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måndag 31 oktober 2011

Suburban uprise (The uprise) - Live demo Cassette II (1987)

01. skinhead march
02. giving head to a bottle
03. too many assholes
04. dick's deli
05. vietnam song
06. land of the free
07. you tell me
08. no more favors
09. acceptance is you (part 1)
10. acceptance is you (part 2)
11. walk tall
12. bullshit
13. malpractice
14. weren't even there
15. land of the free (encore)

Thanks Demo Tapes for the ripping and to Matt Jukebox for cutting up the tape into actuall songs for me. Now it's just up to me to reap the benefits of your hard work haha.

A great and rare cassette tape with The uprise even though they call themselfs Suburban Uprise on this demo. The trackorder is somewhat of a mystery and a bit chaotic but there are 15 songs all in all. All recorded live back in 1987.

Classic songs like Skinhead march and Winning the war can be found here and it's quite surprising how good it actually sounds for a liverecording ripped from a cassette that has been in someones drawer for almost 25 years.

For more info about the band around this time read this great interview where they talk about their issues with Maximum Rock'n'roll among many things.

Slapshot recording new album (teaser).

Will end the Slapshot discography by promoting their upcomming album. Hopefully we can see a new album in 2012. No label is clear and hardly any info is available to date but here is one of the newly recorded songs called I believe. Sounds great

Slapshot "covering" Stars & Stripes '11

Slapshot has yet again reunited and even if the lineup is far from original the sound is the same. All we can do now is hope for a Stars & Stripes reunion (ignoring that awefull release some years ago). Video shot some months ago in Massachusetts.

Trailer for the Slapshot documentary.

Chip on my shoulder released 2005. Worth watching.

Slapshot - Tear it down CD (2005)

01. Relight the fire
02. Fuck New York
03. Terrorized
04. Rap sucks
05. Tear it down
06. Spread the fear
07. Hardcore rules

Released by Thorp Records in 2005. Also released on LP with 2 aditional songs as a bonus.

The band got a bit of recognition at this time in their career and many of the new generation of the Hardcore youth choose this bands honesty towards the old days over the crossculture hiphop bullshit or the MTV metal offered by many other bands in the scene. Great music for old fucks basicly.
The band also got their own documentary this year by the name Chip on my shoulder. A great watch with lots of old stories by the bandmembers and "scene people".

I really liked the sound on this album and as short as it might be it doesnt fall into the same reinventing trap as many of their former albums did. They keep it simple and slow leaning towards punk more than hardcore and thats the sound i prefer most.

Best songs on the album are Spread the fear and Fuck New York.
The record is for purchase at most major and small distros on the net. A simple search will help you find it.

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Slapshot - The New England production session PROMO 7'' (2003)

01. Old tyme hardcore
02. Identity
03. Secrets
04. Digital warfare
05. Back on the map

This EP was limited to 500 copies and was given away for free when pre-ordering the Digital warfare LP from Bridge Nine Records.

The record was recorded live when playing the 101.7 WFNX in September 28th, 2003.

It's a nice little collectable but like most other live records it's basicly just bad versions of studiorecorded songs you already have. Though i must say the song Back on the map has aged well with the band and actually sounds even more intense and brutal than it did when they originally recorded it back in the 80's.

Lyrics for The last laugh Slapshot

The lyrics for the song is directed to some members of Madball and the D.M.S. crew.

Fuck you, and your entire fucked up crew
I hate you and everything you do
Such a tough guy you bring your friends
One on one shit your depends
Ruined the scene with all this shit
Never shut up just deal with it

Die, die, die motherfucker
Go hang yourself, cocksucker
Bash your face in with a brick
Hope your fucking car drives off a cliff
House burns down while you're asleep
take a big knife and stab it deep
hope you die you piece of shit
kill yourself please make it quick

Same old story same old tale
Assholes like you belong in jail
500 pounds and that's all you can do?
My mother hit me harder than you
I never talked shit I have the proof
You're too stupid to see the truth
Guess I'm too old for this shit
I'll hire some fucker to do the hit

Die, die, die motherfucker
It's your time to fry cocksucker
Force feed you some broken glass
Broken bottle up your ass
12 gauge blast right to your head
Skull fuck you after you're dead
Tied down and forced to plead
I'll laugh while I watch you bleed

Ready for more?

Die, die, die motherfucker
Go and fuck yourself cocksucker
Broken legs and broken back
I'll smile when I hear them crack
Pushed into a subway train
I'll get down and eat the brains
Let's give you a heart attack
Then I'll have the last laugh
I'll have the last laugh

Slapshot - Digital warfare CD (2003)

01. Digital warfare
02. The last laugh
03. Identity
04. Kill your parents
05. Spirit of 81
06. Straight edge (Minor Threat cover)
07. Had it with unity
08. Tear down the walls
09. Stupid fucking kids
10. Focus
11. Wasted time
12. Witch hunt
13. C is for cockie (cover of some old kid's song)

Released on CD by I Scream Records in 2003. Also released by on LP the same year by both Knock Out Records and Bridge Nine Records.

After some years of feuds within the band and a bullshit greatest hit's records they finally came back with this album where they returned to their original roots. A brand new old sound that has more of a punkfeeling to it than any metal or screamoHC.

During their 6 years without any new material recorded Jack Kelly had some quality hatefueling time on his hand and that can be heard in both the lyrics and the overall sound.
On the record he spills out his hate on trendy hardcore kid's (Stupid fucking kids), revolutionary kid's without any sense of reality (Had it with unity) and basicly anyone from New York or anyone who doesnt fit in to his "1% of the people i can stand" list. Damn i love it!!!

The winner of the hateprice (and the best song on the album) is the song The last laugh. He doesnt stop at spilling his hate on this song he even goes so far as to dedicate it to Hoya from the band Madball. The whole thing started when a bunch of the gangsters from Lars Frederiksen's and Skinhead Rob's hiphop crew known as DMS attacked Choke in a concert.

Jack tells the tale himself:
Intv- So you where punched by one of the guys from Madball?

Jack- My mother hit's harder than Madball.

Intv- What was the problem?

Jack- He had heard that they had heard that I was saying all kinds of stuff about them and D.M.S., which is their little crew. Most of it's true, I hate them, they're dickheads. I've known Matt and Willy for a long time. But Freddy is just a dumb little asshole, and Hoya is just a fat prick. He's just a pussy, he had 2 other guys with him when he hit me. He pulled me aside like he wanted to talk to me. The whole story got screwed around as if he asked me questions and wouldn't to him about it. He didn't even give me a chance because he had nothing to say. If he had asked me, if he wanted to sit down and talk about stuff I would have told him. I would have told him that D.M.S. is stupid and full of shit!

Jack- Here's the situation: I had guys 2 behind me and Hoya in front of me.

Jack- He said "Yo Motherfucker" and then he hit me! I said is that all, is that it?!

Jack- I turned around and walked away, I mean what was I going to do in a room that was closed. It was just me. It's just typical, that kind of gang. It's usually the weakest people that get in gangs. (So sad and so true)

Jack- They can't deal personally one on one, and they haven't got the brains to talk normal with somebody. I get used to it. I've been called fascist, I've been called gay, I've been called every word of the goddamn book in the years. I run to fascist to now when the rumor was that I was homosexual. Let everybody say what they want, because if I start talking back to it they start saying more and more. I don't give a shit what everybody says.
Some wonder why i like the straight edge facist Jack Kelly aka Choke...... well beside from all the great music he has made there you have the reason.

Record is still available from both minor and major recordstores so go google.

tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Slapshot performing Old Tyme hardcore live

Performing one of the few good songs from their 1996 release on an easpack tour sometime in 200_.

Slapshot - Olde tyme hardcore CD (1996)

01. Coaches speech (intro)
02. Olde tyme hardcore
03. Silence
04. Pennies from heaven
05. Whats on your mind
06. In my head
07. Lip service
08. Get it away (SSD cover)
09. If you had
10. I knew I'd lose (+hidden track called Swedish whoreshow)

Released by Taang! Records in 1996. Also released by Century Media the same year but without the hidden track.

The band released the CD on Taang! Records but also struck a deal with Century Media for the European distribution. CM also convinced Slapshot to do a European tour. The whole tour was handled poorly from the start and the band was far from treated good by CM. After just three weeks on the tour Chris Lauria gave CM a big middle finger and took the first plane home sick and tired of it all. Slapshot made a silent breakup in 1997 and many believed that this was their last release. Though the band keept on playing some shows here and there it wasnt until 2003 that they actually released some new material.

This album is loved by HC-fans and it's only right then that i hate it. 2 good songs but nothing more. Just a tired sound if you ask me.

Slapshot - 16 valve hate CD (1995)

01. Watch me bleed
02. How much can i take
03. Secrets
04. Do what you want
05. 16 valve hate
06. Teach me to kill
07. Johnny was..
08. The truth hurts
09. Desensitized
10. 108
11. I want you dead
12. Big mouth strikes again (The smiths cover)
13. L.o.s.e.r.

Released by Lost & Found Records in 1995. It was later re-issued by Taang! Records in 1996 with 2 additional tracks.

When Slapshot got back from their European tour with Ignite Jack and Mark McKay burried their hatchets and Mark joined the band again on drums. They started to record a new album but Chris Lauria thought it sounded to much like their old generic sound and wanted to do something else so he started his own band called Bitter. Jack was so impresed by Bitters sound so he and Chris did some sort of mixing of the two different recordings and this album was the result.

Lost & Found
payed the band in CD's for this release (haha cunts). It's easy to understand why the band left the label afterwards.

This CD was a big step away from Slapshots old stop/start sound with heavy battering drums and even if it might have been a step in the wrong direction it was probably essential to keep the band fresh and alive.
The result if you ask me is Slapshot sounding like 80% of all other HC bands out there. The whole album sounds like one long track basicly.

The track that sticks out the most is the cover of The smiths. Love it when a band from one genre covers something from a completly other genre. It doesnt make it worse that it's actually really really good. Click here to listen to the original version by The smiths.

måndag 24 oktober 2011

Slapshot & Ignite - Europe-tour 7'' (1994)

01. Slapshot - The day my thoughts turned to violence
02. Ignite - Automatic

Released by Lost & Found Records in 1994.

Not a liverecording but instead a split EP to promote their EU tour. The tour started in Sweden on the Hultsfred festivalen.

This album was the first one the band released on Lost & found and from what i have heard they have not been payed a cent for any of their records by the company (cunts).

Listening to this odd bandmixture for a split it's plain to sdee what good hardcore and bad hardcore is and how both types sound.

Slapshot never liked the idea of touring with Ignite but did it for the big paycheck they would recieve from Lost & Found...... oh they never got a cent? That sucks.

Slapshot - Unconsciousness CD (1994)

01. The day my thoughts turned to murder
02. Unconsciousness
03. Broken
04. Gasoline
05. Bulletproof
06. My mothers son
07. Victimised
08. Pushing in on me
09. Back to my friends (Negazione cover)
10. Insomnia
11. Blameless
12. You have the right to remain violent

Released by We bite Records in 1994.

Right before this album Darryl left the band and was replaced with Mike Bowser.
During the recording of the album the bands old member and friend Jordan Wood commited suicide. This event brought the old band together but they didnt get along outside of the funeral. According to Chris he tried to convince Jack to take back Mark McKay into the band but Jack refused for some reason.

This album is probably Slapshots most musically advanced album and (dodging under table from incomming bottles aimed at my head) my favourite album by the band.
The band got Steve Albini to produce the album (he was behind some productions for titans like Nirvana) and it's easy to hear his influence on songs like Insomnia.

The sound is still the destinct Slapshot-sound but with a bit tweaking to break it out of the (to be honest) quite generic mould that most of their songs often follow.

Best songs are Bulletproof, Victimised and the incredible You have the right to remain violent.
Record can still be bought at Musicstack, Cduniverse and other major stores.

lördag 22 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Live at SO36 CD (1993)

01. Firewalker
02. No friend of mine
03. I've had enough
04. Battered
05. Another mistake
06. Back on the map
07. Wired
08. Freezer burn
09. No time left
10. Whats at stake
11. Hang up your boots
12. Dealing with pennies
13. Chip on my shoulder
14. Step on it

Released by We bite records in 1993.

Ok lets just get this bullshit out of the way so i can continue with the proper discography.

I hate live records that offer nothing new even more than i hate "greatest hits" records released before the old record has even sold out from stores.
Slapshot is a great live band and that surrely comes through here but since all these songs have been recorded in studio and released before i dont see no reason for it to exist.

Go to a show and check them out in real life instead of jumping around in front of the mirror lipsyncing to this record.

onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Newsroll October

On the weekend of Nov 4th and 5th we enter the studio to begin recording our first new album since Right To Remain Violent in 1996. Since our 2 albums are out of print with no plans of being repressed, we will be re-recording the best songs from both albums, adding a cover song possibly, and a few brand new tracks. It will be released in the first half of 2012 with many gig announcments to follow.
(Thanks to Punks, skins & Herberts for the info)

Saturday, November 26 at 10:00pm - November 27 at 1:00am
The Green Rock Tavern, 2546 E. Lehigh Ave., Phila., PA 19125
The REAL Sons Of Liberty is back with the classic Join Or Die lineup for only the 2nd time in 5 years! Celebrate our 10th anniversary with songs that SOL hasn't done in several years, it's gonna be a special night for sure. No cover charge, 21 & up, limited edition merch for sale- new t-shirt design coming= 1st come, 1st dibs!
(Thanks to Punks, skins & Herberts for the info)

Also some info from the Pure impact newsletter (for you who havnt subscribed yet):

¤FIGHTING 84 are working with a few American bands and a few South American bands to release an Oi! compilation and are searching for any bands looking to jump on it.
Message the band at fighting84@yahoo.com for information.

¤IMMORAL DISCIPLINE will be releasing a live CD recorded at 2000 Tons of TNT in Hartford, CT and are also working on new material for an EP.

¤FED UP from NYC have a live 7" out recorded at a crazy live NYHC set on the Pat Duncan show in WFMU studios. It is available from www.unitedriotrecords.com
Also the band 96 brigade have finished recording their second album called Can you hear us now. Check out one of the songs here.

måndag 17 oktober 2011

Musicvideo for Wired by Slapshot.

Leave the trees alone Jack!!!

Slapshot - Blast furnace CD (1993)

01. Blast furnace
02. Battered
03. Breakaway
04. Another mistake
05. Them aren't
06. Wired
07. Hidden instrumental outro

Released by We bite Records in 1993 on both LP and CD.

Three years since their last album, a defunct Stars and Stripes and a whole lot of people getting kicked or leaving the band one could almost say that this was the result of the second instalment of Slapshot.
In 1991 the band wrote a three record contract with We bite records and right after that the turmoil in the band started. Jordan didnt get along with Jack and Steve so he convinced Chris Lauria to quit the band with him. Chris left but return to the band some time after. Chris brought along Darryl Sheppard who was an old friend from his days in the band Deslok to replace Jordan.

In 1992 Steve Risteen was kicked from the band and in that conflict the the bands friend and roadie left with Steve in sympathy. Mark McKay couldnt join the US tour the leftovers of the band was going to do and also he got kicked from the band. He was replaced by Barry Hite on drums.

Thanks to all the lineup changes the band now had to go in and rewrite their contract with We bite Records. This relationship was fucked before the band had even released their first of the three albums.

Blast furnace is probably the most confucing album by the band and their first attempt to try a bit more "hairy sound". Metal guitars and a tired drumbattering and as a grand finale they even shot a musicvideo for the new MTV generation where Jack runs around kicking dead trees.
Even the band themselfs admitted that they where tired of the album before it was even released. Not the best one so to speak.

Even if i hate this album i kind of love to hate it. First song on the record is an actually good song and Wired is just one of those songs you have to like for it's bravery to be so hairy and cheesy.
The band also uses parts of conversations from old movies such as Star wars and Silence of the lambs (put the fucking lotion int he basket! haha). We can also hear a soundbit from the great David Lynch masterpiece Blue Velvet on track three.

Guess the bands stress to put an album out there in two weeks time and the fact that Jack and Chris where the only original members left in the band can be the reason why it sucks. But that still doesnt explain the whole hary glambullshit they got going on here.
Dont really know how i stand with this record. I basicly love the album even though i hate it to death. Basicly the same relationship as the one that i have to my mother.

V/A - The icemen cometh... 7'' (1990)

01. Pushed aside - Stand by
02. Hard stance - Foundation
03. No for an answer - Man against man
04. Slapshot - I've had enough

Released by Cargo Records in 1990.

One of those unity/show Ep's that seemed to be so popular back in the days. This one is recorded live from a show these bands played together back in 1989 in Hollywood.

Cant say i know a lot about the bands playing with Slapshot but i think they where all westcoast sXe bands.... to me they all sound like crusty noize pollution. All to fast for me to enjoy. I must say i got a bit nostalgic when hearing Pushed aside though since it reminded me about being 16 years old and being dragged by friends to the Crust shows at my towns nr.1 showplace Eldslandet ("the man" later teared it down and built appartments, fuck him). Reminds me about the dancefriendly HC-crust that i didnt like then and still dont like today but nostalgia is always fun.

Slapshot is what Slapshot has always been.... assholes. They make fun of the westcoast the other bands and their whole "positive subculture". They also deliver the only good song on the EP.

söndag 16 oktober 2011

Live & Loud 2012

The lineup for the next Live & Loud is has been released and has some intresting names on it.
Biggest news and names are Close shave (England) and one of my personal favourites On file (Scotland).
Also the Yanks from Brassic will be grazing this festival and is the second U.S band to ever play the show (i think). The other one was Anti-heros way back.
Other bands are The firm (Netherlands) and The wrongdoers (Finland).

lördag 15 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Sudden death overtime CD (1990)

01. What's at stake
02. Firewalker
03. Dealing with pennies
04. Transmission
05. Something to prove
06. Nation of hate
07. Punk's dead, you're next
08. Say goodbye
09. War on drugs
10. Get me out
11. Change
12. White rabbit (Jefferson airplane cover)
13. Chip on my shoulder (Live)
14. Moment of truth (Live)

Released on CD by Emergo Records in 1990 and LP by Taang! Records the same year.

Before this album Jamie Sciarappa on bass left the bandafter moving to LA but was quickly replaced by Chris Lauria that was friends with the band when some of them played in Terminally ill.

A month before this album the band released their EP called Firewalker, since all 3 songs on that release where added to this release i wont bother uploading it.

Yet another superb release by the band. A bit more guitarmasturbation this time around but nothing as annoying as other HC bands from this era produced.

It's somewhat of a twosided record though. I absolutely love the first half but never understood the last part of the album. Songs like Get me out try to be advanced and special and succed but in the wrong way. The song is that sort of "special" that if it was a human he would put fingers up his ass and drool constantly.
As much as i like the bands decicion to step out of the mold and cover White rabbit by Jefferson airplane it isnt really that good.
The two livesongs that where exclusive for the CD are not really that great either and could easilly be left out. Fun fact is that they are not even live in the first place. The band recorded it in a studio and added the shouts and handclaps afterwards. Whats up with that?

First half is great though and best one's there are Whats at stake with one of the best buildups to a hardcore song ever, Firewalker with great lyrics and a damn catchy chorus.

Another great song is Something to prove that touch on some of the numerous feuds Slapshot had with other bands. This one is about the beef with Youth of today and Bold.
The whole conflict has it's roots in the old NY vs Boston beef that was around int he early days. Bands from both areas played the same shows and all had loyal supporters so it often ended in conflicts in the pit (Bold's drummer even got so heckled once he actually left the stage and jumped into the crowd, fists flying and all that).
Bands showing up late so they could play after another band instead of opening for them and bands talking shit in magazines etc was basicly the largest outcome of this. When will hardcore bands start to take notes fromt he rappers so we can get some real action going hehe :)
Record is so wellknown that you can even find it through Pricerunner. Noone of the stores listed there need my promotional help so i wont link to any stores.
Instead support someone who also buy's from smaller labels and buy it from Interpunk.

fredag 14 oktober 2011

Slapshot live at The Rat in Boston 1989.

Performing 2 songs that was not yet released and also No friend of mine from their 1988 LP Step on it. Great footage all thanks to MetalMikeP.

Slapshot - Step on it LP (1988)

01. Step on it
02. Chameleon
03. No time left
04. Show the way
05. Kill for a drink
06. Same mistake
07. No friend of mine
08. I've had enough
09. Could it be
10. No guts, no glory (Last rights cover)
11. Rise and fall
12. Hang up your boots
13. Enforcer
14. Chant/In your face

Released by Taang! Records in 1988 and later re-issued by Taang! on cd the same year and also later in 2002 with additional songs from earlier LP Back on the map.

With the same lineup as their EP the band went in to record their most "slapshot sounding" record to date. Much like their first LP it's dark and hard with more leanings towards an Oi!/Punk sound than the metal most others played at this time.

Right after this record Jack started Stars and stripes and the sound on the record is a somehwat pitched up version of that band basicly (though the whole bomb the middle east and kick out the immigrants bit is abscent here to).

Around this time the band was in a fued with UK band Exploited. It all started when Slapshot was going to play a show with them and decided to wear t-shirts saying Punks dead....your next and on the back it was a picture of Wattie (frontman of Exploited) with a gun to his head.
Exploited found out before the show and called the ones behind the gig that kicked Slapshot from the show.
Exploited got some crap from Slapshot hangarounds on comming gigs but the band themselfs never went any further than making a record threat. Thereoff the "No thanks to: Wattie (we'll get you) writen on this records sleeve.

Best songs on the record are Chameleon, No friend of mine, Enforcer, In your face and the classic Hang up your boots that has been covered by both Discipline and The business.
Re-issues of the record can be bought from all over the world but check the original one for sale at ebay.

torsdag 13 oktober 2011

Lars Fredriksen is the anti-christ Part II

After the tvshow Glee the Rancid fucks found a new way to cash in. Gloi! featuring Old firm casuals on backing vocals.

måndag 10 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Might makes right/Same mistake 7'' (1988)

01. Might makes right
02. Same mistake
03. Gilligan

Released by Taang! Records in 1988.

Right after the Back on the map LP Jordan Wood (The loved ones) joined the band as a second guitarist though thanks to Jonathan leaving the band he instead had to play the bass. Before this recording Jamie Sciarappa (SS Decontrol) joined the band on bass and Jordan could go back to playing guitar.

A twosonged ep with a hidden acapella of the old Gilligan island theme (i know) called Gilligan.
A-side is superb but dont really know what to make of the track Same mistake.

Slapshot performing It's happening today live

Footage from 1987 at a livegig in Ontario on some university campus. Thanks to 10pounds for the footage.

Slapshot - Back on the map LP (1986)

01. Back on the map
02. Addiction
03. Where there's smoke
04. It's happening today
05. Chip on my shoulder
06. Moment of truth
07. Killing frost

Released by Taang! Records in 1986 and then later released on CD with their 1988 EP as bonussongs. I never actually owned this LP or their EP but have the CD so i simply split it up and upload them seperatly to get the true discography. The CD and LP are the same recordings just a little better soundquality on the CD.

A truly great first release and a record that set the standard for comming Boston bands.

The sound is a somewhat pollished hardcore with a dark feeling created through a heavy bass and Jack's grim voice. Somewhat reminds me about Bonecrusher. More Oi! sounding than trashy and crusty.

Even though its only 7 songs long it has some of the best Slapshot songs in the anthemy and singalong friendly It's happening today, the fast and pissed of Chip on my shoulder and the classic xXx track Addiction.
The cdversion can still be bought here:
Coretex records

Slapshot (Introduction)

A strong and longrunning band that had an era of Oi! flirtation as well as metal (and even grunge) flirtations but always made good music if you ask me.

The band was started by Jack Kelly (Last rights and Negative FX), Steve Risteen and Mark McKay both who used to play in Terminally ill. The band was originally supposed to be called Straight Satan after a notorious bikergang but they ended up with Slapshot.
After a while Jonathan Anastas who used to play for DYS and also was a good friend with Jack from the old Boston Crew joined the ranks and the first real lineup was born.

In 1986 this lineup released their first LP called Back on the map. The title was a nudge towards the dead Boston scene that had turned into metal and with the constand feud's with New York crews this album stated that Boston was back.

Talking about feuds thats probably one of the most known thigns about Slapshot and their frontman Jack. The band constantly found themselfs in open warfare with other bands and the crews surrounding them. All the way back to Jacks Negative FX days he didnt really get along with the inner city crews from Brooklyn etc. Wont go into them to deep but over the years both songs and fists has been directed back and forth between the bands and their followers.

The band started to get a bit more rightwinged in their lyrics around end 80's. Around this time Jack Kelly also started his own label Patriot Records that released such acts as Bruisers and Forced Reality. He also started his notorious Oi! band called Stars and stripes that had members from Bruisers playing with Jack Kelly.

Through the years Slapshots sound changed from hardcore to Oi!core to Metal to some sort of superb grungecore and then back to the old sound. With the changes where changes int he bands lineups as well but i will try to go into that more when i write the reviews.

Anyway a band where the singer uses a hockeystick on stage to swing at the audience if they get out of hand and on top of that has a moshpit bodyguard named Ivan the Terrible. That band just has to get a place on this site haha.

lördag 8 oktober 2011

Slapshot covers Jack's old band Last rights.

Chunks live in 2010.

Last rights - No guts, no glory LP (2005)

01. Chunks
02. Out of our minds
03. So ends our night
04. Show the way
05. Wasted time
06. No guts no glory

Released by Reflex Records in 2005.

Thought i would do a bit of a Jack Kelly tribute thing on the site. The way to go about that would be to write about Negative FX but since i have never been into noizy hardcore i will simply just ignore the fact that the band ever existed and jump straight to Last rights.

The band was started in 1983 by Jack "Choke" Kelly (from Negative FX) on vocals, Tony Perez on guitar, Blair Borden on bass and James Powers on drums.
Just like NFX Last rights played a big part in the Boston hardcore and punk scene and was a part of the socalled "Boston Crew" with DYS and SS Decontrol. Just like those bands the members advocated a sober lifestyle with straight edge being the main message in most songs.

The band wasnt around for that long but got around to record these 6 songs and did 1 liveshow. Tracks 1 and 3 was released on a 7'' by Tang!! in 1984. This ep also came in a limited pressing with a photo of Adolf Hitler on it. Kelly himselfs states that it was just to piss people of and it quite quickly did just that. Jack Kelly has always been on the extinct hardcore rightwing but the fact that some still to this day claims he is a facist (probably because his other band Stars and stripes) is just ridiculous. Jack is Choke and Choke does and thinks whatever he fucking wants!

Last rights ended in late 1984 and in 1985 Jack Kelly started the infamous Slapshot.

A great release collecting the bands complete discography.
This is the kind of hardcorepunk i like. Always been a fan of Slapshot and the sounds is basicly the same.
The first and greatest track Chunks is more Oi! than hardcore and the whole record has that feeling to it with backup chants (some even made by SS Decontrols bass player) and lyrics that can be a bit preachy but enjoyable if you dont take them to serious.
Both Chunks and No guts no glory are songs that can get even the most conservative Oi!head raising his beer to this straight edge band.
Can be bought here.

fredag 7 oktober 2011

Colorblind cutthroats!?!?!?!

On the newyear of 2001 i was waaay to drunk and followed a newfound friend to a Bosnian newyears party. Easy to say i was the only blonde person NOT speaking with an accent at the party. Being drunk my first thought was going in and pulling a girl. Found a goodlooking and mature woman who offered me wine. Started drinking and was a bit flirty with here... Went out and talked to my friend D who was now sitting with his father and told him i was gonna "make a move" and pointed to where she was. It turned out i had been talking to his mother the whole time and the only reason she was so friendly with me was because she noticed me walking in with her son.

This event is one of those typical situations that today as a grown man i can see was a really bad idea and could have gotten me a bad beating. Most things like this from my younger days can be blamed on youth and the influence of alcohol. The big question is what excuses Colorblind cutthroats have for even existing?

Colorblind cutthroats is a gangster rapgroup that somehow has gotten the idea that they are skinheads. Might be mental issues or to much time hanging around the DMS crew's own Danny Diablo (dey pu a cap in ma ass).
The song in the video posted above is actually quite good when listening to what they have recorded. Songs like Mastapeace and 14 killahz will keep you rollin dem blunts and bustin dem hoes!

I can spend a whole day defending actually good and creative rap (Rhymesayers and Anticon) and spend another day explaining why people like this are the main reason why the rest of the world hates USA and the majority of US black population would probably rather spend a day with a KKK supporter than a white male who's into hiphop.

Instead i will just leave it at that with a question. What the hell where you guys thinking?
(oh and did i mention they actually use the word niggas in their lyrics?)
Download 14 confucing tracks with this band

tisdag 4 oktober 2011

V/A - Dare to defy 7'' (1998)

01. Chenin blanc - Anais (France
02. Billy boy e la sua banda - Free beer for the skins (Italy)
03. Dead empty - Thru my eyes (USA)
04. Criminals in feast - Desperate (France)

Released by Durango 95 Records in 1998.

(Update 7th Oct 2011: Chenin blanc are actually French and has released 2 EP's)

A record sent to me by Punks, skins & Herberts after recieving mails from people searching for it.

One of those rare little gems that mix it up with some unknown bands of different genres. The A-side is basicly the Oi!-side with Belgium band Chenin blanc and the Italian band with the extremly annoying bandname. Chenin blanc is a great band that never got around to releasing any real record as far as i know. They play typical Belgium rough-sounding Oi! in the same vein as their fellow countrymen in Les Vilains. Top song!

The B-side starts of with the American band Dead empty. They play a radiofriendly punkrock but not in the candycoated sort of way. I have some issues with their whole "lucky-13" imagery but appretiate their music. I will get to this band on the site in the future but still searching for their Going down 7'' from 1999 to make my collection complete (so if you got it and dont know what to do with it i will be more than glad to take it of your hands).

Last band is Criminals in feast a French hardcore band with "skinhead members" and Oi! influences. A very fast US Oi!-core sound that does the trick.
Can still be bought at this shady store.

V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion Vol.3 CD (1997)

01. Fatskins - Hooligan
02. Oi! the arrase - Skinhead (Spain)
03. Maniacs - Unite (England)
04. Guttersnipe - Skinhead (Sweden)
05. Alta tension - Rompe las barreras (Italy)
06. Analogs - Popatrz na ocienciaki (Poland)
07. Rezystencja - Rezystencja (Poland)
08. Real horror show - Durango '95 (Poland)
09. Martin Walter - Asi mit niveau (?Poland?)
10. Smile - Ana baka ha koya wo mezasu (Japan)
11. Fatskins - Old glory
12. Maniacs - Tendenzies (England)
13. Oi! the arrase - Me largo (Spain)
14. Guttersnipe - Nothing to fear (Sweden)
15. Analogs - Dzieciaki atukajace policje (Poland)
16. Fatskins - That's my life
17. Rezystencja - My jesteœmy skinheads (Poland)
18. Smile - Sayonara (Japan)
19. Real Horror Show - 1977 (Poland)
20. Maniacs - We don't wanna stay
21. Analogs - Nasze ciaka (Poland)
22. Rezystencja - Wybory's 95 (Poland)
23. Martin Walter - You don't wanna know (?Poland?)
24. Real horror show - Zagtebie sosnowiec (Poland)
25. Smile - Yameta (Japan)

Released by Step-1 Music in 1997.

In 1997 the skinehadscene was in a bit of a lowpoint in most nations except England and America. Even so there where tons of superb bands lingering around the globe just waiting for Step-1 to give them a call. This third volume could have been great if Step-1 would have held their ears to the streets. Instead the ears where on holiday somewhere in Poland appearently. 50% of the bands are half-ass excuses of Polish beerpunk and the rest are from US, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Spain and England. These are all great nations of Oi! but the band featured here are far from the cream of the crop and deffinetly not a showcase of all the great music that could be heard in late 90's.

I really like Guttersnipe, Fatskins and the Polish pogopunks in Real horror show but not even these bands can save this walking billboard of garbage. What the hell where you thinking Step-1??
Well what would you have done Bernando???
Well if i could picka and choose these are the '97 bands i would have given a boost. Kampfzone (Germany), Blitzkrieg (Serbia), The whalers (Norway), Les teckels (France), The glory stompers (Canada), Crickey crew (Japan), The pride (Belgium) and the pickandchoose from the multitude of superb bands from US and UK.
Not bashing on the bands from the comp just saying that they wouldnt have been on my 1997 comp.

måndag 3 oktober 2011

V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion Vol.2 CD (1995)

01. Dambusters - Makoto no hikari yo (Japan)
02. Templars - I believe in myself
03. The harries - Love sucks (Netherlands)
04. 365 - Pamela (Brazil)
05. The mighty mr. men - G-man (England)
06. 90 proof - Gettin' pissed
07. The möped lads - Back on the piss again (Switzerland)
08. Dambusters - Chikara arakugiri (Japan)
09. Templars - World war three
10. The harries - Everything you know is wrong (Netherlands)
11. 365 - Violencia (Brazil)
12. 90 proof - Old breed
13. The möped lads - Mommies best (Switzerland)
14. Dambusters - Otokatachi yo hata o kakagero (Japan)
15. Templars - Vengeance is mine
16. The mighty mr. men - Liquid gold! (England)
17. The möped lads - I dont wanna (Switzerland)

Released by Step-1 Music in 1995.

Just like the first volume it's a bit uneven with some great bands and some not so great.

Update: The Mighty mr men is actually Gundog before they changed name.

Best of the bunch are 90 Proof, (their Old breed on the comp is one of the greatest songs from the 90's) Templars and the British oi!sters in The mighty mr. men. I had never heard about The mighty mr. men the first time i listened to this CD and to be honest i havnt heard of them since. With a bandname like that they dont pass you by that easily but i cant find any info of the band anywhere so i dont know if they have released anything on their own.
Anyway they play a sort of chaotic Oi! with fast drums and heavy singalong friendly choruses. Dont really know what references i chould use here but think of Combat 84 mixed with Exploited and a little pinch of The infiltrators sprinkled on top. When i first heard the bandname and saw bandsphotos (where one was dressed in a skirt) i didnt think i would like it but even i can be wrong appearently.

Most other bands songs are easily forgotten even if Dambusters and The harries get through the comp with their honor intact both The möped lads and 365 fail misserable to bring anything of value to the record.

lördag 1 oktober 2011

V/A - Oi! it's a world invasion CD (1994)

01. Templars - Subculture kids
02. Templars - Raving idiots
03. Templars - New breed (Iron cross cover)
04. Bierpatrioten - Kappen aus stahl (Germany)
05. Bierpatrioten - Ostkrenz (Germany)
06. Bierpatrioten - Arbeitslos (Germany)
07. Vanilla muffins - I'm always on the wrong side (Switzerland)
08. Vanilla muffins - Bootboy (Switzerland)
09. Vanilla muffins - Youth bomb (Switzerland)
10. Zóna A - Súèas stroja (Slovakia)
11. Zóna A - Šikovný zlodej (Slovakia)
12. Zóna A - Cesta nikam (Slovakia)
13. Patriot - A bit of aggro
14. Patriot - Some kind of hero
15. Patriot - The morning after
16. Sons of pride - City boy (Canada)
17. Sons of pride - Nation on fire (Canada)
18. Distortion - Stranger to truth (England)
19. Distortion - War hero (England)
20. Distortion - How long's your memory (England)
21. Public toys - Face in the crowd (Germany)
22. Public toys - Dreams (Germany)
23. Public toys - Oh fortuna (Germany)

Released by Step-1 Music in 1994.

Templars start the album of with some (at this time) exclusive songs that would later be released on their Dans les catacombes LP. Both Raving idiots and their Iron cross cover are superb songs.

Second on the record is Bierpatrioten, a band that i quite fancy in small portions. I always found this band to be a bit uneven sometimes delivering great music (Randale, pogo alcohol) just to turn around and make utter gutter music the next time. Their track Kappen aus stahl is worth listening to though.

Vanilla muffins never really impressed me but i gotta give it to them, the track Youth bomb is as anthemy and epic as it can get.

Zóna A? Some of the worst crap i ever heard.

Patriot deliver as always and on this comp they even deliver an exclusive song, namely Some kind of hero. A great track just like the rest of them in that slow patriot fashion.

The best band on the comp is the Canadians in Sons of pride. Cant believe this band only got to release a 7-inch EP. Nation on fire is the best song on the entire CD.

As we all know more is not equal to better in most occasions and this CD is no exception. Both Distortions and Public toys songs are utter garbage and drag the overall grade of the comp down with them.

All in all its a good record though a bit uneven at times. A great showcase why i turned my focus to US and Canadian Oi!.