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måndag 1 februari 2010

Poverty bay saints - Demo (2007)

01. Just kill me
02. A hero of our time
03. Diary of a madman
04. Dead souls
05. Notes from the underground

A new band from Seattle consisting of members from various Seattle hardcore bands.
The lineup is Dustin on vocals, Chris Williams on guitar (also played in Champion and now plays in The Vows), James on bass, Ken Dirkes aka Kenny on second guitar (plays drums in Lahar) and Wayne on drums (plays in Gravemaker).
They released this demo in 2007 and a year later released a 7'' on Organized crime records.
Close friends to the boys in Pressure point and Mike from PP actually helped produce their 7''.

This is in no way Oi! and hardly even punk in my eyes. Basically its a cockup of members from somewhat succesfull hc-bands trying to cross over and make somewhat succesfull punk. That mindset usually dont fit into punk at all and the result is candycoated streetpunk with more energy then heart put down into the songs.
These guys hearts are surrelly in the right place and i can guess that this is the sort of punk that they are into but the end-result is to pretty for me.
The track Dead souls is ok and has a somewhat catchy chorus but the reccuring fictional image of kids with backpacks and emogirls dancing to this song at their gigs give me chills.

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