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tisdag 15 februari 2011

Not without bloodshed - Every drop of blood spilled is redemption CDEP (2008)

01. N.W.B. stomp
02. Straight to hell
03. Hardcore tradition
04. Dope fiend
05. It's my life
06. N.W.B. anthem

Released by Iron Clad Records in 2008.

One of many sideprojects that Bryan from Empire falls has had through the years. After getting complains that his band had moved away from the hardcore scene we could see the band moving back to it's roots around 2007 and even if he never went back to pure HC its more dominant on this sideproject, concentrating more on making music then trying to push his various political agendas on the listeners.

The band consist of Bryan Scorch with his distinct vocals and he also brought along Gonzo on both guitar & drums and it also has some guy name O'malley on bass.
The record was sold through Iron Clads online store but was also given away as a free gift with the 2011 EF boxset. I have them both so i hope they become big or that Bryan goes mental and becomes the new Charles Manson so i can get some money for one of them in the future.

The music is basicly the same as Empire falls before they turned more to the RAC sound so i dont really see any reason for a sideproject in the first place. Maybe he wanted to see how well he could sell if he didnt have that facist brand of Empire falls all over the CD but since he only sold it through Iron Clad i dont see anyone not into Empire falls buying it.
Since im not really into hardcore i actually prefer the more RAC sounding Bryan but most songs are ok and even if i would have expected something more from a first release by the band i really think the last song is kicking.

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