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onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Newsroll October

On the weekend of Nov 4th and 5th we enter the studio to begin recording our first new album since Right To Remain Violent in 1996. Since our 2 albums are out of print with no plans of being repressed, we will be re-recording the best songs from both albums, adding a cover song possibly, and a few brand new tracks. It will be released in the first half of 2012 with many gig announcments to follow.
(Thanks to Punks, skins & Herberts for the info)

Saturday, November 26 at 10:00pm - November 27 at 1:00am
The Green Rock Tavern, 2546 E. Lehigh Ave., Phila., PA 19125
The REAL Sons Of Liberty is back with the classic Join Or Die lineup for only the 2nd time in 5 years! Celebrate our 10th anniversary with songs that SOL hasn't done in several years, it's gonna be a special night for sure. No cover charge, 21 & up, limited edition merch for sale- new t-shirt design coming= 1st come, 1st dibs!
(Thanks to Punks, skins & Herberts for the info)

Also some info from the Pure impact newsletter (for you who havnt subscribed yet):

¤FIGHTING 84 are working with a few American bands and a few South American bands to release an Oi! compilation and are searching for any bands looking to jump on it.
Message the band at fighting84@yahoo.com for information.

¤IMMORAL DISCIPLINE will be releasing a live CD recorded at 2000 Tons of TNT in Hartford, CT and are also working on new material for an EP.

¤FED UP from NYC have a live 7" out recorded at a crazy live NYHC set on the Pat Duncan show in WFMU studios. It is available from www.unitedriotrecords.com
Also the band 96 brigade have finished recording their second album called Can you hear us now. Check out one of the songs here.

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