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tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Slapshot - 16 valve hate CD (1995)

01. Watch me bleed
02. How much can i take
03. Secrets
04. Do what you want
05. 16 valve hate
06. Teach me to kill
07. Johnny was..
08. The truth hurts
09. Desensitized
10. 108
11. I want you dead
12. Big mouth strikes again (The smiths cover)
13. L.o.s.e.r.

Released by Lost & Found Records in 1995. It was later re-issued by Taang! Records in 1996 with 2 additional tracks.

When Slapshot got back from their European tour with Ignite Jack and Mark McKay burried their hatchets and Mark joined the band again on drums. They started to record a new album but Chris Lauria thought it sounded to much like their old generic sound and wanted to do something else so he started his own band called Bitter. Jack was so impresed by Bitters sound so he and Chris did some sort of mixing of the two different recordings and this album was the result.

Lost & Found
payed the band in CD's for this release (haha cunts). It's easy to understand why the band left the label afterwards.

This CD was a big step away from Slapshots old stop/start sound with heavy battering drums and even if it might have been a step in the wrong direction it was probably essential to keep the band fresh and alive.
The result if you ask me is Slapshot sounding like 80% of all other HC bands out there. The whole album sounds like one long track basicly.

The track that sticks out the most is the cover of The smiths. Love it when a band from one genre covers something from a completly other genre. It doesnt make it worse that it's actually really really good. Click here to listen to the original version by The smiths.

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