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söndag 21 februari 2010

Pressure point - Youth on the street (1998)

01. Heart like a lion
02. Never 'ad nothin'
03. Guts alone
04. Skinhead justice
05. Youth on the street
06. Downtown living
07. Strength thru Oi!
08. Pride & glory
09. Sellout
10. Jaded again
11. Blue collar
12. Ends our night

Released by GMM records in 1998.

Probably one of the most wellknown American Oi! albums that was released through Mark Noah (of Anti-heros) record label GMM and produced by no other then Lars Frederiksen (of Rancid). Never really understood the fame of this group. When they sound good they sound like Patriot (Ends our night) or other classic US Oi! but most of the time Mike just sounds like a drunken cockiemonster (Blue collar). Another issue i have with them are their hiphop/ska tracks where Mike "raps" over some "funky" and "hipp" skabeats (Pride & glory). Now what the fuck is up with that? (i guess thats where the old Rancid fuck comes in with his "production".
Some good tracks on this release though, Heart like a lion being the most wellknown since it was featured on the classic Backstreets of American Oi! compilation. The skinhead anthem Skinhead justice and the very singalong friendly Youth on the street also stands above the rest.
Good tracks and all they dont really compare to Boots 'n booze that was the first track i ever heard with them. It is probably there my problem with the group lies, i know how good they can sound but most of their tracks always let me down.
Anyway a strong 7.

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