting off all workers (a plumber, a constructionworker, a farmer and an electrician) all their pro workingclass lyrics feel way more true then most other leftwing bands often do. Simply put these guys dont rebell just to rebell, they actually have a cause.
Big plus on the albums artwork featuring pictures from the 1914 Colorado mine camp massacre where 11 workers was killed by government thugs.
A damn great album with the best from hardcore, punk and Oi! all blended well with even greater lyrics (just stray away from the tracks Silence is murder and Never again).

UPDATE: One of the bandmembers got in contact with me explaining their very onesided view of politics on this album (should have criticised Stalinism to). What was going on in their hometown at the time they where blinded by the hate for rightwingers and it was shown in their lyrics.
No shame for old actions or lyrics just growing up and seing both sides of the coin. Lets hope the boners in (for example) Extreme hatred can do that to hehe.

No more vinyl-rips. (for a while)

Ok so i have the last week been trying to rip all the 7''s i bought but my recordplayer doesnt want nothing to do with me. The needle has a life of its own jumping inbetween songs and when it doesnt do that it creates mp3's that sound nothing like the original songs (this one was the last somewhat decent one before it collapsed). Maybe this is how it goes when you hurry and buy a new vinylplayer just to replace the old one (that didnt have usb-ports). Got it for cheep and now i feel the consequences of it. I am going to buy an expensive and propper one sometime this month so untill then is tick to groups that release cd's.

tisdag 9 februari 2010

Various artists - Oi! its party time.... volume three 7'' (1997)

01. Bovver 96 - Clockwork Chamelion
02. AOC - Lapero (France)
03. The suspects - Eads street punks
04. Riot squad - Stand up and be proud (UK)

Released by One by one records in 1997.

The last release in this serie (i skipped Vol.2 since it was released without any American bands).
Two good US bands, AOC from France and Riot squad from Britain. No track on this release is exclusive and thats just the problem i had with these releases. Why release a record with tracks that has allready been released by the bands on their releases? And why call it Party time for workingclass kids if there isnt any "partytracks" on the record?
Both of the US tracks are good ones but the best one is the track by AOC. I dont have a clue what its about but its the only one with any partyfeeling to it.
For recordnerds only.

måndag 8 februari 2010

The suspects & Violent society - Split 7'' (2003)

01. Violent society - Go fuck yourself
02. Violent society - You're caught
03. The suspects - Box
04. The suspects - Turbo punk

Released by CI records in 2003.

A split with an old band with all the great members missing and a crusty punkband released through an artsyfartsy poppunk label.
Its not good lets just leave it at that.
For some reason i dont know these bands became "enemies" after this release and some rumours say the album was never supposed to be released because of that.
The track Box is good but there is so much else i cant stand with this release.
Download it but dont let CI records contaminate the rest of your musicfiles.

The suspects - New dawn in the 21st century (1996)

01. Suspected
02. Eads street punks
03. Doctor
04. Pistol whipped
05. Suffer the pain
06. From the heart
07. No escape
08. One man army
09. Self-serving assassination
10. Face your fear
11. Try or fail
12. New dawn in the 21st century
13. Hidden track

Released by Torque records in 1996.

The album that made the band legendary in my eyes. Never liked the first records but this one is like a mash of all that was great in the American punkrock. A bit of Oi!, a bit of grunge, a bit of streetpunk and damn skilled musicians to melt it all together on this CD.
All tracks are produced by the drummer Kent Stax and legendary Marty Munch (produced records for groups like U.S. Chaos and Less than Jake) and my guess is that recordlabel gave them free hands to experiment with the sound they brought from their earlier releases. Also adding to the great sound is the new additional guitarist Scott Hutchins.
Hard to pick out favourite tracks but to seperate the great from the good i pick Self-serving assassination, One man riot, New dawn in the 21st century and the track Doctor that reminds me of early alternative poprock like Nirvana (even if producer Marty Munch did all he could to stop influences like that) .
After this release the band went separate ways and it wasnt untill 2003 when Brian Gayton ressurected the band with an all new lineup that we would get another release.
Even if violent skinheadmusic is what your into dont miss out on this album.

söndag 7 februari 2010

The suspects - Voice of America (1994) + S/T 7'' (1993)

01. Exit
02. Mind control
03. Swords of the fallen
04. My lie
05. Land of fortune
06. Graveyard
07. Riot
08. Body parts
09. Blitz
10. Uncle sam
11. Catfish
12. Bondage
13. Mommy

Released on CD by Torque records in 1997.

A rerelease of their first EP and LP on one solid release. Tracks 1-9 was their 1994 release Voice of America and the 4 last tracks was their selftitled debut EP from 1993. A good initiative by Torque records and even if i dont like most of their earlier songs its packed with many good tracks. This release misses the hidden track called 99 Degrees that was on their original Voice of America release but that one was in no way good so your not missing anything.
Best tracks on the release is Swords of the fallen, Graveyard and My lie.
Even if their next album is what made me like them ithis is an ok album with a lot of historical value.

The suspects (introduction)

Classic American punkband from Washington that was "big" in the 90's.
It was created by the vocalist and frontman Bryan Grayton in 1993 and the original lineup was.
Bryan G on vocals, Chris Condayan on bass, Bryan Harbing on guitar and Kent Stax on drums. They released their first 7'' in 1993 and it was closely followed by their debut LP in 1994 called Voice of America. This line-up would stay untill 1996 when they added a second guitarist for their last album before their breakup in 1998. After a while Bryan tried to ressurect the band but they ended up spliting again in 2001. Yet another atempt was made in 2003 with an all new lineup and Bryan on vocals. This ressurection was a bit more succesfull and a split 7'' with Violent society was made.
Today the band has gone on to other projects (not as succesfull as this band though) but knowing Bryan's history a reunion is never far away.

onsdag 3 februari 2010

Counterattack - The last stand 7'' (2006)

01. One eye open
02. What love is (Dead boys cover)

Released in 500 limited copies by Reality clash in 2006.

Damn this record was hard to get. Seems like only 1 store sold it in the whole world. So i imported it from America, ripped it and now i give it back as a first time exclusive in mp3 format.
This one was a limited release they did for their "good bye show" before they ended the group. Just like on their perfect 2004 release Matt is on vocals and bass, Adam is on drums and John is on guitar/vocals duty.
A bit of a short Ep with only one new track and a Dead boys cover. The new track One eye open aint much to have but the cover song is genious in that grimy/emotional way their older songs where known for. Even if its hard to outshine a band like the Dead boys i think they do it well and Matt's vocals fit the song perfect.

tisdag 2 februari 2010

Poverty bay saints - Poverty bay saints 7'' (2008)

01. Bent prop
02. Tremors
03. The plutonian fire
04. Pendulum

Released by Organized crime records in 2008.

Produced by no other then the frontman from Pressure point and featuring groupmembers from many big bands they still fail to deliver. Well maybe since my blogg is mainly about Oi! and not crossover punkrock i might not be the man to say this but why release this shit when we have so many old legendary punkbands looking for new deals. Why keep giving the new bands a shot and bringing new blood into the scene when the old bands still deliver?
This is some new blood that we dont need and the only reason that i am reviewing the album is because they are portraying themselfs/being portrayed as a band someone "like me" should like. Well i dont and i dont think the majority of my readers like it either.
The first track is ok as far as streetpunk goes but not worth buying the record for.
These guys should just stick to playing oldschool 80's hardcore (which they do excellent by the way).

måndag 1 februari 2010

Poverty bay saints - Demo (2007)

01. Just kill me
02. A hero of our time
03. Diary of a madman
04. Dead souls
05. Notes from the underground

A new band from Seattle consisting of members from various Seattle hardcore bands.
The lineup is Dustin on vocals, Chris Williams on guitar (also played in Champion and now plays in The Vows), James on bass, Ken Dirkes aka Kenny on second guitar (plays drums in Lahar) and Wayne on drums (plays in Gravemaker).
They released this demo in 2007 and a year later released a 7'' on Organized crime records.
Close friends to the boys in Pressure point and Mike from PP actually helped produce their 7''.

This is in no way Oi! and hardly even punk in my eyes. Basically its a cockup of members from somewhat succesfull hc-bands trying to cross over and make somewhat succesfull punk. That mindset usually dont fit into punk at all and the result is candycoated streetpunk with more energy then heart put down into the songs.
These guys hearts are surrelly in the right place and i can guess that this is the sort of punk that they are into but the end-result is to pretty for me.
The track Dead souls is ok and has a somewhat catchy chorus but the reccuring fictional image of kids with backpacks and emogirls dancing to this song at their gigs give me chills.