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fredag 7 oktober 2011

Colorblind cutthroats!?!?!?!

On the newyear of 2001 i was waaay to drunk and followed a newfound friend to a Bosnian newyears party. Easy to say i was the only blonde person NOT speaking with an accent at the party. Being drunk my first thought was going in and pulling a girl. Found a goodlooking and mature woman who offered me wine. Started drinking and was a bit flirty with here... Went out and talked to my friend D who was now sitting with his father and told him i was gonna "make a move" and pointed to where she was. It turned out i had been talking to his mother the whole time and the only reason she was so friendly with me was because she noticed me walking in with her son.

This event is one of those typical situations that today as a grown man i can see was a really bad idea and could have gotten me a bad beating. Most things like this from my younger days can be blamed on youth and the influence of alcohol. The big question is what excuses Colorblind cutthroats have for even existing?

Colorblind cutthroats is a gangster rapgroup that somehow has gotten the idea that they are skinheads. Might be mental issues or to much time hanging around the DMS crew's own Danny Diablo (dey pu a cap in ma ass).
The song in the video posted above is actually quite good when listening to what they have recorded. Songs like Mastapeace and 14 killahz will keep you rollin dem blunts and bustin dem hoes!

I can spend a whole day defending actually good and creative rap (Rhymesayers and Anticon) and spend another day explaining why people like this are the main reason why the rest of the world hates USA and the majority of US black population would probably rather spend a day with a KKK supporter than a white male who's into hiphop.

Instead i will just leave it at that with a question. What the hell where you guys thinking?
(oh and did i mention they actually use the word niggas in their lyrics?)
Download 14 confucing tracks with this band

16 kommentarer:

  1. Omg laughed my ass of. A great new year.

  2. i dont believe the danny diablo of DMS is the same one they refer to there is someone else who goes by the same name in that "scene"

  3. didn't know right said fred started a metal band. farthest thing from OI! or anything doing with skinhead culture

  4. Holy Shit and I thought RapMetal sucked, I can't even think of how bad OIrap must be. I'll have to download this and listen to it, I could use a good laugh

  5. Anonymous2:
    ?The same that who refered to?
    The band never mentions anyone i was simply just refering to that Danny character since they represent the same kind of brainless subculture crossfaded crap.

  6. Wow. I got through about a minute of Let It Roll and had to stop it. No need to listen any further. I'd rather listen to Lordz Of Brooklyn. Haha. ;)

  7. Okay, I listened to a couple of songs on this, and half to say I really have no idea what this has to do with OI what so ever.
    The "Bleed 4 Me" which had samples of the Dead Kennedys "Bleed for Me," couldn't even save this train wreck of an album.

  8. this makes me sad to say im from the same town as them.

  9. I am also from the same town, and have had the displeasure of having to sit through their crap once. I avoid them like HIV.

  10. this is what we call culture rape! just how blink-182 brought nerds an jocks to thinking they're punk, these are a group of wiggers that somehow winded up in the skinhead culture. they must be stopped before this becomes the future

  11. esta banda parece que les gusta golpear entre sí con sus gallos de mierda después de que se la follan entre si en el culo. son como the village people del oi! palo y encendieron velas dentro de sus culos en la parte frontal de sus fans, y exhalar fuego como un dragón quemando a todos. también mete sus bolas en una picadora de carne y se masturban a las fotos de sus propias madres

  12. -Anonymous-
    From the little Spanish i know i understand that they are dragons who masturbate each others mothers. WTF!?

  13. yo, why u disrespectin ma colorblind brethren? dnt no how yall niggaz do it in europe, but us skinheadz keep it real in da 954! diz iz a new brand of oi. diz iz how we do it. we r da new generation of skinheadz. ya betta recognize

    1. Hello dear sir. First of all i want to set the record straight and tell you that i am not a nigger. Secondly.... damn thats a lot o z's

  14. These guys are full of shit and so is their crew. The Colorblind Crew is just another DMS from a different place. Most the bands that are associated with that crew is moshcore bullshit, very little to do with oi! and real skinhead culture. Their violence is more based on 'i'm tougher than you' and have all their boys fight one person. They are more of a street hood/ghetto wannabe street gang that listens to hardcore rather than a skinhead crew. They are a joke

  15. I really like the music from these guys. Skinner T and Diablo D participed from the Remix song ´´Bullytuary´´ From the Album Back From The Dead By Obituary. I would ask, can you guys put the link of the album back? I want to download but is no longer available. Thanks