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söndag 6 september 2009

Steel toe disaster - Demo (2005)

01. STD
02. Rampage
03. Reform
04. Always running
05. Back and fighting
06. New breed
07. Fear the youth
08. No future for me
09. They dont care
10. Treason
11. Choice

Young skinheadband from East Bay in California. Never released any record just this demo cd in 2005.
Even if the singer (skinny kid in the middle) doesnt look like much to the world he packs a damn punch in his vocals. Fastpaced and angry songs and the kids doesnt skip a beat in the entire demo.
Best songs on the demo are Fear the youth, Back and fighting & No future for me.
The band does still exist (with new lineup) even if its been quiet for the last years who knows maybe we can see them put out a proper release.
Until then download and judge for yourself.

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