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onsdag 17 februari 2010

Terminus city & Sister mary rotten crotch - Skirts 'n' skins split 7'' (1999)

01. Terminus city - Morris county
02. Terminus city - Never make me fall
03. SMRC - Fuck you and your neighborhood
04. SMRC - Holier then thou

Released by Hooligan empire in 1999.

Ok first of all who the fuck is the guy on the cover with Skirts n skins tattooed on his back? Should get a medal.
This is not really Terminus first release, they had a split with Bloody sods before this but both songs where later released on other records so i wont put any effort into hunting it down or reviewing it.
Terminus city being one of my favourite bands are here teaming up with one of the worst sounding groups i have ever heard. A female fronted punkgroup from Kansas city with one of the worst bandnames i have seen. Not saying i hate the band cause they have some good choruses but the vocalist sounds as if she got slipped some Rohypnol before recording these songs.
Both Terminus city tracks are exclusive and wont let any fan down. Best is Morris county explaining what patriotism means to them "We love our country but we hate the politicians".
Could have been an even greater record if SMRC could have stayed of the B-side.
(No SMCR will not get a discography at my page.)

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