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tisdag 23 februari 2010

Pressure point & Madhouse disciples - Split CD (2006)

01. MD - Sold us out
02. MD - Nowhere to run
03. MD - Fucked up life
04. MD - Dreams
05. MD - Drunken with my life
06. MD - City lights
07. PP - Blow up the radio
08. PP - Bring back yesterday
09. PP - A life worth living
10. PP - Church and hate
11. PP - Garage land

Released by The downtown academy in 2006.

Madhouse disciples is another band from Sacramento CA and close friends to Mike Erickson of Pressure point. This is their first release since they started in 2003 but its no beginners attempt it actually sounds great and even if their sound is very simulair to Pressure points its a bit more Oi! friendly and i like their songs on the split better then PP's.
In 2008 Madhouse disciples went into the studio with Mike on production to record what should have been their first record but something happened and it wasnt until a year ago i heard any news of their record. Now it is said to be released through The downtown academy in 2010 and lets hope that it actually gets released this time.

On to the record now. Madhouse disciples starts the record with 2 great tracks and deliver all in all 6 rock 'n' roll ispired anthems. Best one though is their 4th track called Dreams.
Pressure point surprises me with their contribution to this album. I havnt really liked any of their albums released after 1998 but these songs are all of top quality. Best ones by PP is A life worth living and the skinhead r'n'r track Bring back yesterday where Mike reminisce about the good old days as a young skinhead.

A solid release without even the slightest precense of Lars Frederiksen.

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