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fredag 25 februari 2011

Warzone - Tommy rat demo & Street kids demo BOOTLEG LP (2008)

Tommy Rat DEMO 1984
01. Take a stand
02. United front
03. Not this time
04. Do unto others
05. Closed in
06. Paranoia kills
07. Trouble
08. She fucks for drugs
09. Depths of reality
Street kids DEMO 1986
01. D.F.T.S.D.F.T.S.
02. Escape from society
03. Fight for our country
04. In the mirror
05. Wound up
06. As one
07. Patterns of hate
08. Under 18
09. War between races
10. Will you ever come back
11. Fuck your attitude
12. We're the crew
13. Power for living
14. Young til' i die (7 seconds cover)

Released by O! Punk! Records in 2008

This bootleg basicly sums up the early demo songs and some that was never released on any of the later albums. To be honest they where never re-released for a good reason, they sound like shit. I like some of the songs but thats because i recognize the melody from their later recordings. Yes they are demotracks and most of them was never re-released but it doesnt matter how intresting and rare songs are if they sound like shit.
The first demo has Raybeez on drums instead of vocals and the singing is done by Tommy "Rat".
The collection albums that where released after Raybeez death all gave their profit to different charitys that Ray was active in prior to his death. I have never heard of O! Punk! Records before but i hope they didnt profit on this bootleg.
Some songs are ok and Young til' i die is an intresting track that never made it past this demoform but this is for the diehards and the collectors alone. Not a leasure record you put on while cooking or fooking.
It can be bought at:
Coretex records

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