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torsdag 24 september 2009

Adolf and the piss artists - Zero hour (2000)

01. March of the piss artists
02. Abrasive punk
03. Terminators
04. Who's got the bombs
05. No cross to bear
06. Social force
07. False idols
08. Pushed aside
09. You dont want to know
10. Death of honor (Part II)
11. Stand alone
12. Heroes
13. Suffragette city
14. No control

Released by GMM records in 2000.
New drummer and new bandname (well sort of) they call themselfs A.P.A. more and more now on tourposters and the group would later go on to only call themselfs A.P.A.

First full-release and probably my least favourite release by the group.
All the old songs from Heroes? Ep are there and 2 great new songs (Stand alone & Who's got the bombs) but the rest of the new material is to much 80's softpunk for my taste.
Bunny Rabid is missing on drums but to be honest i really didnt notice at all.

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