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fredag 4 februari 2011

90 Proof - No respect 7'' (1995)

01. No respect
02. It's up to us
03. Never enough

Released by One By One in 1995.

One of my personal favorites from the golden days of US Oi!. They started when old friends Chris Orquiz (bass), Carlos (drums) and Cesar (guitar) meet up with Jeff Duchin (vocals) in 1994. Even if they only where around for 2 years they managed to release this EP and a split with Templars plus some really great songs on various compilation albums. The band played that slow yet hard 90's Oi! that is typical for American bands in the 90's. Add to that some great guitar rhythms and Jeff's unique way of delivering the vocals and you have 90 proofs sound.
The band started it's own label called 90 Proof Records before they broke up and even if it didnt last long they managed to release some interesting split records with some of the elite in the US scene.

All songs on the EP are great but if i have to pick favorites it has to be It's up to us that has some really simple but interesting drums on it. All songs by the band that i have heard focus mostly on rhythm and these songs are no exception.
This record is still for sale at:
Dimension 7
Runnin Riot

2 kommentarer:

  1. holy shit - nice find! i always loved the Templars' split's songs: and the SUperyobs songs - this is a great addition. these dudes were topnotch. and thank you for not doing another EMpire Falls post.

  2. Sorry to break your bubble but i still have the B.D.T.R., Not without bloodshed, brutal tactics and US Blitz stuff left. But that will take some time untll i do since most of it sound pretty much like EF in a way.
    Glad you liked the EP.