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söndag 27 september 2009

Red, white & blue introduction

New Jersey band created by Arne who played guitar in punkband 2404 and hardcore band Spirit of 88 (NOT the german naziband).
They formed in 1995 and released 2 demos (both later released as on "real" releases) 1 full-leangth, 1 minicd and 1 Ep.
Band consisted of Arne on vocals, Arthur (from Self Devided) on guitar, Brett (from Puzzlehead) on drums and James on bass. After the demos Brett leaves the group and is replaced by Jesse.
To bad like most great patriotic bands they started moving more to the right and this caused the band to break up in 2000.

(Updated 28 sept 2009. James later went on to play in the band Road to ruins and also formed Labor Day Saints)

7 kommentarer:

  1. James went on to play in Road to Ruin and later to front his own band Labor Day Saints


  2. Arne weren't the only R.W.& B. member who played in in Spirit Of '88. Brett and Arthur also played in Spirit Of '88, I actually believe that it's more or less the same band, they just changed the name and the musical direction from hardcore to oi!. The song "Way Of Life" were also recorded by Spirit Of '88 on their split EP with Da Real Deal on Back To Basics records, the other 2 song by the band were "Bringin' It Back" and "Spirit Of '88". They also had song called "Blood For Blood" on the 7" compilation EP : South Jersey Hardcore, Down But Not Out! released by Gut Punch Records

  3. James didn't go on to play in Road To Ruin and Labor Day Saints. It must be another James, because the RWB one hasn't played in a band since.

  4. James from rwb didn't go on to any other bands. He hasn't been in a band since rwb to this day he hasn't played in a band. James had a child ( me). My father doesn't play anymore so I don't know where you people got your information from. It must be another James you are thinking of sorry. You are right though my father did play bass I'm not sure of the rest of your information you might want to check your sources.

  5. now, arne is a fundamental, evangelical, Israel Fanatic

    1. Hah yeah i've heard about that bullshit. People jump all over the place but as soon as skinheads start joining zionist faith i just wanna hide under a blanket or something. Ignorance is bliss and i guess Arne is the most ignorante of them all