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torsdag 10 maj 2012

A long lost gem finally gets released.

It's been on my wishlist for ever since i heard it even existed and taking into mind that it was recorded 18 years ago its about bloody time it gets a proper release.

Description from the label:

VIBRAM 94 The Lost 7" You'll Never Take Us will finally see the light of day. This Oi! gem has been in the vault for 18 years.

Recorded in Acre Studios in 1994. Features Carl Templar, Phil Templar, Taj First Strike and Bohden who is curently in the Antagonizers.

A classic Ep on limited edition vinyl. The first 100 will be on RED Vinyl

Yet again a record we can thank United Riot for bringing to us. Available for pre-orders on their website for eight bucks.
United Riot Records

3 kommentarer:

  1. Yep, this will be on my 'to buy' list.

    Though there's a Hammer and the Nails/Corps split coming soon that sounds (in principle) even awesomer.


  2. dennis posted a song on youtube already it is pretty damn catchy.......but than again I am a fanatic


    1. Saw it. Sounds bloody great