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måndag 21 maj 2012

Court St. Scrappers - Better days 7'' (2010)

01. Better days
02. So reckless
03. Hell to pay
04. Better days

Selfreleased by band in 2010.

Thanks to the band for giving the green lights to post it.

A band playing hardcore with punk and Oi! influenses (or the other way around). They come from "Screw city" Illinois and started sometime around 2009. The band consists of Kyle Robins on vocals and bass, Matt Wrage on guitar and backup vocals, Archie Linn on guitar and Roy Aranda on drums. To my knowledge this is the only release by the band but they are still active so we might see something new comming our way soon.


Me and hardcore dont often mix well so i wasnt so psyched when picking up this album, i was happily surprised though as soon as i listened to the first track entitled Piece of mind. Its a great workingclass anthem with more leanings towards bands such as Youthfull offenders than some bullshit 25TaLife mess, a great mixture of Oi! and HC backed by great lyrics.

The rest of the album doesnt hold the same standard and is a bit to HC for me but for instance i can appretiate Hell to pay for what it is and hear that even though it isnt my sort of music its a damn good song.
Looking forward to more songs by the band.
The record is sold out and unavailable to purchase (atleast online).

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