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söndag 27 september 2009

Red, white & blue - Boys from jersey 7'' (2000)

01. Downfall of society
02. Boys from jersey

Relased by Pure impact in 2000.
This is the last release by the group and it reflects the tension within the group perfectly. Some of the members had started to move more to the right the past year and that was the reason why they broke up in the end. I meen none of the lyrics on the album are purely racist but we can all read behind the lines. I know everything aint black and white but when a purely patriotic punkband releases a 2 track single and feature 1 song about illegal imigrants and the other about not being ashamed of being white speaks volumes about the new direction.
They still have that great sound as before but the lyrics are just to much for me and i am actually glad that they never released the other 12 tracks that was planned before the breakup.
Somehow this happen to a lot off the really great skinhead bands.

Lyrics for Hatet og stolt by Red, white & blue

I took upon myself to translate the lyrics for Hatet og stolt from their first release. The song is in Norwegian and i guess a lot of you Yanks have been wondering what the hell they are saying.

Out on the side we stand united
Our pride, we never show any fear
We are strong there's no other like us
We'll never walk away, youll never get rid of us
United we stand
hated and proud
United forever
hated and proud
We are patriotic, we love our land
This is where we where born, this is where we will die
We are strong there's no other like us
We'll never walk away, youll never get rid of us
United we stand
hated and proud
United forever
hated and proud

Lyrics for Red, white and blue by Red, white & blue

America,land of the free
Love it or leave it is our policy
We're the patriotic minority
Fuck the ungrateful majority
They don't care about our land
It's time for us to take a stand

Red,White & Blue Skinhead crew
The flag belongs to me & it belongs to you!
Red,White & Blue Skinhead crew
The flag belongs to me & it belongs to you!

Cheers to the soldiers
ho fought and died for our country
Fuck off to all the hippies
who were too blind to see
If it wasn't for the working class
this country would fall on it's ass!

Red,White & Blue Skinhead crew
The flag belongs to me & it belongs to you!
Red,White & Blue Skinhead crew
The flag belongs to me & it belongs to you!

Red, white & blue - Boots of pride CD (1999)

01. Oi! the intro
02. Oi! skinhead
03. You cant get us down (2404 cover)
04. Streets
05. Way of life
06. Boots of pride
07. Red, white and blue (original version)

A mini cd released by Rock-O-Rama Records in 1999.

(Update 23 March 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

This is basicly their old Proud to be working class demo from 1997 but released under a different name and better quality.
More versatile lyrics on this one and Arne is on top for sure. Some of the best and most aggresive singing ever on any punk-record.
Best song is Red, white and blue which is one of my favourite tracks by any band.

Red, white & blue - Patriotic glory (1998)

01. Red white & blue
02. Liberty
03. The American flag
04. Working class
05. P.O.W. M.I.A.
06. Blue collar bootboys
07. Under attack
08. Land of the free
09. Trends
10. Hatet og stolt
11. Streets
12. Way of life

First and only full-length by the band released by Pure Impact in 1998.

(Update 23 March 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

Patriotic Oi! all from the cover to the last song. Lyrics about being an outcast because your a patriotic skinhead, patriotic pride, the national flag, workingclass being the foundation of the nation, the nation and dying in war for your nation. Damn these kids REALLY love their country!
The music is typical slow American Oi! and its all top notch from singing to drums and thats probably why i dont even bother about there blind patriotism.
Since Arne is originaly from scandinavia he talks about Norway in one song and also sings in norwegian on Hatet og stolt (makes a scandinavian like me feel all warm and cousy).
Even if the lyrics are a bit of onesided and cliché i cant see the history of American Oi! without this album.

Red, white & blue introduction

New Jersey band created by Arne who played guitar in punkband 2404 and hardcore band Spirit of 88 (NOT the german naziband).
They formed in 1995 and released 2 demos (both later released as on "real" releases) 1 full-leangth, 1 minicd and 1 Ep.
Band consisted of Arne on vocals, Arthur (from Self Devided) on guitar, Brett (from Puzzlehead) on drums and James on bass. After the demos Brett leaves the group and is replaced by Jesse.
To bad like most great patriotic bands they started moving more to the right and this caused the band to break up in 2000.

(Updated 28 sept 2009. James later went on to play in the band Road to ruins and also formed Labor Day Saints)

2404 - Riot girl 7'' (1996)

01. Riot girl
02. Open your eyes
03. You can't get us down
04. Jon's party

Band from Philadelphia with a young Arne (of Red, white & blue) on guitar-duty.
Only realese from the band as far as i know. The band would split up the same year and go their seperate ways.

An Ep of 4 songs and 4 different musical styles.
Album starts out with the album titled ska-song Riot girl which stands out a bit from what Arne would later go on to play.
Second track Open up your eyes is more streetpunk and probably the most "pop" one.
Third one You can't get us down is pure hardhitting Oi! and Red, white & blue would later go on to record the same track. The best one on this Ep in my oppinion.
Last track named Jon's party is more crust and follows the crusttrend with keeping the track under one and a half minute long.
Solid release from a band who's durability was way to short. A must have for anyone with good taste in music.

Strongarm and the bullies - You had it comming (2005)

01. Back on top
02. A toast
03. Tonight
04. Honor among outcasts
05. Stand up
06. That kind of courage
07. Reflection
08. Gone
09. On all sides
10. Callused
11. Down
12. Realistic
13. The reserves

Released by Rebellion records in 2005.
A very unique band from California consisting of five former marines. One of those bands where a cathegory is hard to set. Its punkrock mixed with Oi!,blues and even a bit HC-downbeat on some occasions. What relly made this band stand out was the singer Erickson J. Barnes which had a voice that i never heard in this genre before. He gives me an early hardrockvibe on some songs which reminds me of Bon Scott's AC/DC.

This is the only real releas eby the band except for a cover of Johnny Cash's "Dont take you guns to town" on the 2006 Dutch dedication album Man in black.
The album has some weak spots but the good ones makes you forget that.
Favourite tracks are Tonight, Realistic, That kind of courage (balladic bluespunk track) & On all sides that makes me question why theres so other few skinhead bands out there testing the boundaries.
Some of the members went on to start the band Johnny Poison & The American Whiskey Runners and even though the band is on ice for the moment there has been talk about recording new material.

fredag 25 september 2009

Help me out here.

I have started this blogg so it can be sort of a discography over the American punkmovement and NOT to make myself feel good, make money or anything like that.
So if you see something missing when i write about a band or some miss-information that you want to correct (i live in Sweden and a lot of info gets distorted over the continents) please leave a comment and i will correct it.
Also i will put up my email soon so you can send requests of bands you want to see added here.
// Bernando

Adolf and the piss artists - Lights out 7'' (2004)

01. Lights out
02. One law for them (4 skins cover)
03. Go home

Released by TKO Records in 2004.
Ok so this is the (new) group named APA instead of Adolf and the piss artists. But since im a conservatist i will put them under the same name as the old band.
Chet is still on vocals and guitar duty but this time he brought along his fellow Templars friend Perry Templar on bass. Other new members are Amos Insane on drums, Dic the Mic on guitar (formerly of No holds barred) and the infamous Mark Magee who has also played in Condemned 84, Anti-heros & The glory.
Even if i dont see no reason why they should cover One law for them by 4-skins i like the new sound and specially the last track called Go home.
They are still playing and if you visit them on myspace you can listen to new songs that are still Länkunreleased. Lets hope that they release a full-lenght with this lineup.

torsdag 24 september 2009

Adolf and the piss artists - Hate generator (2003)

01. Tomorrows empire
02. Kill or incarcerate
03. Fire another round (The samples cover)
04. This is your law
05. We dont pose
06. White flag (The oppressed cover)
07. Skunx
08. All he ever wanted
09. For Adolfs only! (Valves cover)
10. March of the piss artists (Live)
11. Abrasive punk (Live)

Released by TKO records in 2003

Last album under the name Adolf and the piss artists.

Recycling a lot of their old songs on this one to but this time the new tracks are as good as the classics.
Best new track is All he ever wanted which is a dedication to postwar vets . Kind of ska-influenced and way slower then the rest of their songs.
Other top songs are the Oppressed cover "White flag" and Tomorrow's empire.
All in all a great album even if majority of the tracks are recycled, covered and live.

Adolf and the piss artists - Zero hour (2000)

01. March of the piss artists
02. Abrasive punk
03. Terminators
04. Who's got the bombs
05. No cross to bear
06. Social force
07. False idols
08. Pushed aside
09. You dont want to know
10. Death of honor (Part II)
11. Stand alone
12. Heroes
13. Suffragette city
14. No control

Released by GMM records in 2000.
New drummer and new bandname (well sort of) they call themselfs A.P.A. more and more now on tourposters and the group would later go on to only call themselfs A.P.A.

First full-release and probably my least favourite release by the group.
All the old songs from Heroes? Ep are there and 2 great new songs (Stand alone & Who's got the bombs) but the rest of the new material is to much 80's softpunk for my taste.
Bunny Rabid is missing on drums but to be honest i really didnt notice at all.

onsdag 23 september 2009

Lyrics for We dont pose by Adolf and the piss artists

Dont want to be a rock star
with my face on your magazine
Or some postcard punk for the techno age
just an image on the screen
We ain't preepacked for mass appeal
so stardoom is out of reach
Its just strictly roots for urban revs
Its the sound of the streets

We don't pose
we dont wear your trendy clothes
Dont give a damn bout who you know
cause we dont fucking pose

Those rich kids in the suburbs
dressed in their braces and boots
They've never had no dirt on their hands
and they come to the shows in suits
They're downtown on the weekend
with their pockets full of cash
They always try to hang with us
but they end up getting smashed

We don't pose
we dont wear your trendy clothes
Dont give a damn bout who you know
cause we dont fucking pose

Adolf and the piss artists - This is your law 7'' (1998)

01. This is your law
02. Skunx
03. False idols
04. We don't pose

Released by 45 revolutions in 1998.
This time they have Warren hate on guitar duty and it creates a more intense sound from when Chet was alone.
Great artwork on this one to and instead of making a crusty anticop song they create a song that questions the focus of the law. Seems like most cops are more into kicking on teenage hooligans then capturing rapists.
One of my all time favourite A.P.A. tracks We dont pose finishes the album of and features Chris from Terminus City on backup vocals.

Adolf and the piss artists & The drones - Live split 7'' (1998)

01. The drones - Sorted
02. The drones - Sad so sad
03. Adolf and the piss artists - Where have all the bootboys gone (cover)
04. Adolf and the piss artists - This is your law

Recorded live in 1998 at the Get sorted tour and released by 45 Revolutions.
You all know The drones but for those who dont its a great band from Manchester UK but since my blogg is called US of Oi and not UK of Oi! i will focus on the B-side hosted by A.P.A.
They start out by dedicating the old Slaughter and the dogs song to all old punks that still stick around. What i like about the Adolfs its there way of covering songs and make them even better then the original.
This is a rare piece of captation of the 90's punk when it was at its best.

tisdag 22 september 2009

Adolf and the piss artists - Heroes? 7'' (1997)

01. Heroes?
02. Terminators
03. Death of honor
04. For Adolfs only! (Valves cover)

Band created by Chet "Da Bastard" Knight (later to play in Templars) in 1993 but since he played in Time bomb 77 at the time the band wasnt to release there first album until 1997.
Together with Stuart SOB and Bunny Rabid on drums they released this modern masterpiece on the 45 Revolutions label.
Originally from Atlanta but since the group has had so many members from all over US its hard to put them into a city-category. The same goes for their sound. Its not Oi! not HC and definitely no crusty squatterpunk. Chet describe it to be more of a skinhead punk named "skunk" (lets just call it punk why dont we).

First of all i love the classic 77 styled albumcover and the music is more then anyone could ever ask for in a first release.
It features an old cover of the Valves song For Adolfs only! and it was this song that gave them the idea for the bandname.
Best track on the album is Terminators but lyrically Death of honor stands out the most. It takes up the problem with todays society and the lack of honor among people. Only way to gain power and respect is to put your own pride aside and betray your own people, lie, steal, cheat and step on others.
A musty have (and since you cant buy it from anywhere i guess you will have to settle for my download).

söndag 20 september 2009

Youthful offenders - Domination (1999)

01. P.B.R. bootboys
02. Working class slob
03. Nobody's hero
04. Drunk n having fun
05. Independence day
06. Your rights
07. Yarbles
08. Aggro
09. Pride
10. United skins
11. Generation lost
12. Thugs not drugs
13. Youthful offender

Released by Vulture rock in 1999 and re-released later by Pure impact on CD.
Formed in Connecticut in 1996 they released 2 demos (most songs appearing on this release) and this full-length (with a 7'' made up of songs from album).
This is ubertight Oi!-core about drinking lowpriced beer, fighting with liberals and other fun things that you can do in Connecticut.
I picked this one up by accident in a drunken "moneyspendingfrency" at a Swedish Dicipline (the group from Netherlands) show all thanks to the great distro Oi!aintdead.
Even if hardcore usually aint my favourite genre this typical American hybrid is essential in todays culture.
Top quality on all songs and my favourites are Your rights, Aggro & Thugs not drugs.
Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphys found and helped these guys with getting their stuff out there so many thanks to him.

Boot militia - Pullin' on the boots 7'' (1999)

01. Pullin' on the boots (cover)
02. Salute
03. B.K.B.C.
04. Menace to sobriety

This Ep was self-released in 1999 and was sold by Vulture rock records.
Band with their roots in Washington. The band features Adam that would later go on to play drums in Counterattack on vocals.
They start out the record with a cover of the song from the movie Romper Stomper and a dedication to vets on Salute. On the B-side is my favourite song on the Ep called B.K.B.C. which is a crewsong (stands for Bare knuckle boot crew) and it reminds me a bit of Moloko men.
Always fun to see bands putting out their own stuff.

Siege - In the mists (2001)

01. Gaelsong
02. Blood of the nations
03. In memoriam
04. Crusader
05. Comrade in arms
06. Capitol punishment
07. Charlemange
08. Folksoul
09. Know the enemy
10. Shannachie

Released by Barracuda records in 2001.
Ok so the pimplefaced vikings are back and this time they brought with them the uggliest albumcover in Oi! history (ok maybe Section 5's Fat out of hell LP takes that price). The thing that buggs me about this band is the singer. He uses the same singing style as Aaron from Counterattack (they are friends of the band by the way) but this guy fails in every place Aaron succeeds.
This is a band i almoust hoped to be a neonazi one so i could have a real reason for the disgust and hate they instill upon me.
They have a track called Folksoul on this record that actually is good so after i listen to it i try to go back to the other ones and find a small glimpse of talent but the vocalist just mumbles me into into hating them even more for fooling me with how good they could have been without him.

Siege & Boot militia - Split 7'' (2000)

01. Siege - This is my song
02. Siege - Sons of glory
03. Boot militia - Boot militia
04. Boot militia - Your power

Released by Dim records in 2000.
Siege is a 3-piece band consisting of angry middle-class teenagers with one goal in life. To sound as raw, "viking" and brutal as they can. The end result sounds more like a group of retarded junkies. I dont want to put any effort into writing about this band since i really dont care about any of them.
Boot milita on the other hand walks away with some respect. The songs on this perticular split aint great but atleast its listenable.
Good song on the album? Boot militias selftitled track.

lördag 19 september 2009

Those unknown - Goin' strong 7'' (1993)

01. The answer
02. No rhyme, no reason
03. Hound and the hare
04. Goin' strong

Released by Headache Records in 1993 and features tracks that all was re-released on later full-length albums.
Only reason i upload this one is the track Hound and the hare that basicly is For all commons that was released 2 years later on their first full-lenght.
Only difference is some of the lyrics and the chorus but instumentaly its the same song.
All these tracks have better quality and recording on the later releases but its a fun little collectors item for those who are into this kind of stuff and like me have waaaay to much spare time outswhen they come home from work.

Patriot - And here they lie (Video)

A video-collage made by pukedragon for Memorial Day.

Song is from their first album "Cadence from the streets".

Patriot - We the people (2000)

01. Novous ordo seclorum
02. Cohesion
03. 52 pickup
04. Songs for the youth
05. One for the youth
06. Friendly fire
07. Ales of glory
08. Red light nights
09. Chewing glass
10. DMZ
11. Tap the vein
12. Pub heros
13. You're a nowhere
14. We didnt do it
15. We'll always be around

Last album released by the group, also this on GMM Records.
Produced by no others then Rancid's Lars Frederiksen who was the nr.1 producer for GMM records at this time (also produced Anti-heros, The outsiders and many more).

A lot of lineup changes for this album and Brian from Empire falls features on bass on some of the tracks.
The sound is far from Oi! now and is in my oppinion pure streetpunk. This not saying its bad just more mainstream oriented (guess thats what happened when you let one of the biggest poppunk bandmembers produce your record).
Still some tracks stand out from the other radiopunk songs. The ska-infuenced Cohesion that was featured on the Backstreets of American Oi! Vol. 2 picks up the tempo and the track Songs for the youth sounds more like they did on their first album.
To bad the lyrics "We aint going anywhere we made ourselfs a name" talks about Oi! and not the band.
They got together again for a gig in 2004 and still show up/play on gigs around the states but dont expect a comeback album anytime soon.

fredag 18 september 2009

Patriot - Another dead generation (1996)

01. C.H.B.C.
02. You only got one life
03. Fighting
04. Apathy
05. The best of friends
06. R.S.V.P.
07. Another dead generation
08. To serve and protect
09. Two faced times
10. Bare knuckle Pete
11. You and me
12. To whom it may concern
13. I wont run from you
14. One shot, one kill
15. Burn it down
16. Crime of the times

Released only a year after their first cd. Also this one on GMM.

A bit more streetpunk sound to this album (maybe because its more production on this one) but still that typical Patriot sound.
A lot of old songs from early carrer they left out on the first album.
I am amaced of how easy it is for them to make good music and choruses that really stick after the third or some listnen. None of the accords are really that advanced and the lyrics are childish and cliché but still its so fucking good.
This is for me the most singalong friendly album ever released in punk history. Just take I wont run from you, Another dead generation and Best of friends for example. With this album you dont have to be drunk to stand naked on the balkony and shout lyrics like "I work for a living cause i got no choice, i play in this band so you will hear my voice".
One of the best partyalbums ever.

onsdag 16 september 2009

Carry your banners.

A pretty new banner for the site. Until you figure out which albumcover i bootleged lets just say its mine.

Bernando De Åliando

Patriot - Cadence from the street (1995)

01. Trespass
02. Rat race
03. Beer run
04. D.W.I.
05. And here they lie
06. Big mouth
07. Memories of oi!
08. Cadence from the street
09. Proudly we stand
10. Timeclock bully
11. The morning after
12. Skinhead girl (Symarip cover)
13. Bois night out
14. A bit of aggro
15. Reap what you sow

Classic album released by GMM records in 1995.
Their first full-length album if you dont count the live cd they released on Sta press records a year before (which by the way was the first full-lenght live album released by any US Oi! band)

They started in North Carolina in 1990 and released 1 demo, 3 EP's, and four full-lenght albums (including the live cd).
Not the typical patriotic Oi you could expect from the band name. They play more of a "happy punk" about drinking and brotherhood. With strong anti-facist ideals and a band name that would make any AFA, ARA activist go crazy with the firebombs they instilled a lot of confusion when they first came out.
Eddie Bastard the vocalist played a big part of their fame thanks to his charisma and stage presence (a 330 pounds stage presence to be exact).

This being their first real studio full-lenght after 5 years of playing and touring they had a lot of great material to record and its realy clear on this cd.
Its happy sing-a-long punk at its best but they also bring up more serious subjects like the justice system (Trespass), death of young patriots in Vietnam (And here they lie), capitalist society (Rat race) and the importance to stand by the roots of the skinhead culture (Proudly we stand).
Even if i cant understand the reason to include a cover of the wornout skasong by Symarip (its been done by every band out there soon) its a top-notch album and everyone should go out and buy it.

Bootboys - Demo (1988)

01. Blitzkrieg
02. Survival on the streets
03. Soldier boy
04. Richard Gory
05. Skinhead pride
06. Fight for your right
07. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
08. American heritage
09. American heritage Vers.2 (taken from Spirit of Oi! not in original demo-release)

Self-released on cassette in 1988 (except track 9 that was added by me).
Band that was active in about a year and then in 1989 turncoated into racism and formed the facist band Young Bloods.
Eric Owens that plays the bass on this demo is today an active facist and i can gladly say that he has nothing to do with the skinhead-scene but he plays folkmusic and works for Institute for historical review (a group of nutjobs rewriting world war 2 and the slavetrade etc).

This demo though is steaped in good old patriotism but not in any way racist.
Bad quality (as expected by a cassette thats been around since 1988) clear and good vocals. Blitzkrieg and the remasters version of American heritage are great tracks and worth checking out. To bad they couldnt have stayed away from the politics.

fredag 11 september 2009

Stars and stripes - One man army (2004)

01. One man army
02. Running for your life
03. Subway stomp
04. Hang on (to your dreams)
05. Just fucking around
06. S.T.F.U.
07. Relegated (for Leeds)
08. Bored, bored, bored
09. 90 minutes of hell
10. Storm over Europe
11. Garden goons
12. Lets party

Released by I-Scream records in 2004.
Right after one of Slapshots greatest albums Digital warfare they made it official that a new Stars and stripes album was on its way after 15 years of silence. Everyone was pumped and pre-orders was made.
Got the cd and thought hm why did they put He-man on the cover or is this some sort of gay-flirtation joke cause none of the bandmembers look even simulair to him?
As soon as i put the cd in i found out that most things great and buried should often stay that way.
We have one of the entrepreneurs of American Oi! singing about "soccer" (like if a british punkband would sing about baseball) and partying (straight-edge-jack?).
I mean WTF? happened to the boisterous "fuck with us and we will bomb your country" songs we all loved?
With songs like S.T.F.U. (standing for Shut the fuck up) and Storm over Europe (talking about US beating the shit out of the world in hooligan streetfighting during "soccer" games hahaha) it seems Jack Kelly needs a reality check.
Only good track in the bunch is Hold on so dont make my mistake and just download this sorry excuse for a comeback.

Stars and stripes - Shaved for battle (1989)

01. Shaved for battle
02. Skinheads on the rampage
03. Where not criminals
04. In the right
05. Street kids
06. Here's one for the lads
07. American Oi!
08. The power and the glory
09. Dedicated
10. Proud, strong and free
11. Nowhere
12. Nothing to fight for anymore
13. Gang riot
14. Doc martens army
15. Drop the bombs
16. Time to live, time to die

This time released on Jack Kelly's own record company Patriot Records (also released Bruisers & Forced reality).

Oh dear lord where whould i start with this one i mean patriotism is one thing but now their just trying to piss people off. If your sensitive about nationalism and conservative views then stay away from most of the tracks (Drop the bombs, In the right, Dedicated & Proud strong and free) which by the way are the best tracks on the LP.
This album brought them a lot of heat from many promotors and fans but also brought in a whole new crowd to the Boston hardcore scene. Slapshot being one of the biggest HC bands out there it takes a whole lot of guts to say what you feel like on an album like this.
10/10 for the songs and 10/10 for the backbone to sing them.

Stars and stripes - Drop the bomb 7'' (1989)

01. Drop the bomb
02. Time to live, time to die

Band started in 1989 by members from infamous HC band Slapshot.
They all loved the british Oi! and wanted to create their own sound based on what they imported from uk. A band that was supposed to be a fun project where they could create something the hardcore scene wouldnt accept if it was released under the name Slapshot.
What they didnt know was how immensely populair it would become within the skinhead culture and that they still to this day are seen as one of the greatest bands ever to bless the scene.

It was released on Vulture Rock Records in 1989.
The sound is as far from hardcore you can come and also as far from PC you can get.
Say what you want about the title tracks lyrics about bombing the middle-east but its just to good to pass on.
Jack Kelly is one of my favourite hardcore singers and he fits just perfect to this more slow-tempo singing.

torsdag 10 september 2009

Battalion 86 - And the spirit survives (2002)

01. Live free or die
02. Strength for all
03. Give 'em the chair
04. Once was
05. Forgotten heros
06. Coward
07. Fight the fight
08. American working man
09. Street level justice
10. Us against them
11. STAC
12. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
13. Richmond city Oi!
Released by Reality Clash Records in 2002.
Band from Richmond consisting of members from Counselors & Hurtin for Certain.
Started out in late 1998 but called themselfs Steel Toe Alarm Clock back then. Released a selfproduced Ep (songs also featured on this LP) and was also featured on the Full Force Attak compilation.
Its easy to hear that this album was released the year after 9/11 and as ridiculous as songs like Live free or die might sound for a swede its easy to understand the mentality they where in at the state.
This is patriotism, warmongering and anger at its most primal stage. But this is more like a patriotic pissing contest then a call for foreign genocide.
Most songs are about patriotism and "striking back" at the "attackers" but they also deal with workingclass pride (American working man) and the justice system (Give 'em the chair & Street level justice).
A superb album that is dragged down thanks to its blind patriotism. They are currently about to release a new record and i hope that they have some new song material now when the dust have settled.

tisdag 8 september 2009

American eagle - Demo (1990)

01. Flight of the eagle
02. Skinhead society
03. My life
04. United forever
05. American Oi

Not much known about this long forgotten band that never relased any real record.
They where featured with 1 song on the 1989 release "Pop of Oi!" but this is as far from poppunk you can get. Hardcore infuenced like most of the skinheadbands from this era.
Friends with the band Brute force.

The demo is great alltogether but the tracks that stand out are Flight of the eagle (fastpaced instrumental) and Skinhead society.

söndag 6 september 2009

Steel toe disaster performing "They dont care" (2007)

How can such a small guy have that kind of voice haha. Live in 2007 at some random gathering of subculture kids. Be sure to download there demo posted below.

Steel toe disaster - Demo (2005)

01. STD
02. Rampage
03. Reform
04. Always running
05. Back and fighting
06. New breed
07. Fear the youth
08. No future for me
09. They dont care
10. Treason
11. Choice

Young skinheadband from East Bay in California. Never released any record just this demo cd in 2005.
Even if the singer (skinny kid in the middle) doesnt look like much to the world he packs a damn punch in his vocals. Fastpaced and angry songs and the kids doesnt skip a beat in the entire demo.
Best songs on the demo are Fear the youth, Back and fighting & No future for me.
The band does still exist (with new lineup) even if its been quiet for the last years who knows maybe we can see them put out a proper release.
Until then download and judge for yourself.

Cut throat - Dirty bird (1998)


01. Never walk alone
02. Dirty bird
03. Take a better look
04. Welfare abuse
05. Al Coholic
06. Cut throat crew
07. Watch your back! (Cock Sparrer cover)
08. Carry no banners
09. Take a stand
10. Subculture soldier
11. Old breed (Vibram 94 cover)
12. Among the thugs

Not in any way affiliated with the RAC band by the same name.
Formed in 1996 when Bohdan moved back to Cleveland after leaving Vibram 94. Joined with his longtime friend Rich Vidal on bass and started Club Running Riot (Clevelands CBGB in a much, much smaller scale).
They signed a contract with german Knock-out records but because a long story of distributors backing out and lack of money they only came out of the deal with 10 copies of their own record. With a bad taste of defeat they continued playing for a couple of years but never made no attempt to release any new record (until Bohdan started Antagonizers).

Its not the greatest album but not really superbad in any ways. The weakest link in the band is Bohdan (he is great in all other bands but a bit off in this) and most songs i dont like was remade better by the Antagonizers a couple of years later.
The cover of Cock Sparrers "Watch your back" is the worst i have ever heard, yet again thanks to Bohdan's vocals.
Two topsongs on the album (Among the thugs & Never walk alone) and i must say its fun to see anything at all come out of Ohio.

Vibram 94 - Fight to win Ep (1994)

01. Brotherhood
02. Working class
03. Dont really care
04. Fight to win
05. Old breed (bonus song)

Not really a band but more of a project started by Taj Majors (later to play in First strike) and Bohdan (later to sing in Cut throat and Antagonizers). They also had many guestmembers through the years, Phil and Carl Templar from the Templars being the most famous but also Pete Joerger from Broken Heroes.
Played many gigs but finally went down to Templar's Acre studios in NY and recorded these songs that british Helen Of Oi! Records released in 1994.
They where on the way to release a second Ep called "You'll never take us" on Sta-press records but because of breakup and miscommunication it never reached the masses.

The record is Oi! at its most primitive and basic stages but its actually my favourite group where Bohdan did sing.
Ok recording quality and some good tunes (Fight to win & Old breed).
Since Antagonizers is on the rise (just released a split with Empire falls) this is a memorial you just cant miss out on.

lördag 5 september 2009

Those unknown - And they give us the scraps (2003)

Tracklist:01. The four of us
02. Go where the kids go
03. Cries of a nation
04. No rhyme, no reason
05. The answer
06. Going strong
07. What we're saying
08. In no time nor place
09. Another face in the crowd
10. Where there's a voice
11. Sullivans wake
12. For all the hardship and all the struggle
13. Decadence and the grave
14. Small town
15. Down for the count
16. Stop the war

Not really a true release but more of a greatest hits of the songs between 1991-1996 released by TKO records. The fact that its such a great production quality on the "new" old songs you can find new favourites here that you ignored when they was originally released. Also features 8 songs that has never been released on any record before.
I never much carred for songs like No rhyme no reason or In no time nor place on the original records but with better quality they become like new again.
A lot of the songs also have a high pop-quality and the fact that song like What we're saying never became mainsteam hits makes you wonder whats wrong with the music industry.
A record that makes you pissed at the establishment and happy at the same time. Clear 10.

fredag 4 september 2009

Those unknown - Malace and misfortune 7'' (2000)

01. Pauper's pride
02. Pattie's lament
03. Dirty old town
04. Set to the ol' cold wind

Released by TKO records in 2000.
Not really a punk record and in no way an Oi! record. Same socialy aware lyrics but this time in a more mainstream rock fashioned way.
They go back to their celtic roots and make a half-ass cover of Ewan MacColl's song Dirty old town. Even if any professional music critic would say this is great i cant see the need of a great punkband making radio-rock.

Those unknown - Those unknown (1995)

01. No prevail
02. Bound for glory, headed for hell
03. In no time nor place
04. The power now
05. Cries of a nation
06. Go where the kids go
07. For all commons
08. Another face in the crowd
09. The answer
10. No rhyme, no reason
11. Weekend nights
12. Darker hours

(Updated 30 March 2012: Uploaded the album again)

The band that influenced the majority of todays street punk. Bands like Dropkick murphy's, The Beltones & Ducky boys have all admitted that this album was the greatest influence of their sound today.
Originating out of the New Jersey punkscene in 1990 this was their first release. Contrary to many other Oi! bands Those Unknown got blamed for being communists, mainly because of Bill Owens columns in the magazine Maximum Rock 'n' Roll and their extreme socialist views in a land with a fear of anything red (unless its striped).
They stood out mostly because of the way Owens delivered the lyrics. Very few punk singers that can sing with the same emotionall and intense feeling and it feels like he means every single word.
Top songs are Darker hours, Bound for glory headed for hell & No prevail.
Even if their first album is lacking in recording quality its still way better then most new overproduced street punk.

Kicker boys - The kicker boys (1988)

01. I dont scare
02. I hate you
03. Handgun
04. Disorderly
05. You gotta
06. Out from the underworld
07. Terminus wallus
08. Solo song
09. Sitar (I hate hippies)
10. Kicker bOis
11. Mike McArt
12. Hated & proud
13. Beer song
14. Ska boys

One of the best bands to emerge from the first American Oi! wave. Only released this LP but set the standard for other bands to follow. When most Oi! bands of the 80's in America came out from the HC-scene Kicker Boys just made their own sound. Probably because they emerged from down south Atlanta and didnt have the same outside influence like a band from NY would have.
The album doesnt have a single bad song on it. Clear and catchy lyrics (Hated and proud & Out from the underworld being the best).
Dont know where the hell they went after this release but whereever they are they should be proud of what they did to the culture.

torsdag 3 september 2009

The legionnaires - Life in the legion (2003)

01. Sonate bucini
02. Rising sun
03. Returning home
04. Stay away
05. Chanson de Roland
06. Deus validus
07. Off with their heads
08. Spartacus
09. Violent world
10. Crimson sand
11. Life in the legion
12. Ave atque vale

Released by british label Step-1-Music in 2003 on both CD and LP.
Much better then the debut Ep and a breath of fresh air in the otherwise overviolent Oi! genre.
They focus on the old rome empire and even have one song completely in latin. This doesnt really matter since i often cant hear a single lyric cause of the half-retarded vocalist. The better tracks are the ones where he drops the whole Roger Mirret way of singing. Best tracks are Off with their heads, Crimson sands and the ballad Spartacus. Even if it sounds as a hybrid of Napoleon Dynamite and Roger Mirret singing it was a unique record when it was released and as far as i know it still is.
Hail Ceasar!

The legionnaires - Rising from the ruins (2002)

01. Boy with a badge
02. Watcha gonna do
03. Chanson De Roland

A shortlived band from San Diego. This Ep was released by the underground label Crucified Records and was only pressed in 600 copies.
Just like Templars this is historical nerdpunk with lots of lyrics about old empires and wars.
Quite weak for a debut and i cant really pick a favourite song. They are all ok but thats about it.

onsdag 2 september 2009

Combat ready - Combat ready...hates you (2002)

01. What i've become
02. Lone soldier
03. I lost my dreams
04. Half minute hero
05. The playground
06. Asskissers
07. They where btrayed
08. Nothing in common
09. Through the darkness
10. I stand opposed
11. Beer googles

The only release by this band was released by Vulture Rock in 2002.
Consisting of old members from Stormwatch & 2404.
If you liked Stormwatch it wont mean you will like this band. More Up-tempo streetpunk and not at all the same pissed of vocals even if Jeff is blessing the microphone again.
Not all bad, there is a few good tracks (Lone soldier & They where betrayed) but all in all Jeff sounds out off place. Maybe thats because i liked him more on the slower tracks of At war with peace.
Not much happening in the Delawar scene after this release but be sure to watch out for Jeffs new band Storm Officers (with Steve & Bobby B from Arresting Officers)

tisdag 1 september 2009

Stormwatch live 2007

A clip of Stormwatch reuniting for a show in their hometown.

Gotta love the second song called Alcohol (a coversong originally by Gang Green).

Much respect to http://www.gentlejones.com/ for taping the show.

Stormwatch - Right to remain violent (1997)

01. It's in our blood
02. Bring the violence
03. Nothing but trouble
04. Back to our roots
05. Tabloid society
06. Wanna be
07. Will work for beer
08. The pride i feel
09. Right to remain violent
10. An absence felt
11. I had a love
12. Born to booze
13. The first time
14. Tear down the fence
15. Bootles flying

Big lineup change since the first album Matt was replaced by Don D.K on drums. Also one of the guitarists left leaving Tim as solo guitarist.
Even if i miss Matt on drums its a solid lineup and sounds a bit more polished now (also way faster).
Lot of great tracks with less chocking value then on the first album.
Best track is the one that was featured on the first Backstreets of American Oi! compilation called Bottles are flying. A song that describes their liveshows pretty good.
The first time is about a girl having sex for the first time, the chorus goes "Oh, oh, oh, oh its my first time" by a female backup vocalist. Pure genious (in a white trash way).
Other great tracks are Bring the violence, Will work for beer & It's in our blood.
After this album Jeff went on to create Oi!-band Combat ready.
Tim went on to create the HC band Bad luck 13 (actually quite the succes) known for its intense knucklefighting on stage and live "Jackass" stunts always leaving someone bloody and bruised.

Stormwatch - At war with peace (1993)

01. Forever young
02. The next generation
03. Night comes down
04. Stay in the closet
05. Im a survivor
06. Awaken the sleeper
07. This feeling
08. At war with peace
09. Reginald denny
10. Someones gonna die (Blitz cover)
11. The seventh power
12. When no one walks in fear
13. We still stand
14. Theme song
15. Night comes down (live at the 1993 United Front show in DC)

Stormwatch was called Moral outrage at first but changed the lineup and name to Stormwatch in late 1991.
They come out of Delaware and this was the first real cd by the band. Released by Under Siege records in 1993
They where homophobic, ignorant, politically incorrect, violent and one of the greatest punkbands to ever bless the US scene.
But no matter what you have heard they where NOT racist. Even if they would have been they didnt promote it in the songs so why should you care.
Jeff (vocalist) said it himself "From day one we have stated that we are not a racistband. Bottom line is, we just plain don't give a fuck about racism. For it or against it. What Stormwatch is about and has always been about is the SKINHEAD movement. Period!"
So is it really worth the homophobia and facist tendencies you may ask yourself? Damn right it is!
Except for a few songs (Stay in the closet, Reginald Denny & Forever young) its all great songs in that typical mid-tempo US sound. Best song is Theme song. A violent and heavy song about streetfighting (not my favourite subject) and drinking.
Matt on the drums does a great job and takes the druming to that military stage where it almost sounds like siegedrums. To bad he left the band after this record.
Should you download it? Yes. Should you buy it? If it wasnt already sold out.. Yes!

Moral outrage - Demo (1991)

01. The seventh power
02. The next generation
03. Stay in the closet
04. When no one walks in fear
05. We still stand
06. Nothing is for free
07. Theme song

This is the band that would later become Stormwatch and even later on Combat ready.
Since this band was only in effect for about a year and all of their songs later became known as Stormwatch songs i will skip the band introduction on this one.
The demo is just that. A demo. Bad quality and songs that would later be released in better versions. Only 1 track (Nothing is for free) that didnt make it for the 1993 Stormwatch release.
Nothing for PC-punks.

The mad hatters - The one...The only... (1990)

01. No time to loose
02. Bad attitude
03. Do you remember
04. Kids aint got no hope
05. Key to freedom
06. Coolskin flix
07. Eye of doubt
08. The mad hatters
09. Maxwell Thomas
10. Wildcats
11. Right or wrong

(Update 17 July 2010: Jimmy "Skinny" Emond joined this band as a vocalist after leaving the band The Uprise in 1988. Thanks to Spike Edge former creator of Skinhead Power zine for the info.)

Not in any way an Oi! band even if they might have thought so themselfs. The one...The only... American punkband who thought mixing The cure with with early 77 punkrock was a great idea.
This record was the one...the only they ever released (no shit!) and it was released by Rock-o-Rama records (they released nazi-bands such as Fortress & Sturmtrupp to so why not this crap).
About one and a half ok tracks on the whole LP (No time to loose & wildcats).
What i cant understand is how the people behind Us of Oi! Vol.1 could use one of their songs.

Chapter 21 - Ashes 7'' (1998)

01. Ashes
02. Lollapaloser
03. Days gone by

Second and last Ep from Chicago based Chapter 21.
First track is about a girl that got raped and the ashes of a life that remains afterwards.
Second track is a middlefinger to MTV and all other popularculture and trends.
Last and best track is about the old skinheadscene and friends of the band.
This band sounds so damn tight i cant understand why they didnt release a full record.
Well if you want more of Terry's bass-playing check out The Templars later recordings.

Chapter 21 - United in anger 7'' (1997)

01. United in anger
02. Our life

Released by Vulture Rock in 1997.

Group from Chicago that had Perry Templar from Templars playing bass. They only released 2 Ep's back in the late 90's
The group-name is a pointer to chapter 21 of the book Clockwork orange. When it was released in America they removed it from the printing. The chapter was an alternate ending where the main character matured and grew tired of violence and drugs. I have no idea why they removed it?
Ep features 2 strong tracks in mid-tempo about life as punk/skinhead and being outcasts of society.

Anti-heros rare and missing songs

Dead inside
Im an anti-hero
Six-pack daze

All 3 tracks are great and its some of those tracks that most bands would put out on a b-side compilation but now you have me instead.
Most known song is Im an anti-hero and it is a cover of the old Skrewdriver song Antisocial (from the days when Skrewdriver carred more about punkrock and having fun then "jewish conspiracy" and fictional nordic gods).
This song was their opening act when they performed live.
This version also slanders "the fat nazi piece of shit" from the 98 movie American history X.
The story behind the hate is the fact that the company behind the movie asked Anti-heros if they could use a poster and some songs in the movie. They turned the company down but when the movie was released they put the Anti-hero logo as a tattoo on "the fat nazi piece of shits" arm.
Lawsuits where sent, filed and the producers had to digitally remove the tattoo from all scenes.
Much respect to the band (hopefully they made some money out of it to).

(Update 25 Sept 2009 i changed the title to rare and missing instead of unreleased since both dead inside and six pack daze was on the original-original dont thread on me album. // Thanks Elvis)

Anti-heros - Underneath the underground (1999)

01. More stupid than stupid
02. Phoenix program
03. NLC
04. Im true
05. Matt & me
06. Red and white and black and blue
07. Rich people don't go to jail
08. World war 1.3
09. Sunset limited
10. Election day
11. Truck stop toilet
12. Underneath the underground
13. Im true (radio edit)

Anti-heros last record released by GMM records and produced by no other then Lars Frederiksen from Rancid.
Their most commercial and mature album released. Also the most political one.
This album has a more streetpunk sound to it mostly thanks to the new drummer Mark McClusky.
Best tracks are Im true, World war 1.3, Election day & Red and white and black and blue.
Its now 10 years ago since they released an album but i still havnt given up hope to see some new material.

Anti-heros & Blanks 77 - Split 7'' (1997)

01. Anti-heros - Truck stop toilet
02. Anti-heros - At the edge
03. Blanks 77 - I dont wanna be

Their first split record. Released by Radical Records in 1997.
Not the tightest tracks by Anti-heros on this one. Blanks 77's side is way better and like the name suggests they deliver pure old-school punk of the 77-era.
Worth to get for mostly for the fact that this is the only record that you can find Anti-heros At the edge.