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onsdag 23 september 2009

Adolf and the piss artists & The drones - Live split 7'' (1998)

01. The drones - Sorted
02. The drones - Sad so sad
03. Adolf and the piss artists - Where have all the bootboys gone (cover)
04. Adolf and the piss artists - This is your law

Recorded live in 1998 at the Get sorted tour and released by 45 Revolutions.
You all know The drones but for those who dont its a great band from Manchester UK but since my blogg is called US of Oi and not UK of Oi! i will focus on the B-side hosted by A.P.A.
They start out by dedicating the old Slaughter and the dogs song to all old punks that still stick around. What i like about the Adolfs its there way of covering songs and make them even better then the original.
This is a rare piece of captation of the 90's punk when it was at its best.

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  1. Nice! Missing this one from the collection...thanks!


  2. Tried this a few times. Link wasn't working. I'll try it again later....might just be me.