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tisdag 29 maj 2012

Broken heroes releases new album.

Its been a quiet year for Oi! all around world but finally the good albums of 2012 starts rooling out. With the new all-star lineup Broken heroes goes back to their roots and deliver the sound they used to deliver so good before "streetpunk" infected their purity. 11 songs both new and old (but all in new recordings) can be bought at Skinflint.

This is oi!

A whole bunch of re-ups and a little rant.

45 adapters - Early demo and practice songs
Fatskins & The oppressed - Split 7'' (1998)
Fatskins - Thinkin' like a fatskin CD (1999)

Fatskins & Last laugh - Welcome to Arizona CD (2004)
Bottom of the barrel - A couple of songs
Bottom of the barrel & Templars - Oink! skinzine 7'' (1997)
Templars - Beauséant 7'' (1994)

Brickwall united - Demo (1994)
Brickwall united & Mission to murder - Split 7'' (1995) ...more than wearing Fred and getting neck tattooes.... made me think about a certain crossdresser wearing makeup who re-entered the US scene a year ago claiming the name boss-skin because he happened to play in a band in the early 90's. Not naming any names (since being an internet warrior is something i try to stay clear from) but if you feel hurt then take this song to heart and go back to making ambedient gothsongs.

lördag 26 maj 2012

The krabs - Punk crock 7'' (1995)

01. Punk crock
02. Anytime, anywhere
03. Spirit of youth
04. Criminal mind

Selfreleased by the band in 1995.

Thanks to Brian Guy for the record.

A bit softer and far from their other EP in sound but still a good record. I cant really find much of intrest on the B-side but the A-side makes up for it with two great songs and "Anytime, anywhere" being the best of them. Quite like the song with its well thought through and catchy chorus. A summerfriendly record... and speaking of summer thats as much as i write today since the beer is cold and the sun is hot. Auf wiedersehen für heute.

fredag 25 maj 2012

New Iron cross EP from Skinflint.

Might not be "new" new but i must admitt i had missed both the release and the store that released it. Added both Skinflint and United riot to the Recordlabels list. Iron cross will be featured on the site in the future sometime.

onsdag 23 maj 2012

Fuck yeah!!!!! Vol.2

Since i ragequit the Downunderground site when i lost all my uploads i decided to start up the Fuckyeah!!!! site i used to run some years ago. Like on the old site i wont put much effort or time into the site but basicly just upload music i find intresting or records i found while cratedigging in various recordstores.
All sorts of intresting albums from all sorts of genre's but the main focus will be Oi!, punk, hardcore, RAC and new wave. Basicly whatever i have just purchased or listening to at the moment. For a start i will slowly upload all the records that got taken down while blogging at Downunderground.

Visit at: http://bernandofuckyeah.blogspot.se/

Seven requested re-ups

Best defense - Demo Cassette (1988)
Best defense - Six gun justice (1999)
Sydney Ducks - Demo (2009)

Templars - Poor knights of Acre 7'' (1993)
Bricks & bottles - Demos 96-98 (1998)
2404 - Riot girl 7'' (1996)
Venganza tatuada - Werewolves of the night DEMO (2011)

måndag 21 maj 2012

Court St. Scrappers - Better days 7'' (2010)

01. Better days
02. So reckless
03. Hell to pay
04. Better days

Selfreleased by band in 2010.

Thanks to the band for giving the green lights to post it.

A band playing hardcore with punk and Oi! influenses (or the other way around). They come from "Screw city" Illinois and started sometime around 2009. The band consists of Kyle Robins on vocals and bass, Matt Wrage on guitar and backup vocals, Archie Linn on guitar and Roy Aranda on drums. To my knowledge this is the only release by the band but they are still active so we might see something new comming our way soon.


Me and hardcore dont often mix well so i wasnt so psyched when picking up this album, i was happily surprised though as soon as i listened to the first track entitled Piece of mind. Its a great workingclass anthem with more leanings towards bands such as Youthfull offenders than some bullshit 25TaLife mess, a great mixture of Oi! and HC backed by great lyrics.

The rest of the album doesnt hold the same standard and is a bit to HC for me but for instance i can appretiate Hell to pay for what it is and hear that even though it isnt my sort of music its a damn good song.
Looking forward to more songs by the band.
The record is sold out and unavailable to purchase (atleast online).

torsdag 17 maj 2012

V/A - Blacklisted-Todays real Oi! Movement (2012)

01. Bronco army - Never gonna die (Brazil)
02. Section Saint-Laurent - Fiers Et Vaillants (Canada)
03. Spirit of the patriot - Punks Not Red (Greece)
04. Youngblood - Tattoos and Stories (USA)
05. Ressiduo - Chicos Cervezeros (Colombia)
06. Evil inside - Get Outta My Way (USA)
07. The Fighting 405 - Middle Class (USA)
08. Major disappointment - Dive Bar (USA)
09. Armada Oi! - No conforme (Peru)
10. First Strike - Hipster Skin (USA)
11. 99 Bottles - 99 bottles (USA)
12. Venganza Tatuada - Street Soldier (USA)
13. Zuta Minuta - Vikni glasno Oi! (Serbia)-
14. Combate 49 - Street Violence (USA)

A free online comp released by Brandon from Fighting 84. Thanks to Brandon and all the bands for appearing and giving us free songs.

First thing of i noticed some of the songs where in M4a-files instead of MP3 but this shouldnt pose a problem if you know your way around a computer. Either download the free VLC Media Player or use a converterprogram (tons of them out there).

As much as i loved last years free comp This is our culture this one is a huge step up. Not only are the bands and the songs performed by them better but there are more of them to. This record is a RAC/Oi! compilation and packs all the drama that one would think comes with that. First response i saw on another site was someone shouting about 99 bottles not being racist..... they are not and i dont see why they should be because they perform on a scenecomp with a band that might be (or not). I could have understood the complaints if the record costed money and the money went to funding the rise of the third reich but this is not the situation here. The scene is diverse and so should a comp be so thanks again Brandon.

Since all bands appear free of charge i wont complain but simply highlight the better sides of the album and i guess i'll start with the new band (atleast to me) Bronco army from Brazil. I first heard them on the 3-way split they did with Pridefull & Shaven heads called For the love of rock n oi earlier this year, the vocals and their delivery where simple and genious on the split and the same goes for their skinpride anthem Never gonna die. Top fucking song to open the album with.

Biggest surprise on the comp where Youngblood. Their Final war album from 1989 might be far from "politically ok" but it sure as counts as a US classic if you ask me. Their later albums has all been dipped in some sort of "racial lucky-13" pot and i simply cant stand them any more. This new version of an old Barrom heroes song makes me interested again. The singer seems to be on point again and i am loving the ballad feeling, way better than the aucostic version they had before.

Second us RAC band on on the comp is the singer from Final war's new project Evil inside. Even if you ignore Final war's politics they have always been a mediocre band but one thing they have had going for them is their singer. This new (sounds less political to me atleast) band sounds great and makes me want to hear more.

Fighting 405 might sound like a UK band but are actually from America. I had completly missed this band and noticed they even released a CD back in 2009. Ordered it and will review it in the future. Top song, top band.

First strike, Venganza tatuada and Combate 49 represent the eastcoast and deliver superb brickwall Oi!.

Great fucking comp and way better than most records you would have to pay actual money for. Only problem i can find with it is the lack of Fighting 84 on the playlist and Major disappointments choice of song (the only crappy song from their latest EP)

tisdag 15 maj 2012

Lyrics for Profiteers by Degeneration

People talk a lot of shit today
But nothing seems to matter
I've heard all about your anarchy
You're a punk for profit and your wallets getting fatter
Spend all your time getting smashed and making all your plans
Go get drunk and puke all night your life is nothing but a sham

I dont wanna hear your political views
Or how you'll make a change
Dont talk to me about the ARA
Fuck off and go away
I dont wanna hear about your political views
Or how you'll make a change
Dont talk to me about superiority
Fuck off and go away

You visualise world peace by stopping the new world order
But how can you do anything when your fucked up on acid and vodka
You joined up with your gang today to see who you can beat
Drinking, drugs and anarchy you've staged own punk rock defeat

I dont wanna hear your political views
Or how you'll make a change
Dont talk to me about the ARA
Fuck off and go away
I dont wanna hear about your political views
Or how you'll make a change
Dont talk to me about superiority
Fuck off and go away

People talk a lot of shit today
But nothing seems to matter
I've heard all about your anarchy
You're a punk for profit and your wallets getting fatter
Spend all your time getting smashed and making all your plans
Go get drunk and puke all night your life is nothing but a sham

I dont wanna hear your political views
Or how you'll make a change
Dont talk to me about the ARA
Fuck off and go away
I dont wanna hear about your political views
Or how you'll make a change
Dont talk to me about superiority
Fuck off and go away

Lyrics for Carry the torch by Degeneration

Grandfather drove a truck all day
He was over the road seven days a week
Did what he could to support his family
My aunts and uncles never questioned authority

Oi! - Granddad
I'll carry the torch
I'll do what i can
And try to do more
I've done what you said
To support the working men
For this is my life and this is my class
Oi! Granddad I'll honor your name

My granfather he taught me right
To honor your wife and never loose a fight
Do what you can to keep your family fed
To give them a home with soft warm beds

Oi! - Granddad
I'll carry the torch
I'll do what i can
And try to do more
I've done what you said
To support the working men
For this is my life and this is my class
Oi! Granddad I'll honor your name

Well its been a while since you've passed away
And i havnt had time to visit your grave
You flew the flag as proudly as can be
Did your duty for god and country

Oi! - Granddad
I'll carry the torch
I'll do what i can
And try to do more
I've done what you said
To support the working men
For this is my life and this is my class
Oi! Granddad I'll honor your name

Degeneration - Carry the torch CD (1999)

01. Rebel rock'n'roll
02. Boots & braces
03. First Minnesota
04. Young life
05. Lefty land
06. Carry the torch
07. Degenerate army
08. Police state one
09. Profiteers
10. Blind
11. Our American dream
12. Police state II
13. Oi! for the kids

Released by Rhytm Vicar in 1999.

Most people outside of Sweden dont have a clue what Åhlens is (its a chain of commercial stores that mostly sell bedsheets and candles) but for the Swedes reading someone might have stumbled upon this record there to. In the small section of music they carry punk is seriously absent and to find a record containing the lyrics this one has in their CD-stand some years back came as a surprise to me. I dont have a clue how it found its way into their purchaselist (some skin might have worked in their department and added it as a joke i have no clue).

This is in my oppinion one of the most complete CD's from the late 90's US scene and also one of the most overlooked. The bands sound reminds me about Bovver wonderland (especially the song Young life) but also has a bit of a Disorderly conduct sound going on. Even though most of their lyrics are based around their hate towards leftists and ARA-fascists they also squeeze in a whole bunch of working class pride, patriotism and scene-oriented lyrics.

My own personal favourites is the rhytmic Carry the torch and the pump your fist Oi!nthem called Profiteers that has lyrics like "We dont wanna hear your political views or how you'll make a change/Dont talk to me about the ARA just fuck off and go away". Overall the lyrics are excellent and i scanned the inserts so you can read them, you can also take time to read one of the most ridiculous lyrics (from a non-RAC band) i have ever stumbled on in my years (check out the second verse on Degenerate army).
There might not be that many songs on the CD that will blow you away but the record holds a high quality all way through and i can easily say there isnt a bad song on the entire record.
The record can still be bought at:
Encore Records
And tons of comercial stores like Amazon and Tower.

söndag 13 maj 2012

fredag 11 maj 2012

Brandon brings us another free Compilation

Volume 2 in the international Oi!/RAC compilation from Brandon of Fighting 84 will be uploaded free for download later this week.
Features such American acts as: First strike, Youngblood, Venganza tatuada, 99 bottles, Combate 49 and Major disappointment.
Cheers Brandon!!

Degeneration - Oi! for the kids 7'' (1997)

One of the most overlooked and forgotten American Oi! bands that never really got the respect they deserved if you ask me.

The band was formed in Minneapolis around 1994 by members from Oi! band The Guttersnipes and such punkbands as Crankcase and Rigid Digits.
The lineup Chris on vocals, Phil the Ox on bass, Eric on guitar and Jason on drums released their first EP called Blind. Shortly after their drummer Jason was kicked from the band due to drugabuse and was released by Glenn who helped the band record their second EP Oi! for the kids (this one).
Glen and Phil left the band but was replaced by two members from the band Palookas and as a result of this new lineup the fantastic Carry the torch CD was released in 1999. After this some members left, others turned to drugs and for a period the band relocated to Chicago.
In 2006 Chris moved back to Minneapolis, reformed the band and even recorded a second CD that never saw the light of day.

Thanks to the fact that most of their stuff was pressed in very small numbers and that they didnt belong to a scenist elitegroup nobody seems to remember or even care about them today. A bloody shame.

01. Oi! for the kids
02. Degenerate army

Released by C-City Records in 1997.

A record i am glad i was able to find since the rest of their EP's are impossible to find. I dont mean impossible to find as in a guy sells it for 20$ on ebay, i mean impossible as in there isnt even any record of the EP's existing in the first place. I have looked high and low and still miss 4 of their EP's (check my wantedlist at the bottom of the page).

Both tracks featured on the EP got re-recorded for their CD in '99 and have way better soundquality but i am still glad i got this EP. Since Carry the torch is one of the most wellplayed records in my household it was fun to hear the changeup in lyrics that they did when they re-recorded. For instance this version of Degenerate army doesnt have the messed up "Make those commies start to run/Women have the right to be safe/Its time to track the rapists down" lyrics (i never understood what the hell they where talking about there).

Bad soundquality and not even half as good as their full-length but because of its rarity it still stands tall and proud in my recordcrate today.
Been sold out for ages now.

torsdag 10 maj 2012

A long lost gem finally gets released.

It's been on my wishlist for ever since i heard it even existed and taking into mind that it was recorded 18 years ago its about bloody time it gets a proper release.

Description from the label:

VIBRAM 94 The Lost 7" You'll Never Take Us will finally see the light of day. This Oi! gem has been in the vault for 18 years.

Recorded in Acre Studios in 1994. Features Carl Templar, Phil Templar, Taj First Strike and Bohden who is curently in the Antagonizers.

A classic Ep on limited edition vinyl. The first 100 will be on RED Vinyl

Yet again a record we can thank United Riot for bringing to us. Available for pre-orders on their website for eight bucks.
United Riot Records

onsdag 9 maj 2012

Eight old records with new albumlinks.

I dont in any way plan on reuploading all 800 records that was taken down from Mediafire and Megaupload. I f i would do that it would take up all of my computertime and no new posts would be added. Therefore i appretiate when people send me wishes for the albums they want reuploaded.
Keep the requests comming in and i will add them to my growing list.
Here is 8 new albumlinks:

Everybody Poops - Assorted songs
Pink Panzer - Hebrewphobia Demo (2004)
Patriot - Cadence from the street (1995)
Patriot - Another dead generation (1996)
Patriot - We the people (2000)
V/A - Cashing in on christmas CD (1996)
Templars - Milites templi 7'' (2000)
On trial - Today America, tomorrow the world CD (2010)

--more reups comming this weekend--

måndag 7 maj 2012

Liveperformance with Extra stout

Thanks to 808-Scene and BBJ for the footage.

Extra stout - Nectar of the yobs CD (2002)

77ish punkrock/Oi! band from Hawaii (yes it's a part of USA for those who didnt know) that started playing around 1998. The band released their first record in 2002 called Nectar of the yobs (only album i have been able to get ahold of) and followed it up with a split record with 2Face4 in 2003. I also think the band released an album called Result of alcohol in 2004 but since i live in Sweden and no information can be found on where to buy it or if it even exists it will probably always be a rumour for me.
The band consisted of Mike on vocals, Giovanni on drums, Nate and Keith on guitar and Matt on bass. The band played some top shows with some of US top bands but broke up in 2008 after a long period without any creativity.
01. Cadence to the streets
02. Never bend
03. Live for today
04. See the light
05. Grab the bottle
06. City streets
07. Nickels and dimes
08. Dont like you
09. Streaking Chris
10. Till the end
11. These are the days

Released by Hawaiian Express Records in 2002.

If i was born into the land of surfing, palmtrees and hot women in hulahula skirts Oi! would be my last music of choice. Living in a concrete appartment in Sweden with constant rainj and winter is the perfect setup for an antisocial attitude that Oi! might serve but no way in Hawaii.
So as messed up as an Oi! band from Hawaii might sound these boys fucking rock. Whats even more impressive is that even though they call themselfs "street-punk" they play a harder and more pure form of punk than most bands that dont own a "locals only" surfbeach.

When i first heard the record i treated them like a joke because i had that "Oi! is gutter and bitter born out of concrete" mentality but i was happily surprised. The 4th track called See the light even reminds me a bit about early Skrewdriver which is always good and when continuing on to track 5 where the band showers you in some singalong awesomeness and bloody handclaps i couldnt do nothing else but buying the physical copy of the record.

A great band i almost missed because of my own subculture prejudice. Now its just a matter of getting ahold of their other albums.
The record can still be bought at:
Hawaiian Express

söndag 6 maj 2012

Great movie, great song (Templars)

Just bought Night of the seagulls last week for my other site VHS-Ploitation and came to think about what great songwriters Templars are.

Heres two other song based on the same movie (no Oi! though)

onsdag 2 maj 2012

V/A - Anti-hippie Fanzine #5 CD (2008)

01. Broken heroes - Oi! Don't Pay The Bills (USA)
02. The pauki - Thank You, Nobel! (Russia)
03. The barons - 3 More Pints (USA)
04. Haine - Parassitti (Italy)
05. Kalevalan Vikingit - Kotiseutu (Finland)
06. The hoist - Right To Fight (Finland)
07. Gamelanoink - Deadset Bureaucrashit (Indonesia)
08. Anti-control - Christian Murders (Finland)
09. Drongos for Europe - Dance When Maggie's Dead (UK)
10. The symptons - Soul Of A Wolf (Finland)
11. 17'90 - Football And Violence (Puerto rico)
12. Skin ya teeth - Blue Mysterious (Germany)
13. Klasse kriminale - The March Of The Rudeboys & Rudegirls (Italy)
14. Cenzura - Grof Dracula (Slovakia)
15. Foreign legion - Rat Race (UK)
16. Last laugh - Posicore Is Bullshit (Finland)
17. Skunx - Zostan Moja Skinhead Girl (Poland)
18. Slick 46 - Move Aside (Australia)
19. Found dead in trunk - The Real Thing (USA)
20. Prima linea - Working Class (Italy)
21. Lahesoda - Football Hooliganz (Estonia)
22. The traditionals - Generation Of Today (USA)

A free Oi!/Punk compilation CD that came with the 5th issue of Finlands Anti-hippie Fanzine. Cant remember who sent it to me or who i downloaded it from but if you read this then take a silent credit right here........

Since i mainly collect German, British and American Oi! i must say i dont have a clue who half of the bands are on this comp. Most of them fly by without leaving any real impact and some are to be honest quite bad but since they appear for free on the comp i am in no position of complaining. One band that was new for me and that really stands out is the Slovakian band Cenzure with their song Grof Dracula. Have no idea what the lyrics are about but judging from the awesome use of an organ, the evil laughter and the title i guess it has a horror theme. Thanks to the use of an organ (my favourite aditional instument in punk right after piano) it gets a New wave feeling that is always welcome.
Other bands that i had never heard before and that stand out are Skin ya teeth from Germany and Lahesoda from Estonia. The first band plays a layed back instrumental dub/ska song and the second one plays a rougher Oi!core. Other than that its not really anything special to get from the CD.

The states pitch in 4 bands in the struggle against vegetarians (or whatever this fanzine is about). The barons, The traditionals and Broken heroes are all well known bands by the readers of this site so i wont go into them. The fourth band called Dead in the trunk was a new one for me though. Their sound is a bit of a hardcore punk hybrid which isnt my cup of tea but their song The real deal is actually quite good. Wont be featuring them on the site though.