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torsdag 25 februari 2010

The beltones - On deaf ears (1999)

01. My old man
02. Insipid sedentary girl
03. Naming my bullets
04. Fuck you anyway
05. Shoot the shit
06. Juvenile delinquent
07. Lock and load
08. Casualty
09. Suzi is a heartbreaker V.2 (Newtown neurotics cover)
10. Let the bombs fall

Released by TKO records in 1999.

All these songs where recorded in 1998 at the same time they recorded their Naming my bullets EP. All songs from that EP are featured with the same version on this record (except some differences in the NN covers lyrics) so i wont upload that EP.
If you liked the first two 7'' you will love this record. Its the same songs but damn better quality and a bit faster then the originals.
Both Let the bombs fall and Juvenile delinquent are great tracks in that emotional yet hard way that Beltones always did.
Last album with both Chris and Kevin but dont worry, great as they where the band still managed to deliver 2 superb records after this one.

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