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söndag 6 september 2009

Cut throat - Dirty bird (1998)


01. Never walk alone
02. Dirty bird
03. Take a better look
04. Welfare abuse
05. Al Coholic
06. Cut throat crew
07. Watch your back! (Cock Sparrer cover)
08. Carry no banners
09. Take a stand
10. Subculture soldier
11. Old breed (Vibram 94 cover)
12. Among the thugs

Not in any way affiliated with the RAC band by the same name.
Formed in 1996 when Bohdan moved back to Cleveland after leaving Vibram 94. Joined with his longtime friend Rich Vidal on bass and started Club Running Riot (Clevelands CBGB in a much, much smaller scale).
They signed a contract with german Knock-out records but because a long story of distributors backing out and lack of money they only came out of the deal with 10 copies of their own record. With a bad taste of defeat they continued playing for a couple of years but never made no attempt to release any new record (until Bohdan started Antagonizers).

Its not the greatest album but not really superbad in any ways. The weakest link in the band is Bohdan (he is great in all other bands but a bit off in this) and most songs i dont like was remade better by the Antagonizers a couple of years later.
The cover of Cock Sparrers "Watch your back" is the worst i have ever heard, yet again thanks to Bohdan's vocals.
Two topsongs on the album (Among the thugs & Never walk alone) and i must say its fun to see anything at all come out of Ohio.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Bohdan is not well liked in many circles. Back in his Vibram 94 days he ripped a lot of people off and then skipped town. He was selling some records back then and he ripped me off for about $150. It was a long time ago and Lord knows I'm not perfect but I think he's a douche and he couldn't carry a note in a bucket.

  2. Hm didnt know that.
    That explains him doing a split with Empire falls hehe.