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söndag 21 februari 2010

Pressure point - Cross to bear (1999)

01. Say die
02. Boots 'n' booze
03. Never walk alone
04. Overworked, underpaid
05. Never look back
06. Spirit of youth
07. Cross to bear
08. Fuck you
09. Junkie dreams
10. Bitter end
11. Nowhere to turn
12. The out-throat

Released by GMM records in 1999.

Their second full-length and way better then their first album. Also this one produced by Lars Frederiksen but this time lacking the ska influenced Rancid sound.

After the release of this album they went on a massive US tour that ended in an incident where the band actually got thrown out of Homewood. The whole thing started when the owner of the pub where they played was upset that the band was drunk on stage so he pulled the plug in the middle of the performance. As you might guess this isnt the smartest thing to do since the whole pub was filled with scenekids and drunken skinheads all there to see Pressure point play. Being the bigger man the band packed their things and with the help of some kids out to hear their heros play they accidently got most of the pubs soundequipment packed into their van. The owner called the police and Mike was arrested and later got transported out of town with the rest of the band.
Since Mike never attended the courtdate he can never go back to Homewood so if you live in Homewood and want to se PP then i guess you are out of luck.

Back to the album now. Being a big fan of Combat 84 i love the fact that they borrowed some lyrics from Rapist on their track Never look back and being bit of a (sorry to say this guys) PC band its nice to see they are not completely blindfolded.
My favourite track by the band is featured on this album in a new version (a version overproduced by our "main man" Lars) but i added the early version of Boots 'n'n booze so you can hear the difference.
Other great tracks are Nowhere to turn and the opening track Say die.
(Stay away from The out-throat where they yet again toast/rap over some halfass reggaebeat. What the fuck!?!?)

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