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tisdag 8 september 2009

American eagle - Demo (1990)

01. Flight of the eagle
02. Skinhead society
03. My life
04. United forever
05. American Oi

Not much known about this long forgotten band that never relased any real record.
They where featured with 1 song on the 1989 release "Pop of Oi!" but this is as far from poppunk you can get. Hardcore infuenced like most of the skinheadbands from this era.
Friends with the band Brute force.

The demo is great alltogether but the tracks that stand out are Flight of the eagle (fastpaced instrumental) and Skinhead society.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I've always felt that "skinhead society" sounds very much like "mortgage mentality" by The Business with different lyrics.

  2. Took a quick listen to both songs and i must say you are right sir. Might be a steal or a coincidence

  3. Mind re-upping this? Also, do you have that Brute Force 7"? And if so, any chance you'd put it up on Fuck Yeah!!!? At any rate, thanks and keep it up.

    1. I'll try to upload them both come this weekend but i'll keep them on this site though