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torsdag 3 september 2009

The legionnaires - Life in the legion (2003)

01. Sonate bucini
02. Rising sun
03. Returning home
04. Stay away
05. Chanson de Roland
06. Deus validus
07. Off with their heads
08. Spartacus
09. Violent world
10. Crimson sand
11. Life in the legion
12. Ave atque vale

Released by british label Step-1-Music in 2003 on both CD and LP.
Much better then the debut Ep and a breath of fresh air in the otherwise overviolent Oi! genre.
They focus on the old rome empire and even have one song completely in latin. This doesnt really matter since i often cant hear a single lyric cause of the half-retarded vocalist. The better tracks are the ones where he drops the whole Roger Mirret way of singing. Best tracks are Off with their heads, Crimson sands and the ballad Spartacus. Even if it sounds as a hybrid of Napoleon Dynamite and Roger Mirret singing it was a unique record when it was released and as far as i know it still is.
Hail Ceasar!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Adam from counterattack plays drums on this.

  2. The best band that ever came out of CA. Underated and it will be great 2 see them play again.

  3. Huh? Are they back together?

  4. No they aren't back, I'm just saying it be tight! If they do play again.

  5. Hahahhaa what a dick Bernardo, Napolian Dynomite and rodger mirret voice, hahaha! That had me rolling, that is all.