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måndag 28 februari 2011

Brazen rogues are back.

The mad firemen in Brazen rogues re-united a few weeks back. They are playing with The addicts at Peabody's in Cleveland on march 11.

söndag 27 februari 2011

Warzone - Lower east side crew e.p. 7'' (1987)

01. War between races
02. Always (a friend)
03. Will you ever come back
04. Take a stand
05. Wound up
06. Under 18
07. We're the crew!

Released by Revelation Records in 1987.

In 1987 they got to release both this EP and a full-length but i must admit i have never listened to this Ep more then 10 times at most. The quality is crap and the songs where released with way better sound on the re-release by Victory Records. For instance the song War between races is a really good song on the new version i first heard but listening to this old rip it's all noise to me. I guess some might think "well replace them with the re-release versions instead fuckface" but since i do a discography site i will stick to these original (but sucky versions).
Have searched for a place that sells the original release but didnt find any. Go ahaead and buy the re-release from Victory records though.

fredag 25 februari 2011

Warzone - Tommy rat demo & Street kids demo BOOTLEG LP (2008)

Tommy Rat DEMO 1984
01. Take a stand
02. United front
03. Not this time
04. Do unto others
05. Closed in
06. Paranoia kills
07. Trouble
08. She fucks for drugs
09. Depths of reality
Street kids DEMO 1986
01. D.F.T.S.D.F.T.S.
02. Escape from society
03. Fight for our country
04. In the mirror
05. Wound up
06. As one
07. Patterns of hate
08. Under 18
09. War between races
10. Will you ever come back
11. Fuck your attitude
12. We're the crew
13. Power for living
14. Young til' i die (7 seconds cover)

Released by O! Punk! Records in 2008

This bootleg basicly sums up the early demo songs and some that was never released on any of the later albums. To be honest they where never re-released for a good reason, they sound like shit. I like some of the songs but thats because i recognize the melody from their later recordings. Yes they are demotracks and most of them was never re-released but it doesnt matter how intresting and rare songs are if they sound like shit.
The first demo has Raybeez on drums instead of vocals and the singing is done by Tommy "Rat".
The collection albums that where released after Raybeez death all gave their profit to different charitys that Ray was active in prior to his death. I have never heard of O! Punk! Records before but i hope they didnt profit on this bootleg.
Some songs are ok and Young til' i die is an intresting track that never made it past this demoform but this is for the diehards and the collectors alone. Not a leasure record you put on while cooking or fooking.
It can be bought at:
Coretex records

torsdag 24 februari 2011

Skinhead youth - Live at CBGB's (1984)

01. Intro
02. Their reality
03. Dance hard or die
04. It's your choice
05. Skinhead youth
06. Open your eyes
07. Fuck your attitude
08. Wake up
09. Bashing
10. Dance hard or die II
11. Skinhead youth II
12. Stand as one

Some liverecordings from their premiere show at CBGB's. For all those who believed in the fake official video for Sounds of revolution that was cut together and released after Raybeez died will probably think Ray was a communist and a hippy unity sort of guy but they should also listen to these early songs and understand that Ray was Ray and was verry hard to place on any political scale (no matter how much both sides always wants to do that). Bottom line is if you dont listen to extreme music you shouldnt listen to this since it contains lyrics about killing commies and beating up homosexuals. With my loathing against the producer of that video using clips of the hipsters from the hardhat riots in the video out of the way i can now proceed with writing about the songs.

The quality on these songs are actually better then the once on their Tommy Rat demo from the same year. One song that stands above the rest is Dance hard or die and i can guess that this was the point in the show where the pit had the largest movement. A hard and fast song that reminds me about early Bad brains.
Another song worth checking out is the track Wake up that has some extreme lyrics but i cant take it any more serious then i can take Gang greens Kill a commie song. It's taken out of its time and i am sure some nazi nuttjob still thinks the band is a facist one cause of this song.
Bashing was a song that they dedicated to Cro-mags and it's about something as intellectually challenging as beating up homosexuals just for the sake of them licking carpet or packing fudge. Plain ignorance and in my eyes as ignorant as racism. I am not trying to go all PC on you for a change just telling it how it is for all of you that act PC but at the same time listen to Warzone like there was no tommorow (are you folks seing the grey area yet?).

Nice to hear early recordings of this quality. This is really as basic and raw as it gets (the band didnt even have their own drums but borrowed them from Death before dishonor).
Yet again its to old and raw for me to actually give it a deserving grade.

Newsroll 24/02/11

Glad to see a lot of old bands getting back together to deliver to a continuosly growing scene.

Sons of liberty are getting back together and will be playing again sometime soon. Lon has had some health issues lately but is now feeling better and is back on vocals.

The almighty Stormwatch has announced that they are going back into the studio to record a third album. Dont know if the lineup is exactly the same but for us who loved them back then this is nothing but good news.

First strike has also gotten back into the studio but how serious it is i dont know but i hope to see a EP or LP by the new lineup.

onsdag 23 februari 2011

Warzone (introduction)

If you at any time in your life have been into hardcore, oi, punkrock or even metal my guess is that you have heard or heard about this band before. Many argue what bands where the first in the American skinhead scene and i wouldnt tough that topic with a ten foot pole but i can easily say that this band was one of the first.
They started down on the lower east side of Manhattan, New york in 1982 after being part of the scene for some time. They moved around in the same area and where good friends with Roger Mirret and Vinnie Stigma.
In the beginning they where called Skinhead youth and had their first big show on CBGB's in 1984 together with Agnostic front and Death before dishonor. Later they changed their name to Warzone and released a couple of demo's untill 1987 when they released their first proper record.

Probably more known and legendary then the band itself is their frontman Raymond "Raybeez" Barbieri. He was the founding member of the band and also the obly one that was in the band until the end, with way to many members joining and leaving that i wont mention here (bandmembers over the years have also been in Gorilla bisquits, Agnostic front and even Tim Glomb from the tvshow Viva la Bam was a member at one time).
Raymond served in the navy in his younger years and it was here that he caught an inflamation in his lounges called pneumonia that would lead to his death in 1997. In the early years of the band he was known for jumping into the crowd to break up or participate in any fights that broke up in the audience and since this was in the early "violent" years of hardcore it sometimes ended up so that Raymond would stay in the audience singing the whole set through.
His connection to the kid's in the audience and his constant call for unity among the many different political groups and crews that attended his shows gave him cultstatus quickly.
He was one of the most influential characters in the NY scene and sadly enough he didnt really get the respect he deserved until after his death in '97.

When people talk about Warzone they often speak of the band as a pure hardcoreband wich is completly wrong. They constantly borrowed influences from Oi! and even had a not so good flirt with the metal genre.
Being a Swede never growing up with the band and never really been into hardcore i still dont think a site about American punk and the skinhead scene is complete without a feature of this band.

söndag 20 februari 2011

Old glory's livegig in 2007.

This was shot on Locals onnly tour in 2007 and it has most songs from the demo. Damn great performance and a skilled singer (screamer). It was originally put up by rooyyjj.

Outlaw degenerate

The manifest & Never surrender

Oi! boys & Anti

The enemy within

For wich i stand

The way, Lowlife rock'n'roll & Stand on your own

Old glory - Demo CD (1995)

01. Outlaw degenerate
02. The manifest
03. Never surrender
04. Anti
05. Oi! boys
06. The enemy within
07. Hang 'em high
08. The way
09. Lowlife rock'n'roll
10. Stand on your own

To be honest i have no idea when this demo was released. I had this sent to me from Jeff Hultgren that bought it when some old label sold old demo's they had laying around. He bought it a couple of years ago but the files on the cd is said to been created in December of 1994. Since i have no idea when the band was active and their existance has been wiped of the face of the earth (and the world of google) i would be happy for any help from someone who might have been a member or knew the band (or even knew the bands existance). All i know is they did a livegig in 2007 and that they where a 4-piece band (sorry people).

I put up a request on my wishlist for anything by this band (i had only heard 2 songs and didnt know nothing of the band) and Jeff was kind enough to send it to me.
They play a quite listening friendly Oi! that reminds me a bit of the New Jersey sound but they also throw in a bit of HC breaks and downbeats somewhere here and there (like in The manifest).
Their lyrics range from more typical things like patriotism (Never surrender and The enemy within) and vigilante action against phedophiles (Hang em high) but even if most songs are of the more violent nature they sound a bit to happy to be taken serious.
Great demo from a great band that really should have been more remembered. If you have any info on the band please leave a comment or send me a mail.

fredag 18 februari 2011

The pillage - We bear arms (2007)

01. Intro/Better days
02. The code
03. Working man's despair
04. 211
05. Illegal (in 2007 titled as Immigrant song)
06. Blue and the gray
07. Die tonight
08. Hero
09. Persecuted patriot
10. We bear arms

(Update 29 Jan 2012: Uploaded better quality rips of the songs. Cheers Hagbard)

Selfreleased in 2007 and re-released with new artwork by Dim Records in 2009.

The pillage's story started back in 2004. Originating from Atlanta that used to house such great acts as Anti-heros they had gotten sick of the liberal and anti-patriotic tendensies that had started to pop up within the scene and desided to take it back with force.
The band consisted of Josh on vocals, Rob on guitar and backup vocals, Brendan on bass and also he on backup vocals, last but not least Jesse on drums. Their first appearance was on the great Skinheads armed with the truth that was released by American defence in 2006 and they where also featured on the Vol.2 that was released the year after. That same year they decided the waiting was to long and decided to release their album on their own. Getting great feedback on the songs Dim Records re-released it but this time with the great booklet+artwork that i have included in the upload. It has been quiet for some time now but last year i heard that they where in the works of putting together a Condemned 84 tributealbum with other bands. Lets hope that the project comes out sometime this year.

I got their selfreleased album back in 2008 and was totally blown away by it. The quality of the songs and all the bandmembers contribution to the sound is something seldom seen within Oi!. Its pure Oi! with some streetpunk influences but has such high quality that it wouldnt surprise me if i heard any of their tunes being played on radio (well with lyrics like these the chance IS quite slim).

Their first song on the cd called Better days has one of the most catchy choruses i have heard in modern Oi! and like the rest of the album it has really intresting and thought through lyrics. A great chanty chorus with the whole band singing along "I've seen love and hate and unfortunate fate in America/I've been broke, down, had better days in the USA/I was born and breed and shaved my head in America/I'll be old and grey and dig my grave in the USA". This sort of theme goes all the way through the album with constitutionalism, traditionalism, militarism and patriotism being the main focus without ever becoming warmongering and allthrough ignorant like many other US bands became after 9/11.
Like most bluecollared rightwing bands they also pay tribute to the workingclass and the struggle they go through in the economical crisis in the US today. All this over a perfect ska influenced track called Working mans despair.

The song called Illegal was called Immigrant song on their selfreleased album in 2007 (the first title could easily be missunderstood) takes up the issue of Illegal immigration that we here in Sweden can't really relate to since we dont have the same problems as the US and UK have. If you are a blind middleclass cunt you will slagg it of as a somewhat racist song but i must say this is actually more of a working class pride song then the one i mentioned before. The whole workingclass will soon be working poor and the unions will not have a single say if this continues in the states.

Persecuted patriot has some really good lyrics that i will post later on and i just love the way they deliver the message in this pop-friendly song. It's red, white, blue, pissed off and absolutely great.
Last song is my favourite (not for the message but the music) and is about the rights to bear arms and actually use them for what the founding fathers wanted them to be used for. In short it's a militia song directed at the people in charge.

All in all it's a great album all the way from guitarplay, drums, vocals and lyrics and i couldnt find a single song that i disliked on the entire cd (plus the fact that one of the members has a The vaticans t-shirt in the booklet) and it easily puts it in the top 10 of all my US Oi! records. Even if i upload it here be sure to order it from one of the stores i link you wont regret it.
You can also buy the record at these stores:
Dim records
Pure impact

The Screwballz - Demo (2008)

01. Turn the screwz
02. East coast skins
03. Spoiled generation

(Update 02 mars 2011: Len from the band corrected and added some stuff so check the comments section for more info on the band)
A band that consists of members from various NYHC bands that emerged around 2007 and had songs featured on 2 compilartion albums (Attack of the baldies & Operation United forces) but dissappeared as quickly as they emerged on the scene. No known releases by the band so this is it as far as i know.

The sound is straight NYHC but with other lyrics and a bit of a slower tempo to suit the skinhead masses. It's actually a really good sound and on the track Spoiled generation they break out of any generic HC sound and deliver a song that is so true, sadly enough.

onsdag 16 februari 2011

Lars Fredriksen is the anti-christ.

Forget the fact that Rancid ever existed for a moment.Also forget that he hangs around with convicted pedophiles in the Sacro area. Then also forget the fact that he somehow got to produce most of the big bands in US Oi! in the early '00 and twisted their sounds so much that some bands actually put "NOT produced by Lars Fredricksen" with big letters on the back of their records. Lets forget that he ran the label Hellcat records that was supposed to stand up for real punk but all it did was distort it into some popalternative psychobillycrossculturecandycoated bullshit. Lets forget all that for a moment and be openminded to the guy.
I visited one of my favourite Swedish punkbloggs and heard the news some weeks ago but thought that it was a joke. Lars Fredricksen has now in his 40's turned skinhead and started his first Oi! band. I thought it might be ok since i actually kind of liked his first record with The bastards but then i heard the name...... The Old Firm Casuals!
I know what Lars thinks that to be a real skinhead you must be deep into the football scene but sit back Larsa and let me explain something for you.
Casuals has nothing to do with skinheads and skinheads has nothing to do with casuals. Mods probably has more to do with casuals i mean hell even Take That and Boyzone has more to do with casuals then the Oi! scene has or ever will have.
And if your going to use hooliganism into your bandname you should probably do some research about it before incorporating parts of actually existing firmnames from England into the name and on top of that use a symbol from another team in your logo (some people actually take this stuff seriously and have verry little to lose). I would actually like to invite Larsa and those other two toughguys to a match in England so they could see for themselfs that its not really as bad as it seems in those streetfightclips on youtube (where i guess the boys found their love for the sport in the first place) and if then later i could leave them with some cocesniffing knifestabbin cockneylad to show them what names are ok to use and what names will get you stomped no matter how many tattoo's you have on your face.
Its actually disgusting that a guy in his 40's with all that money and fame gets so caught up in something like European hooliganism that othervise only 14 year old Adidas/hoodie kids look up to.
And why the hell is Oi! the boat backing this crap up i actually like that label?

tisdag 15 februari 2011

Not without bloodshed - Every drop of blood spilled is redemption CDEP (2008)

01. N.W.B. stomp
02. Straight to hell
03. Hardcore tradition
04. Dope fiend
05. It's my life
06. N.W.B. anthem

Released by Iron Clad Records in 2008.

One of many sideprojects that Bryan from Empire falls has had through the years. After getting complains that his band had moved away from the hardcore scene we could see the band moving back to it's roots around 2007 and even if he never went back to pure HC its more dominant on this sideproject, concentrating more on making music then trying to push his various political agendas on the listeners.

The band consist of Bryan Scorch with his distinct vocals and he also brought along Gonzo on both guitar & drums and it also has some guy name O'malley on bass.
The record was sold through Iron Clads online store but was also given away as a free gift with the 2011 EF boxset. I have them both so i hope they become big or that Bryan goes mental and becomes the new Charles Manson so i can get some money for one of them in the future.

The music is basicly the same as Empire falls before they turned more to the RAC sound so i dont really see any reason for a sideproject in the first place. Maybe he wanted to see how well he could sell if he didnt have that facist brand of Empire falls all over the CD but since he only sold it through Iron Clad i dont see anyone not into Empire falls buying it.
Since im not really into hardcore i actually prefer the more RAC sounding Bryan but most songs are ok and even if i would have expected something more from a first release by the band i really think the last song is kicking.

onsdag 9 februari 2011

Is this England?

Going away to London this evening and will be gone for about a week. No work and hopefully a lot of beer. Will be updating again next week.

tisdag 8 februari 2011

Old live performance by Trouble bound.

Damn these boys where slammin way back then. You can clearly hear their Beltones influences.

Trouble bound performing C'mon everybody live in 2006

A great cover even though the visuals and audio aint top notch.
Live at Towney Hall in 2006.

Trouble bound - Here to the end (2005)

01. 32 main
02. No control
03. Homeboys
04. Junkyard visionary
05. It dont matter
06. Kick down
07. Hand-me-downs
08. Squares beware
09. Here to the end
10. Rolling with the punches
11. Solitary confinement
12. Trouble bound blues
13. Bruises on the skull
14. Work whorse
15. Trouble with me
16. String breaker

Released by Hangmen Records in 2005.

A great streetpunk band from New york that has been around since 1999 but only released this record (can't blaim a working mans band for having to pay their bills instead of recording new songs). The band was started by the frontman and vocalist/guitarist Johnny No-Keys that brought along his friend Kenny on drums, these are the 2 members that have been in the band from start to now as far as i know. Dan Szeli played bass for this record but has been replaced by Steve Morton in todays lineup. Johnny also added a nsecond guitarist in 2010 by the name of Drew Paulik.

I bought this record solely on the track i heard by them on the Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.2 called Trouble bound blues that had a nice rockin feeling to it. Getting it in my mailbox i was a bit uncertain after noticing songnames like Homeboys and the pictures of the bandmembers that looked a bit to crusty for my taste (my taste in young punkboys haha that came of wrong). It didnt take more than the bass-line on their second song to convince me of my prejudice.

They sound a bit like Armed suspects but also a bit of Social distortion mixed into it. The fact that the band names Rancid as one of their biggest influences is something i will turn a blind eye to.

What i like most about the record is that both their sound and themes varies a lot doing more political songs like Junkyard visionary (with some handclaps for you emopunks that are into that stuff, not naming any names.. Jay) to doing straight up rock'n'roll rebel-songs like Squares beware. My own personal favourite is the song Work whorse that also has some awesome bass in it (Dan Szeli fuck yeah!).

The band reformed in 2010 with the new lineup i mentioned earlier so be on the lookout for more.
This record can be bought here:
CD Universe

söndag 6 februari 2011

Skin disorder - Scars and stripes 7'' (2005)

01. Scars and stripes
02. New York city
03. Backstabber
04. Soldier skin

Released by Headache Records in 2005.

To my knowledge this record has never been ripped before so i guess this is the premiere for you folks that are to lazy to buy your own records.
The record is produced by no other then Carl from Templars and the sound is a bit more relaxed then on the first EP but i think that has more to do with their new singer called Jesse.

Best songs on the EP are Scars and stripes and the awesome military track Soldier skin that WILL be the battleanthem if the skinheads ever march towards Washington one of these days.

Sad to see this band put to the grave after this release since they just started out and as good as the songs might be you can hear that they had more potential in them.
This record can be bought at:

lördag 5 februari 2011

Skin disorder - Rough cuts 7'' (2003)

01. Soldier
02. Vendetta
03. Darkside
04. Freedom fighter

Released by Bords De Seine in 2003.

(Update 8 December 2011: More information on various lineups of the band can be found in the comment section thanks to Milo and anonymous)

Hardhitting and militant Oi! from the backstreets of Brooklyn NY with close connections to both Oxblood and Fed Up! (also featured a member from Fed Up! at one point...stop me if i'm wrong). The band was started by Rene on drums, Dave on vocals, Avi on bass and David Bellevue on guitar. The band stuck together like they started (with one exception being Jesse replacing Dave on vocals in 2004) until 2006 when they went their seperate ways. They managed to release 2 EP's and appear on a couple of compilation albums. The tragic event of Kevin's death in 2010 made the group reunite for the benefit show but after that it has all been quiet so i dont think a new record is comming anytime soon.

The band hit me like a brick the first time i heard them with aggro lyrics and a fastpaced sound that reminded me a lot about Oxblood in a way. All songs on the EP are violent as hell but still dont become childish or sound ubermacho like the lyrics from bands like Fear City.
Even if i like the sound better with the new singer this is one hell of a release.
The record can be bought through:
Bandworm Records
Ghetto rock

90 proof & Templars - Split 7'' (1996)

01. Stick to your guns
02. Another one
90 Proof
01. You Vs Me
02. Family

Released by 90 Proof Records in 1996.

90 Proof and Templars doing a split it's quite hard for it to go wrong.
Templars (yeah i am doing their discography soon get of my back) deliver one of my favorite tracks called Stick to your guns about the "vigilante" called Bernhard Goetz that got convicted of murder and assault after pulling his gun in selfdefence when he was jumped by a couple of muggers. The song is well thought-through both musicaly and lyricaly and even if i might not have all the facts to choose sides i cant help myself to singalong to lyrics like "The courts found Goetz guilty as charged/And on that day i lost respect for the laws/So if you're attacked aim for their heads/Cause they cant sue you if the're fucking dead".
The subject in Another one is a bit lighter and as much as i like drinkingsongs i never really understood this song. Is it about homebrewing and libertarianism perhaps? Anyway a good song.

This would be 90 Proof's last release cause later in 1996 the marines called on Jeff to be sent to Korea for duty.

You Vs Me is the patriotsong of the patriotsongs with one hell of a good rhythm and angry lyrics to go with it simply stating that the groups screaming for a change are to lazy to change things themselfs and if they dont like the country they can get the fuck out.

One of the most complete splits from the 90's.

fredag 4 februari 2011

90 Proof - No respect 7'' (1995)

01. No respect
02. It's up to us
03. Never enough

Released by One By One in 1995.

One of my personal favorites from the golden days of US Oi!. They started when old friends Chris Orquiz (bass), Carlos (drums) and Cesar (guitar) meet up with Jeff Duchin (vocals) in 1994. Even if they only where around for 2 years they managed to release this EP and a split with Templars plus some really great songs on various compilation albums. The band played that slow yet hard 90's Oi! that is typical for American bands in the 90's. Add to that some great guitar rhythms and Jeff's unique way of delivering the vocals and you have 90 proofs sound.
The band started it's own label called 90 Proof Records before they broke up and even if it didnt last long they managed to release some interesting split records with some of the elite in the US scene.

All songs on the EP are great but if i have to pick favorites it has to be It's up to us that has some really simple but interesting drums on it. All songs by the band that i have heard focus mostly on rhythm and these songs are no exception.
This record is still for sale at:
Dimension 7
Runnin Riot

Brazen rogues - Shamelessly bold scoundrels (2003)

01. Travisty
02. Rody McCorly
03. Getting old sucks
04. I hate you
05. Chocolate milk
06 Volitile
07. Patriot
08. March of the boot boys
09. Crazy
10. Me and a baseball hat
11. Circle pit
12. In rage

I loved this bands release from 2004 and gave it a heatofthemoment 9 out of 10 and listening to it again it might not be worth a 9 but it's a great album with many songs you shouldnt miss. This on the other hand is far from that release and even if it contains a lot of the tracks i liked from their later release the quality is utter garbage and it's even hard to hear that its the same band. Seems they released this album heard their iwn creation and released their true release a year later (probably why this one was so hard to get ahold of).
I can hear that the band has the same sense of humor as they had on their later album and songs like I hate you hits the spot even if they sound like shit but the album lacks the quality of their later works like In the gutter and Who's god.
Some reader sent me this like a year back but i have no memory of whom it might have been but thanks for the record anyway.
You can still buy it for 10$ at this place.

torsdag 3 februari 2011

Empire falls - I dont care 7'' (2008)

01. I dont care
02. Out for blood
03. Tight rope
04. Jailbait (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Rebel Records in 2008.

Finaly some new material after way to many "greatest hits" albums. This one released on Rebel Records and i dont know if thats another label by the band but i hope its not. A kickass cover and two really good songs.
I dont care is a slow but hard song about social welfare and Bryan shows his point of view on the subject with lyrics like "All of lifes lessons, you'll never learn/Until your methlab exploded and your flesh began to burn/Burned of your hands, your face and your hair/I just lauch at you behind your bars cause i dont fucking care". If this would have been the lyrics comming from a workingmans band i would have backed it up all the way but if the rumours spread by gossipers on this site is true and Bryan gets his records financed by his rich parents i think he needs to take a realitycheck.

This will be my last upload by the band for a while now (24 posts in a row haha damn) and i have recieved some mails telling me to not give the band any room on the site but the fact is they have made some really good songs and whatever beef we have with Bryan (cause we all seem to have one) should not get in the way of paying tribute to one of the bands that are longrunners in the scene.

Empire falls - 2000H8 (2008)

01. Scorchario stomp
02. We are the fearmakers
03. Beatdown (for all the hardcore hooligans)
04. Show us some pride
05. We kill, you die
06. Medical malpractice
07. Time heals nothing
08. Can't tell no one (Negative approach cover)
09. Bite it you scum (GG Allin cover)
10. Right in the eye (Confront cover)

Released by Empire Falls Records in 2008.

Whats this? Yet another bullshit album by Empire falls? Correct.
But on this album they have even made the effort to make old recordings worse (GG Allin cover and Medical malpractice) and to see them release one off these records just months after the last one makes me loose all hope in the band. What's even more sad is the fact that they rename their recordlabel for every new release. My guess is Empire falls themselfs are behind Empire falls records so what happened with Defiant records, Prophecy Records and RAC Records?

Empire falls - RAC forever (2007)

01. Forever
02. No breaking a sweat pissing you off
03. Grensboro, NC
04. Choose your side
05. Scapegoat
06. No compromise, zero tolerance
07. Why has hardcore gone gay?
08. Time heals nothing
09. Anti-social (Skrewdriver cover)
10. Long road
11. Where the wild things are
12. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
13. Lightning war
14. Warlord

Released by Defiant records in 2007.

Oh my, another collection of old songs. When it was released it said it contained "rare recordings" but i dont see nothing rare with these tracks. They might be rare if you never have heard the band before but almost all songs have been released before and the differance in the songs are so small it's hard to notice that they are "rare" at all. Contains good songs and all but they have all been featured on old records so yeah, it's another bullshit release by Defiant records. and gets a bullshit rating to go with it.

onsdag 2 februari 2011

Empire falls & Antagonizers - RnR served straight up (2007)

Empire falls
01. Time heals nothing
02. Scapegoat
03. Money talks (AC/DC cover)
04. Drama queen
05. Ambition
06. I got stripes (Johnny Cash cover)
07. No breaking a sweat pissing you off
08. I'ts gonna work itself out (Rose Tattoo cover)
09. Second chance
10. Carry no banners (Cut throat cover)
11. Going nowhere
12. Messed up world
13. No turning back
14. Stronger than before
15. Us and them

Released by Street Anthem Records in 2007.

The first split by Empire falls with any real connection to the American Oi! scene. Released by the serious Street Anthem that most oftenly releases softer (but good Oi!) and charing it with Antagonizers.

Antagonizers from North Carolina is Bohdan Zachary's latest project together with Tony Lea on bass, Jason French and Allen Norris on guitars and Joseph Lawler on drums. Bohdan might not be the most famous name in US punk but he was one of the original members of the legendary band Vibram 94, founder of the the not so good but charming band Cut Throat and also the mastermind behind Club Running Riot in Cleveland (basicly ran it through his garage).

Empire falls side is not that great at all and they do as they always do wich is re-recording old songs and delivering simple versions of other bands songs that all are better in their original form. They got one good new song though in the track Scapegoat. A good punkrock track with their usual subject about being outcast's and crucified.

Antagonizers side is the best one even if i always thought the band is a bit uneven sounding like pure garbage on some tracks and absolutely awesome on other songs. Stronger than before (no not a Brutal attack cover) and Us and them are both catchy and great tracks with a lot of thought put into them. Another good track is the re-recording of the old Cut throat song Carry no banners that Empire falls could learn a lot from the lyrics.
A split cd that gives you split emotions but in the end it's worth a buy for the song Us and them alone.
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tisdag 1 februari 2011

Various artists - Caustic times...World of hate (A tribute to Empire falls) (2007)

01. 25 Ta life - The underdogs (USA)
02. Creepout - Making hardcore a threat (Japan)
03. So fucking what? - War is inevitable (Germany)
04. Lider one - Enemy in our midst (Argentina)
05. Lider one - Night fall (Argentina)
06. Lider one - Where the wild things are (Argentina)
07. Forward area - Kudzu alley (USA)
08. Forward area - The tables will turn in the end (USA)
09. N.C. punchout - Our time (USA)
10. The right way - Etched in stone (USA)
11. The right way - Take a stab at society (USA)
12. The right way - Fall of the empire (USA)
13. Benjy Johnson - Ruins of Camelot (USA)
14. Simple assault - Tone deaf (USA)
15. Simple assault - Social schism (USA)
16. Mob mentality 86 - Enemy in our midst (USA)
17. Mob mentality 86 - Caught red handed (USA)
18. Mob mentality 86 - Beat down (USA)
19. White trash country - War is inevitable (Germany)

Released by Notfortheweak Records in 2007.

Eh ok. Why the fuck did i buy this record for? Must have been drunk while ordering or something. First off all i hate pure hardcore and second i hate covers where the bands dont do nothing creative with the original songs. This record is sort of a mix off those two.
Not only is it a really ugly record both esteticaly (spelling?) and musically but when i searched the bands i found out that the band called Forward area is a nazi band (not talking about no nationalist rightwinged punks but they actually dress themselfs in svastikas and all).

To be honest it's actually more sad then bad since the only band participating with any fame to speak of is 25 Ta life the rest are unknown bands that seems to have nothing to do with the band they tribute. Only light spot on the record some band named White trash country that takes War is inevitable and makes a laid back countrysong with it. It might not be a great song and their english is really bad (wa i inevit a bill) but atleast they try.

This album is like that limp, smelly and dirty streetdog that you tell your kid to stop kicking and instead you call the authority's so they can put it out of it's missary for good.