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lördag 22 oktober 2011

Slapshot - Live at SO36 CD (1993)

01. Firewalker
02. No friend of mine
03. I've had enough
04. Battered
05. Another mistake
06. Back on the map
07. Wired
08. Freezer burn
09. No time left
10. Whats at stake
11. Hang up your boots
12. Dealing with pennies
13. Chip on my shoulder
14. Step on it

Released by We bite records in 1993.

Ok lets just get this bullshit out of the way so i can continue with the proper discography.

I hate live records that offer nothing new even more than i hate "greatest hits" records released before the old record has even sold out from stores.
Slapshot is a great live band and that surrely comes through here but since all these songs have been recorded in studio and released before i dont see no reason for it to exist.

Go to a show and check them out in real life instead of jumping around in front of the mirror lipsyncing to this record.

2 kommentarer:

  1. moneygrabbers.... every unknown band gives away liverecording's for free. only recordcompany's that takes advantage of the opportunity

  2. gracias por tan acnifico albun