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onsdag 2 maj 2012

V/A - Anti-hippie Fanzine #5 CD (2008)

01. Broken heroes - Oi! Don't Pay The Bills (USA)
02. The pauki - Thank You, Nobel! (Russia)
03. The barons - 3 More Pints (USA)
04. Haine - Parassitti (Italy)
05. Kalevalan Vikingit - Kotiseutu (Finland)
06. The hoist - Right To Fight (Finland)
07. Gamelanoink - Deadset Bureaucrashit (Indonesia)
08. Anti-control - Christian Murders (Finland)
09. Drongos for Europe - Dance When Maggie's Dead (UK)
10. The symptons - Soul Of A Wolf (Finland)
11. 17'90 - Football And Violence (Puerto rico)
12. Skin ya teeth - Blue Mysterious (Germany)
13. Klasse kriminale - The March Of The Rudeboys & Rudegirls (Italy)
14. Cenzura - Grof Dracula (Slovakia)
15. Foreign legion - Rat Race (UK)
16. Last laugh - Posicore Is Bullshit (Finland)
17. Skunx - Zostan Moja Skinhead Girl (Poland)
18. Slick 46 - Move Aside (Australia)
19. Found dead in trunk - The Real Thing (USA)
20. Prima linea - Working Class (Italy)
21. Lahesoda - Football Hooliganz (Estonia)
22. The traditionals - Generation Of Today (USA)

A free Oi!/Punk compilation CD that came with the 5th issue of Finlands Anti-hippie Fanzine. Cant remember who sent it to me or who i downloaded it from but if you read this then take a silent credit right here........

Since i mainly collect German, British and American Oi! i must say i dont have a clue who half of the bands are on this comp. Most of them fly by without leaving any real impact and some are to be honest quite bad but since they appear for free on the comp i am in no position of complaining. One band that was new for me and that really stands out is the Slovakian band Cenzure with their song Grof Dracula. Have no idea what the lyrics are about but judging from the awesome use of an organ, the evil laughter and the title i guess it has a horror theme. Thanks to the use of an organ (my favourite aditional instument in punk right after piano) it gets a New wave feeling that is always welcome.
Other bands that i had never heard before and that stand out are Skin ya teeth from Germany and Lahesoda from Estonia. The first band plays a layed back instrumental dub/ska song and the second one plays a rougher Oi!core. Other than that its not really anything special to get from the CD.

The states pitch in 4 bands in the struggle against vegetarians (or whatever this fanzine is about). The barons, The traditionals and Broken heroes are all well known bands by the readers of this site so i wont go into them. The fourth band called Dead in the trunk was a new one for me though. Their sound is a bit of a hardcore punk hybrid which isnt my cup of tea but their song The real deal is actually quite good. Wont be featuring them on the site though.

4 kommentarer:

  1. The ones I can tell you about...

    The Pauki - I've got a few of their songs on other comps, I think that they're something like the Russian Dropkick Murphys. 'Oirish' songs.

    Kalevalan Vikingit - the other band of the guy who sings/plays guitar in the mighty Skinboiss (note - the name is a joke). Who are the best 'new' oi! band of the last year, IMO. I think KV are more a heavy metal band (never really paid much attention to them as most of the lyrics are in Finnish). Seriously - check out the Skinboiss if you didn't already.

    Drongos for Europe - I've actually seen these play, but I'll be damned if I can remember a thing about them, good or bad. They often feature in the bottom half of the bill at large UK punk/oi gigs.

    Klasse Kriminale - No.1 oi! band of Italy. A very popular band over there. Though I like Antonella's Klasse Kriminale (not the same band) better.

    Foreign Legion - Decent streetpunk/oi(ish) band from Wales who've been going for a very long time. They always seem to sound better live than on record though.


  2. Does anyone know anything about the Slovakian band?

    1. Bernando:
      Cenzúra has been playing for a decade and has been featured on so many Czech/Slovakian punk/oi! compilations. Here is their website where you can download all their albums/demos:
      If you want to own any of thier CD, I recommend to visit hardsetshop.com. (run by Kabanos/Operace Artaban) It has a wide selection of Czech/Slovakain CDs for good price and they ship worldwide.

    2. Thanks for the info and the links. Nice move of the band to give away their albums for free. Just because of that i just have to purchase a copy of their 2006 album (the one i liked most).