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söndag 20 september 2009

Siege - In the mists (2001)

01. Gaelsong
02. Blood of the nations
03. In memoriam
04. Crusader
05. Comrade in arms
06. Capitol punishment
07. Charlemange
08. Folksoul
09. Know the enemy
10. Shannachie

Released by Barracuda records in 2001.
Ok so the pimplefaced vikings are back and this time they brought with them the uggliest albumcover in Oi! history (ok maybe Section 5's Fat out of hell LP takes that price). The thing that buggs me about this band is the singer. He uses the same singing style as Aaron from Counterattack (they are friends of the band by the way) but this guy fails in every place Aaron succeeds.
This is a band i almoust hoped to be a neonazi one so i could have a real reason for the disgust and hate they instill upon me.
They have a track called Folksoul on this record that actually is good so after i listen to it i try to go back to the other ones and find a small glimpse of talent but the vocalist just mumbles me into into hating them even more for fooling me with how good they could have been without him.

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