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onsdag 16 september 2009

Bootboys - Demo (1988)

01. Blitzkrieg
02. Survival on the streets
03. Soldier boy
04. Richard Gory
05. Skinhead pride
06. Fight for your right
07. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
08. American heritage
09. American heritage Vers.2 (taken from Spirit of Oi! not in original demo-release)

Self-released on cassette in 1988 (except track 9 that was added by me).
Band that was active in about a year and then in 1989 turncoated into racism and formed the facist band Young Bloods.
Eric Owens that plays the bass on this demo is today an active facist and i can gladly say that he has nothing to do with the skinhead-scene but he plays folkmusic and works for Institute for historical review (a group of nutjobs rewriting world war 2 and the slavetrade etc).

This demo though is steaped in good old patriotism but not in any way racist.
Bad quality (as expected by a cassette thats been around since 1988) clear and good vocals. Blitzkrieg and the remasters version of American heritage are great tracks and worth checking out. To bad they couldnt have stayed away from the politics.

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