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fredag 18 september 2009

Patriot - Another dead generation (1996)

01. C.H.B.C.
02. You only got one life
03. Fighting
04. Apathy
05. The best of friends
06. R.S.V.P.
07. Another dead generation
08. To serve and protect
09. Two faced times
10. Bare knuckle Pete
11. You and me
12. To whom it may concern
13. I wont run from you
14. One shot, one kill
15. Burn it down
16. Crime of the times

Released only a year after their first cd. Also this one on GMM.

A bit more streetpunk sound to this album (maybe because its more production on this one) but still that typical Patriot sound.
A lot of old songs from early carrer they left out on the first album.
I am amaced of how easy it is for them to make good music and choruses that really stick after the third or some listnen. None of the accords are really that advanced and the lyrics are childish and cliché but still its so fucking good.
This is for me the most singalong friendly album ever released in punk history. Just take I wont run from you, Another dead generation and Best of friends for example. With this album you dont have to be drunk to stand naked on the balkony and shout lyrics like "I work for a living cause i got no choice, i play in this band so you will hear my voice".
One of the best partyalbums ever.

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