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onsdag 17 februari 2010

Terminus city (Introduction)

A band from Atlanta that was active around 1998-2004 and got to release 3 split 7'', 1 split CD, 1 full-length and 1 single. The band was created by Frank (formerly of Crash and burn) on vocals, Guillermo on guitar, Chris on drums and Wes on bass. This lineup was their most active and lasted until Chris ledt the band right after their full-length in 2000. Wes jumped in as drummer on their recordings but playing both drums and bass can be quite hard at live-shows so a new drummer was necassary. In jumped Freddie from No holds barred and saved the day. In 2002 Wes decided to depart and Nate (also he from No holds barred) took over the bass. The 2 last years was chaotic as drummers decided they wanted to play rhytm guitar and finaly finding themselfs on stage in 2003 with only 2 original members. Finally in 2004 they decided to call it a day and as most people involved went to persue their musical carrer in other groups Guillermo went to work as a tattoo artist for Good clean fun tattoos.
Musically they where a mix of Oi!/punk/rock and had way more talent then most other Oi! bands around.

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