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måndag 7 maj 2012

Extra stout - Nectar of the yobs CD (2002)

77ish punkrock/Oi! band from Hawaii (yes it's a part of USA for those who didnt know) that started playing around 1998. The band released their first record in 2002 called Nectar of the yobs (only album i have been able to get ahold of) and followed it up with a split record with 2Face4 in 2003. I also think the band released an album called Result of alcohol in 2004 but since i live in Sweden and no information can be found on where to buy it or if it even exists it will probably always be a rumour for me.
The band consisted of Mike on vocals, Giovanni on drums, Nate and Keith on guitar and Matt on bass. The band played some top shows with some of US top bands but broke up in 2008 after a long period without any creativity.
01. Cadence to the streets
02. Never bend
03. Live for today
04. See the light
05. Grab the bottle
06. City streets
07. Nickels and dimes
08. Dont like you
09. Streaking Chris
10. Till the end
11. These are the days

Released by Hawaiian Express Records in 2002.

If i was born into the land of surfing, palmtrees and hot women in hulahula skirts Oi! would be my last music of choice. Living in a concrete appartment in Sweden with constant rainj and winter is the perfect setup for an antisocial attitude that Oi! might serve but no way in Hawaii.
So as messed up as an Oi! band from Hawaii might sound these boys fucking rock. Whats even more impressive is that even though they call themselfs "street-punk" they play a harder and more pure form of punk than most bands that dont own a "locals only" surfbeach.

When i first heard the record i treated them like a joke because i had that "Oi! is gutter and bitter born out of concrete" mentality but i was happily surprised. The 4th track called See the light even reminds me a bit about early Skrewdriver which is always good and when continuing on to track 5 where the band showers you in some singalong awesomeness and bloody handclaps i couldnt do nothing else but buying the physical copy of the record.

A great band i almost missed because of my own subculture prejudice. Now its just a matter of getting ahold of their other albums.
The record can still be bought at:
Hawaiian Express

3 kommentarer:

  1. What do you think of a crew of skinheads hanging out at a water park? IIRC, the crew that follow The Nationhead do that.

    I thought that was funny when I first heard it - but then I thought, if you lived in a really hot country like Malaysia, why *wouldn't* you go hang out at a water park?


    1. Haha exactly. Why drink out of a paperbag on some smelly and rainy backstreet if you can drink smoothies and surf....

      My prejudice to "sunny skinheads" come from straight up jealosy and i can admit that now in my later years.

  2. I was stationed in Hawaii with the Marine Corps and got to see these guys a few times. Think it was 1999. They were one of the better bands around at the time. The scene out there at the time was wierd. They were a little stuck up and not very friendly. And as most local Hawaiians, they didn't like Marines. They saw me as a Marine first and a skinhead second.