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tisdag 1 september 2009

Stormwatch - Right to remain violent (1997)

01. It's in our blood
02. Bring the violence
03. Nothing but trouble
04. Back to our roots
05. Tabloid society
06. Wanna be
07. Will work for beer
08. The pride i feel
09. Right to remain violent
10. An absence felt
11. I had a love
12. Born to booze
13. The first time
14. Tear down the fence
15. Bootles flying

Big lineup change since the first album Matt was replaced by Don D.K on drums. Also one of the guitarists left leaving Tim as solo guitarist.
Even if i miss Matt on drums its a solid lineup and sounds a bit more polished now (also way faster).
Lot of great tracks with less chocking value then on the first album.
Best track is the one that was featured on the first Backstreets of American Oi! compilation called Bottles are flying. A song that describes their liveshows pretty good.
The first time is about a girl having sex for the first time, the chorus goes "Oh, oh, oh, oh its my first time" by a female backup vocalist. Pure genious (in a white trash way).
Other great tracks are Bring the violence, Will work for beer & It's in our blood.
After this album Jeff went on to create Oi!-band Combat ready.
Tim went on to create the HC band Bad luck 13 (actually quite the succes) known for its intense knucklefighting on stage and live "Jackass" stunts always leaving someone bloody and bruised.

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  1. this cd is on ebay for a good price, i have seen the original go for $250.00


  2. "First Time" is a cover of The Boys song.