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onsdag 24 april 2013

Fed Up! & Condition - Split 7'' (2003)

01. Fed Up! - Stand proud
02. Fed Up! - Rebels
03. Condition - Condition
04. Condition - Full of it

Released by United Riot Records in 2003.

The cover art with a gutterpunk, a skinhead and a fireman raising the American flag in unity out of the rumble of world trade centre is laughable yeah.. But after 2001 i guess this was the feeling out on the East Coast and as a Swede i shouldnt really laugh at it. It's drawn by somebody called Steph Vulgar and i think that explain a lot.

The content of the 7'' is better than the artwork though and Fed Up! delivers two songs that remind me about Agnostic Front with a Roger-ish vocaldelivery. First song called Stand proud is the better one and it focuses on pride in one's nation and oneself with lyrics such as "Standing proud for our country, urban soldiers to the first degree/Showing pride in the choices we make, always strong we'll never break".

Condition on the other hand is not as good but i quite like their song Full of it and their singer Mike's quite brutal voice when singing. A run of the mill NYHC band which doesnt really speak to me since HC isnt my favourite genre.

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