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tisdag 1 september 2009

Anti-heros rare and missing songs

Dead inside
Im an anti-hero
Six-pack daze

All 3 tracks are great and its some of those tracks that most bands would put out on a b-side compilation but now you have me instead.
Most known song is Im an anti-hero and it is a cover of the old Skrewdriver song Antisocial (from the days when Skrewdriver carred more about punkrock and having fun then "jewish conspiracy" and fictional nordic gods).
This song was their opening act when they performed live.
This version also slanders "the fat nazi piece of shit" from the 98 movie American history X.
The story behind the hate is the fact that the company behind the movie asked Anti-heros if they could use a poster and some songs in the movie. They turned the company down but when the movie was released they put the Anti-hero logo as a tattoo on "the fat nazi piece of shits" arm.
Lawsuits where sent, filed and the producers had to digitally remove the tattoo from all scenes.
Much respect to the band (hopefully they made some money out of it to).

(Update 25 Sept 2009 i changed the title to rare and missing instead of unreleased since both dead inside and six pack daze was on the original-original dont thread on me album. // Thanks Elvis)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Uh, actually "Dead Inside" and "Six Pack Daze" were origially on the original "Don't Tread On Me" Link Records LP. Joe Winograd played guitar and Phil Solomon played drums for those two tracks. "I'm An Anti-Hero" was on the first Skins 'N' Pinz CD that GMM released. On that song the band had Mark Magee on guitar and Don Shumate on drums. Perhaps this should be retitled missing, lost or rare songs. These three songs were all commerically released. In fact the ony rare songs I'm aware of in existence are the pre "That's Right" demo, I guess circa 1986 or so, where "Gone With The Wind" was titled "Niggnorant"



  2. Thanks for the info Elvis. I live in sweden and a lot of info gets distorted on the way.

  3. on the rare track tip, what's the song that kicks in for about 2 seconds after the fake rap track 'Pu on My Di'

  4. could you add this to the re-up list thanks man