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måndag 17 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Blast furnace CD (1993)

01. Blast furnace
02. Battered
03. Breakaway
04. Another mistake
05. Them aren't
06. Wired
07. Hidden instrumental outro

Released by We bite Records in 1993 on both LP and CD.

Three years since their last album, a defunct Stars and Stripes and a whole lot of people getting kicked or leaving the band one could almost say that this was the result of the second instalment of Slapshot.
In 1991 the band wrote a three record contract with We bite records and right after that the turmoil in the band started. Jordan didnt get along with Jack and Steve so he convinced Chris Lauria to quit the band with him. Chris left but return to the band some time after. Chris brought along Darryl Sheppard who was an old friend from his days in the band Deslok to replace Jordan.

In 1992 Steve Risteen was kicked from the band and in that conflict the the bands friend and roadie left with Steve in sympathy. Mark McKay couldnt join the US tour the leftovers of the band was going to do and also he got kicked from the band. He was replaced by Barry Hite on drums.

Thanks to all the lineup changes the band now had to go in and rewrite their contract with We bite Records. This relationship was fucked before the band had even released their first of the three albums.

Blast furnace is probably the most confucing album by the band and their first attempt to try a bit more "hairy sound". Metal guitars and a tired drumbattering and as a grand finale they even shot a musicvideo for the new MTV generation where Jack runs around kicking dead trees.
Even the band themselfs admitted that they where tired of the album before it was even released. Not the best one so to speak.

Even if i hate this album i kind of love to hate it. First song on the record is an actually good song and Wired is just one of those songs you have to like for it's bravery to be so hairy and cheesy.
The band also uses parts of conversations from old movies such as Star wars and Silence of the lambs (put the fucking lotion int he basket! haha). We can also hear a soundbit from the great David Lynch masterpiece Blue Velvet on track three.

Guess the bands stress to put an album out there in two weeks time and the fact that Jack and Chris where the only original members left in the band can be the reason why it sucks. But that still doesnt explain the whole hary glambullshit they got going on here.
Dont really know how i stand with this record. I basicly love the album even though i hate it to death. Basicly the same relationship as the one that i have to my mother.

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