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söndag 27 september 2009

Red, white & blue - Patriotic glory (1998)

01. Red white & blue
02. Liberty
03. The American flag
04. Working class
05. P.O.W. M.I.A.
06. Blue collar bootboys
07. Under attack
08. Land of the free
09. Trends
10. Hatet og stolt
11. Streets
12. Way of life

First and only full-length by the band released by Pure Impact in 1998.

(Update 23 March 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

Patriotic Oi! all from the cover to the last song. Lyrics about being an outcast because your a patriotic skinhead, patriotic pride, the national flag, workingclass being the foundation of the nation, the nation and dying in war for your nation. Damn these kids REALLY love their country!
The music is typical slow American Oi! and its all top notch from singing to drums and thats probably why i dont even bother about there blind patriotism.
Since Arne is originaly from scandinavia he talks about Norway in one song and also sings in norwegian on Hatet og stolt (makes a scandinavian like me feel all warm and cousy).
Even if the lyrics are a bit of onesided and cliché i cant see the history of American Oi! without this album.

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