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tisdag 23 februari 2010

Pressure point - To be continued... (2002)

01. To be cont..
02. C St. pass
03. Links on the chain
04. Face in the mirror
05. Drinkin with the damned
06. This is sacto
07. Take it back
08. The great devide
09. Cowards
10. The ballad of Richard Davis
11. Home invasion
12. Uprise

Released by GMM records in 2002.

The album was supposed to be released some months before but Mike Erickson had a throat infection wich led to this album being delayed (probably the effects of trying to sound like the coockie monster).
A bit of change in the line-up for this record with Mark on vocals, Kenny still on guitar, Nate Alexsander on bass and Nate Duskalos on drums.

This time they brought an all-star line-up with them with Mark Noah from Anti-heros producing the album and doing some backup vocals on some of the tracks. Cheet from Adolf and the piss artists also helps out on guitar on some of the tracks but to be honest it doesnt help the band to rise above the rest of all these streetOi!/HC bands that USA seemed to be spitting out at this time.

The album starts strong with To be cont.. and then delivers another hard anthem on Links on the chain but then it all goes downhill. One tired "workingclass" class anthem (cliché) after another and then finnishing it all of with an oldschool HC song that is far from my liking.

Yet another album by this band that is far from bad but even further from great and when i found myself laughing (not in a good way) on one of the intros for a track (The great devide) i knew this album couldnt get more then a 6.

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