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tisdag 22 september 2009

Adolf and the piss artists - Heroes? 7'' (1997)

01. Heroes?
02. Terminators
03. Death of honor
04. For Adolfs only! (Valves cover)

Band created by Chet "Da Bastard" Knight (later to play in Templars) in 1993 but since he played in Time bomb 77 at the time the band wasnt to release there first album until 1997.
Together with Stuart SOB and Bunny Rabid on drums they released this modern masterpiece on the 45 Revolutions label.
Originally from Atlanta but since the group has had so many members from all over US its hard to put them into a city-category. The same goes for their sound. Its not Oi! not HC and definitely no crusty squatterpunk. Chet describe it to be more of a skinhead punk named "skunk" (lets just call it punk why dont we).

First of all i love the classic 77 styled albumcover and the music is more then anyone could ever ask for in a first release.
It features an old cover of the Valves song For Adolfs only! and it was this song that gave them the idea for the bandname.
Best track on the album is Terminators but lyrically Death of honor stands out the most. It takes up the problem with todays society and the lack of honor among people. Only way to gain power and respect is to put your own pride aside and betray your own people, lie, steal, cheat and step on others.
A musty have (and since you cant buy it from anywhere i guess you will have to settle for my download).

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  1. I remember buying this when it was new, can't believe so much time has passed since then! But, yeah, I agree, it's one corker of a record!