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fredag 11 september 2009

Stars and stripes - Drop the bomb 7'' (1989)

01. Drop the bomb
02. Time to live, time to die

Band started in 1989 by members from infamous HC band Slapshot.
They all loved the british Oi! and wanted to create their own sound based on what they imported from uk. A band that was supposed to be a fun project where they could create something the hardcore scene wouldnt accept if it was released under the name Slapshot.
What they didnt know was how immensely populair it would become within the skinhead culture and that they still to this day are seen as one of the greatest bands ever to bless the scene.

It was released on Vulture Rock Records in 1989.
The sound is as far from hardcore you can come and also as far from PC you can get.
Say what you want about the title tracks lyrics about bombing the middle-east but its just to good to pass on.
Jack Kelly is one of my favourite hardcore singers and he fits just perfect to this more slow-tempo singing.

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  1. It was released by Steve Priest Fan Club,the Vulture Rock one was the '93 repress,I think...