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måndag 17 oktober 2011

V/A - The icemen cometh... 7'' (1990)

01. Pushed aside - Stand by
02. Hard stance - Foundation
03. No for an answer - Man against man
04. Slapshot - I've had enough

Released by Cargo Records in 1990.

One of those unity/show Ep's that seemed to be so popular back in the days. This one is recorded live from a show these bands played together back in 1989 in Hollywood.

Cant say i know a lot about the bands playing with Slapshot but i think they where all westcoast sXe bands.... to me they all sound like crusty noize pollution. All to fast for me to enjoy. I must say i got a bit nostalgic when hearing Pushed aside though since it reminded me about being 16 years old and being dragged by friends to the Crust shows at my towns nr.1 showplace Eldslandet ("the man" later teared it down and built appartments, fuck him). Reminds me about the dancefriendly HC-crust that i didnt like then and still dont like today but nostalgia is always fun.

Slapshot is what Slapshot has always been.... assholes. They make fun of the westcoast the other bands and their whole "positive subculture". They also deliver the only good song on the EP.

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