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fredag 26 april 2013

Fed Up! & Disavow - East meets midwest CD (2004)

01. Fed up! - Brutal takeover
02. Fed up! - Drunken violence
03. Fed up! - Bodacious tatas
04. Fed up! - Snitch bitch
05. Disavow - So few bullets
06. Disavow - Your turn
07. Disavow - By the numbers
08. Disavow - No more heros

Released by NGS Records in 2004.

Yet another split where Fed up! easily comes out as victors even though they hav left their more serious note about unity and patriotism behind for lyrics more fitting fans of Murphy's Law (thinking of Bodacious tatas). Best song on Fed up!s half is their second track called Drunken violence that goes more in the veins of Oi! than hardcore and remind me about later NY incarnations like the band Combate 49.

Disavow from Chicago is a whole other deal and to be honest they sound a bit to Swedish for my taste (never been a big fan of the sound except for Raised Fist maybe). As i mentioned before hardcore is far from something i know anything about so if this socalled "Swedish sound" comes from somewhere else then so be it, never claimed i know shit about it. But i guess they pull of the "whatever sound" sound like it should sound and anyone into this stuff will surely like them but for me the only song that stuck was Last chance.
Or buy it from various Ebay seller or big business stores like CD Baby and CD Universe (they don't need me linking them anything).

onsdag 24 april 2013

Fed Up! & Condition - Split 7'' (2003)

01. Fed Up! - Stand proud
02. Fed Up! - Rebels
03. Condition - Condition
04. Condition - Full of it

Released by United Riot Records in 2003.

The cover art with a gutterpunk, a skinhead and a fireman raising the American flag in unity out of the rumble of world trade centre is laughable yeah.. But after 2001 i guess this was the feeling out on the East Coast and as a Swede i shouldnt really laugh at it. It's drawn by somebody called Steph Vulgar and i think that explain a lot.

The content of the 7'' is better than the artwork though and Fed Up! delivers two songs that remind me about Agnostic Front with a Roger-ish vocaldelivery. First song called Stand proud is the better one and it focuses on pride in one's nation and oneself with lyrics such as "Standing proud for our country, urban soldiers to the first degree/Showing pride in the choices we make, always strong we'll never break".

Condition on the other hand is not as good but i quite like their song Full of it and their singer Mike's quite brutal voice when singing. A run of the mill NYHC band which doesnt really speak to me since HC isnt my favourite genre.

tisdag 23 april 2013

Fed Up! (introduction)

The band started in 1996 as a result of young NYHC kids being fed up with the new breed of both metal heads and emotional bullshit (pre-emo) that had started to infest not only the punk and hardcore venues but also the bands and the NYHC sounds purity that the members had grown up with and come to love. In a coup to reclaim it and bringing it back to it's glory days of skinhead stomping and streetsmarts they decided to start up their own band that would stay true to the formula of the old (Breakdown, Iron Cross, Agnostic Front etc.).

The bands first proper line-up consisted of Dennis F.U. on vocals (played in The Deviants at the time), Luis on bass (also played in The Deviants with Dennis) and Richie on guitar. Efren 1 and 2 (there was two of them) both played in a band called Anger 4 at the time and decided to take part in this HC crucade. One on guitar and the other one on drums.
This line-up lasted little more than a couple of rehersals and the band quickly went down the drains until in late 1997 when Dave "Skin" Gerrard (later played in Oxblood) joined the band and replaced "guitar Efrein" on guitar (at the same time Dave M also joined to fill the sound).

This line-up did a ton of shows and released a bunch of demo's and had a bit of a slow period until 2003 when they released their first properproper release as far as i know of. This release was a split 7'' with fellow New Yorkers in Condition. This was also the birth of Dennis own label called United Records (where this record was released) that today has a ton of classic Oi! and Hardcore releases under their belt.

In 2004 they released a split CD with Disawow and later a 7'' called Lashing out in 2007.
In 2008 they released their first full-length called Fuck Your Life and it was also around this time that the band went through another change in it's line-up as Luis and both Dave's left the band a whole heap of different members seemed to pass through the band. Among them where Dave R that played used to play in Skin Disorder and AL211 that used to play in Strong Island Bootboys both played in the band for a while but never ended up playing on any recordings. Instead no other than Alex that played drums for Oxblood and also played in Offensive Weapon for a while replaced both Dave G and Dave M on guitar and Tynan aka Tyson that used to play in Strong Island Bootboys replaced Luis on bass.

This new 4-piece band released their second full-length in 2010 called Sheer Poetry. This record seemed to be getting good reception and reviews but the band decided to call it quits shortly after it's release and ended it all with a goodbye show on radio channel WFMU (also released it as their last record in 2011 on a 7'').

Did they bring back the old days? Can't say i am the man to answer that since HC isn't really my scene but atleast they tried and made a whole heap of good songs on the way. All i can do is thank them for their long service and wish them luck in their future projects and labels.

tisdag 16 april 2013

Blood n Beer - Early demos collection (2002-2007)

01. Blood-n-beer
02. Third world America
03. Man with a mission
04. Bloody laces
05. New song of hate
06. Oi! the matress
07. The policy
08. Drunktank blues
09. Just another show
10. Southend skinhead

Band from San ANtonio Texas with over 10 years of history but no releases to back it up (as far as i know the band is still going at it today). With that said one can understand that there is a ton of songs in their "demo stages" that never got released. These are some of them but far from all of them since their quite hard to find.

Band has changed line-up a couple of times but the line-up today is Juls on vocals, Jason and Ray on guitars, BJ on bass and Erok on drums. With the line-up changes comes a change in sound to  so pinning down a specific "sounds like" is quite hard here but it all ranges from the typical 90's sound of Brickwall United and Vibram 94 to the more fast and punkier sound of Squiggy.

Best songs in the bunch are: 
Bloody laces with its Squiggishy and fast speed mixed with excellent chants in the background.
Southend Skinhead with a more modern take on Oi! and with Juls almost sounding a bit Raybo (Bonecrusher) in the verses.

It might not be the best band in the genre but for a band like this to stay unsigned for 11 years is a bloody shame.

Blood n Beer - New song of hate

torsdag 11 april 2013

Bricks and bootles - St 7'' (1997)

01. Raise a glass
02. Safe?

Released by Hang 'em high in 1997.

Both songs where on the bands democollection that i uploaded 3 years ago but since it's been layin around i though why not upload it anyway. Some of you might be intrested in the artwork or just for completionist reasons.
Good US Oi! completly devoid of politics.

tisdag 9 april 2013

V/A - Every Perfect Gift CD (2011) - Tribute To Templars

01. Intro
02. The Crusaders - The Templars (Germany)
03. Pogon BGD - War On The Streets (Serbia)
04. The Daltonz - Don't Do Anything At All (France)
05. Uchitel Truda - Victims (Russia)
06. Antipati - Another One (Sweden)
07. Vindicate This! - They Don't Care (Sweden)
08. Total Annihilation - The Glory It Once Was
09. 45 Adapters - New York
10. The Cliches - NYPD (Sweden)
11. Bombardiers - You Decide (France)
12. Bulldozer - Never Fade Away (Spain)
13. Outro

A bootleg tribute with various artists that covered Templars through the years and since it's a bootleg i don't think the creators have capitalist intentions behind the product, hell i dont even think it's for sale in the first place so therefore i upload it a bit earlier than i would do a normal release.

Not much to say about this release and i think anyone with as much intrest in the various national scenes around the world as i have have atleast heard 90% of these songs before.

First thing i have to say is thank Allah for Sweden and the amount of bands this tiny little nation of 10 millions has spewed out through the years. The fact that we have as many and if not more internationally current Oi! bands as a nation like say... Russia really says something about the scene here.

My favourite active Swedish band The Cliches make a good cover but get sidelined by a band that i often don't like Antipati, mainly because they have always been a bit to much Stockholm for me (Swedens capitol) with all the "our scene is us" mentality aside they make a nice Swedish version of Another one. This song has more strengt in a nation like Sweden where alcohol-sales is run by the govenrment and dragged down with taxes that would make any full-blooded American cry like a little bitch in fear of the red beast.
Third Swedish band Vindicate This? Nothing new, always great.

As for US both those two bands can be viewed here on the side and as for the rest of the world? Get your own US of Oi! of...... if you want to promote your national bands.

lördag 6 april 2013

Beer City Bender

If you live around/in or in a traveling distance to Milwaukee you should make sure not to miss out on this great little weekend. On trial for fucks sake!!
Check out Waarboots site for more information at drunxkunks

onsdag 3 april 2013

Saint Street Brawlers - Story of a wasted life CD (2007)

01. The youth
02. Breakdown
03. Give em what you got
04. Tried & true
05. Trash TV
06. Raise a glass
07. Everynight
08. It's a problem
09. Faded American dream
10. Promised land
11. American fix
12. Pub song

Released by Shattered World in 2007.

A band with a brief history from Austin Texas that started around 2006 and only released this CD.

This is your run of the mill "black adidas shoe streetOi!" that sound a bit to nice and radiofriendly to be taken seriously by most of the scene. With this said i must say the music can be appretiated for what it is. It's not revolutionary or challenging in any way but offers up some decent drinking songs.

The most memorable song on the record is Raise a glass that is a dedication to young kids that sign up for armed combat but gets forgotten when their service is completed. Well worth a listen.
Or buy it from Interpunk.

måndag 1 april 2013

Harrington Saints & Booze and glory - Split 10'' (2010)

01. Booze & Glory - Swinging fucking hammers
02. Harrington Saints - Claret and blue

Released by Longshot in 2010.

I love these releases mostly because of how they stick out in the shelves and crates.. Basicly a 7'' with bloody hammers knockin about on the turntable. Spin it up to 45rpm and see them swingin about like crazy.
Musical content?
Well believe it or not this is a Harrington Saints album i actually like. Their West ham anthem might be a bit bleak when put next to the fantastic workingmans anthem delivered by Polish-british-swedish Booze and glory. Never quite understood where that band belonged since i think the members are polish but reside in the UK though a friend of mine told me one of the members now live in Sweden... nevermind that though.
The record is a dedication to Bruce Roehers that passed away 3 years ago and all money goes to his Memorial Fund (?!?!). Never meet the guy and always hated the magazine he wrote for (Maximum RocknRoll) with their nazi witchhunt on punkbands so i couldnt give a fuck less about him or his memory but i can respect the decision and hope i don't spoil any funds by uploading it 3 years later.
Awesome design, good music and a nice thought behind it so pick it up if you don't already own it.
Or buy it from:
Pirate press